A Bicep!

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A Bicep….

I found one; I have one!!! Actually two, I have two biceps.
I am not talking about the photo I saw from Google images of the human anatomy.

Noooo, I have an actually bicep. It comes out and plays, and it magically forms itself when I lift my arm.

Unlike the Easter crème egg fiasco, I was pleased and excitingly surprised to see this unexpected thing pop up one day.

Many moons ago, pre-children. I was an avid runner, cheerleader and competitive gymnast for my high school. So I knew the competitive drive was in me. I knew the younger version of me had drive, kick and compassion for fitness. But “younger” is the key word.

Somewhere along the way of becoming a wife and mother, my drive for fitness and a toned fit body disappeared. I mean come on; I had given birth to 2 children, and nursed them both, I was entitled right!? Things where bound to shift and hang in places they were not meant to be…. Life took over, some autoimmune issues kicked up and I got lost.

As time went on and I got more out of shape, I became more afraid to push myself. I think deep down, I always wanted that fit toned person back, I just did not know how to find her.
I tried the gym thing too many time to mention, not for me. Too many sweaty people, in spandex, in one spot. Tried Yoga, and did enjoy it, but one class was enough, I kept waiting for the get up and go part; way too slow. I realized then and there I needed fast pace and action. So I tried upping the pace. Over the years there was Zumba, Pilates, Richard Simmons (whom I love by the way), biking (not for the faint of heart here in NYC), step class (with the cool leg warmers), and the list goes on, all with no success.

Then I came across Sarah, and her book Everyday Paleo. The workout pictures in the back of her book made me think, Hmmm I could do that. But as the Paleo journey had been progressing, one thing I learned, very quickly was that for me to succeed, I needed a constant voice in my ear, some major handholding and somewhere to be accountable. (Sadly being accountable to myself at this point was not enough).

Along with the great support and videos from EPLifeFit, I also chose to work with a local personal trainer. I told her all about the Paleo way and EPLifeFit, how I wanted to look, and workout, and she was totally open and on board. Now I had two powerful women in my corner believing in me, convincing me I was strong!

It took time and a few sessions of hard work to believe in myself again. I was scared to hurt myself, to work my heart to hard, even though it was in small bursts; the fear was overwhelming. I was basically just scared of the unknown and of what was to come. I was out of my comfort zone once again (this keeps happening a lot on this Paleo journey) and I did not like it.

Fast forward, I am happy to report; I now work out for ME. I would not think of missing a work out, and on my days off I am so pumped with energy my kids are like, ”really mom?”
I work out hard and have grown to take my training time very serious.

I have become one of those huff and puffers. I feel empowered. I never thought I would be able to lift weights over my head, or balance on one foot while working my backside!!
My outside still might look a little marshmallow-y (probably not a word, but I like the way it sounds) and I know it won’t be that way for long, but the inside of me, my mind, body and soul feels like buns of steel!!!

Paleo is so much more than just food. It is “life”, and what I mean by that is, it gives you one back.

Hugs and happiness, until next time

Sarah, once again thank you for supporting this life changing challenge, without you there would have been no begging. To all of your readers, who have taken their time to follow and post wonderful supportive thoughts, thank you. When I look back at me before this Paleo challenge, it brings tears to my eyes. I am now such a different person. No, actually, I am now finding the new version of the old me. For that there are no words of thanks.


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