A Rock-Star Paleo Woman and “Paleo Women Snacks and Granola’s”

Paleo Woman

One of our rock-star clients at Norcal and a dedicated Everyday Paleo reader recently shared with me her 3 month before and after photos.  Michele L. is a living testament to what hard work and dedication looks like.  We live in a quick fix society and most folks want results now; which is why our TV commercials are littered with “Lose 10 lbs in 1 week with this magic pill” ads.  The truth is, real people have to work real hard in order to change their lives, and Michele did just that.  Here is what Michele had to say about her 3 month transition and Everyday Paleo,

“OM-gosh!  I’m so excited… As I mentioned before, you have totally inspired me and how you make eating well simple with all of your tasty recipes!  I can’t wait for what the next three months bring.”

Michele, YOU are an inspiration and thank you so much for sharing your photos with us, you deserve all the credit for your hard work and dedication, congratulations!

Paleo Women

Speaking of powerful women, Laura Keenan, owner and founder of Paleo Women Snacks and Granola’s, recently commented on one of my blog posts and offered to send me some free samples of her Paleo Granola, and wow, I’m so glad I took her up on her offer.  All 4 of her flavors are delicious, my favorite being the Cappuccino granola. I placed an order the very next day and my kids are looking forward to packing her granolas in their lunch boxes!  So, for you busy paleo women out there, (and men too of course), here is another great resource for awesome and wholesome paleo snacks to pack for on-the-go families.  Thank you Laura!

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  1. says

    Wow! Great story. I love that you’re creating real food solutions for the pro paleo creatures who are left on the universe. It’s so hard to eliminate whole grains and wheat from your diet, but your recipes really show people the way to keep weight loss and/or weight management sustainable.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tracey says

    AMAZING is right! Those pictures are so inspiring. Would love it if Michelle shared her food journal for ideas?

  3. John says

    Awesome job Michelle you look great! Huge changes in just three months. And you not only look great, but your much more healthy having been on paleo. Congrats!

  4. Michele says

    Thank you for all of your great comments! I am not only happy with the results, but am excited for the future. Sarah is my inspiration – I told her from the start I want my photo results to look like hers! I was/am ready to work and stay committed! The recipes Sarah shares on this website and the family at Norcal make it easy to stay inspired and get those results. I know we all hear an earful every day from others on how hard it is to give up soda or grains, or whatever the vice, but honestly, its not if you keep the goals in mind. We all have he strength to make those choices!!!! I know what I’m doing not only produces esthetic results but most importantly, I FEEL better and healthier than ever. Thanks again Sarah :)

    • Sarah says

      Hey Tracey,
      When I eat this granola it’s more for a snack and I usually eat some beef jerky with it for some protein.

  5. Jenny L says

    Michelle, YOU LOOK GREAT!!! Be so proud of yourself…we are all proud of you. You are an inspiration and like someone else said “living proof” that this works. Keep it up girl!

  6. Tracey says

    Thanks Sarah!
    BTW: Was doing so well for 4 months no cheats,then yesterday had an ice-cream fest at a wedding. I’m a bit disappointed in myself. Does this ever happen to you? If so, how to you move forward?

    • Sarah says

      Hi Tracey! Here is my view point on “cheating”: I personally do not plan cheat meals or even think about them. At this point, paleo is just how I eat and not a diet or something that I feel like I have to stick with, it’s as normal for me as McDonald’s and apple pie might be to the next guy. I really like my food and I never eat anything with gluten or too much sugar because I feel so physically ill after that it’s simply not worth it to me. Every now and then I will eat some ice cream and everyone who knows me well has seen my affection for mexican food dripping with cheese, especially nachos, so now and then we go to our favorite mexican food place and dig in. I move forward because life is too short to stay stuck in one spot and I know that eating some ice cream periodically is nothing more then a yummy dessert, and not too terribly life threatening. : ) So, my advice is – don’t be too hard on yourself, it sounds like you are very hard working, dedicated, and strong – and if you can go 4 months without ice cream – gosh darn it, I think you probably deserved some!

  7. Sara says

    Where do you guys get your beef jerky? I’ve been looking around but most of the stuff I”ve found is loaded with sugar and soy sauce.

  8. Michele says

    Stacy – yes!!!! Workouts 2-3 days a week. Still going strong! The best part is, i feel so much better than before Paleo. I have energy to get through my super packed days and nights (kids, sports, school, housework, office hours, workouts, etc) I sleep soooo much better too. :)

  9. says

    I’m dying to try this granola!!! Does anyone know if they ship to the UK? I don’t think I can purchase here. If you’re looking for a great jerky, try Tanka Bites. Buffalo jerky mixed with cranberries and seasoning. It’s really nice!

    Check out my new Paleo blog:

    xo Cara

    • Sarah says

      Hey Cara! I’m not sure if they send to the UK or not, but I would just email her and ask! I have heard great things about Tanka bars, and plan to try them soon, thank you! I’ll check out your blog!

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