Sarah Fragoso

Sarah Fragoso

My Paleo Journey began in February of 2008 when I had hit rock bottom as far as my health was concerned.  After the birth of my third little boy, Rowan, I was overweight and suffered from several minor but annoying health issues from constant painful swelling in my legs to depression.  I began to work out at Norcal Strength and Conditioning and after learning about Paleo from Robb Wolf and Nicki Violetti, my paleo journey began!  I found it difficult at first to manage my new found path to health, take care of my family, AND try to find time for me, but with a bit of re-prioritizing and an awesome support network, Paleo is no longer a diet for me but a lifestyle.  Click here to see my before and after pictures and to read a bit more about my story.

A few years into my paleo adventures and I continue to be a busy mother of three, to Coby, Jaden and Rowan, wife to my amazing husband John, a trainer for J&S Strength and Conditioning (John & Sarah’s gym), running an online gym EPLifeFit.com and well – still totally human!  When I’m not playing with the boys, hanging out with the hubby, or in the gym, I’m usually in the kitchen creating my latest family friendly paleo meal! During my own paleo journey I have learned a lot about how to successfully feed a family paleo and this blog is a chance for me to share with you some of the paleo related tidbits, stories, and advice that only comes from experience.

Here’s where you can find my books!

National Best Seller: Everyday Paleo

Children’s Book: Paleo Pals, Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship

National Best Seller: Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook 

Latest Release: Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine 

Coming Soon: Everyday Paleo Around the World: Thai Cuisine

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Dain Sandoval - Everyday Paleo

Dain Sandoval

Hi there – I’m Dain. I do all the technical/nerdy stuff for Sarah and produce the Paleo Talk podcast. I began experimenting with paleo while training with Robb Wolf in 2006. I was 220 pounds and wearing size 44 pants. I also was in a deep battle with alcoholism. Quite simply – change my lifestyle or likely be dead by 30. Through practical application of paleo living in addition to physical training and a program of recovery I now wear size 31 pants and am generally a nicer person to be around.
I met Sarah around 2008 while training at NorCal Strength & Conditioning – she had this crazy idea of starting a blog about her nightly dinners. Whatever. “Ok sure I’ll help” I said. Wow – the little soccer-mom photo blog has become a Google first-pager! I don’t think either of us had any idea it would become so popular. Thank you all.
It is my goal at everydaypaleo.com to “keep the lights on” as well as contribute to the realistic application of this lifestyle for regular folks that Sarah so wonderfully illustrates, every day.

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Jason Seib

Fitness has been a big part of my life for nearly 18 years.  Like most people I discounted the value of nutrition for a good deal of that time, instead believing that I could just train harder to make up for the crap I ate.  My Paleo journey is almost 4 years old and I can’t even explain to you how much better I am for it.  My capacity in all aspects of my life, from husband and father to trainer and life coach, is improved.

I’m not a trainer who got into this industry simply because I like to workout and want to be in the gym all day.  My true passion is in the sciences of biochemistry, musculoskeletal anatomy, physiology, and psychology behind nutrition and fitness.  Helping regular folks find extraordinary results is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  Hopefully my contribution here will help you change your life.

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Michele Laine

I’ve been active for as long as I can remember!! Growing up in dance classes through my childhood provided a foundation of perseverance, dedication, commitment and focus. Skills I learned early on that transferred well to all aspects of my life! Although you’ll still find me in dance class from time to time, I found applying my knowledge of body awareness and love for physical activity toward strength training helpful and fell in love with being strong. I met Sarah and Dain while training at Norcal Strength and Conditioning and have been a follower of Everyday Paleo since its inception. My Paleo lifestyle began eight years ago and my passions for health, cooking, and helping others improve their lives continued growing as well. I love finding ways to merge my passions with my entrepreneurial spirit and my consulting business allows me to do just that!



Mark Purdy

I am an outdoor enthusiast who loves to spend my free time doing anything that involves Mother Nature and some competitive fun. My two favorites are golfing and snowboarding but I enjoy everything Northern California has to offer such as hiking, camping, fishing and spending time at the beach. If you can’t find me outside, I’m often working out at J&S Strength and Conditioning or in the kitchen eating platefuls of grass fed meat and organic veggies. I’m also known to do crazy stuff like drink turmeric and beet smoothies while dreaming that someday I’ll get better at surfing or running up and down one of Chico’s  hiking trails Monkey Face. Here at Everyday Paleo, my responsibilities include cooking and creating new recipes for the blog and Everyday Paleo books, acting as the right hand man and assistant to Sarah Fragoso, and most importantly helping John and Sarah raise their boys, three of my very best friends Coby, Jaden and Rowan Fragoso. I am also a snowboard instructor at Boreal/Woodward Tahoe.



Rachel Zanger

I am a self-confessed Pinterest junky who loves to entertain and cook. But more importantly I am a wife and mother of two crazy little boys (ages 2 and 4) and I always joke that my main job is making meals for the three men in my life…and boy can they eat! I’m a keep-it-simple kind of girl and I think that shines through in everything that I do, including the way I prepare food. In my opinion the best meals come from simple ingredients and simple steps. When I’m not in the kitchen cooking (or chasing after a child) you will find me working on my latest party (rachelspartyplace.blogspot.com), gardening, decorating, or lifting heavy things at my local CrossFit gym.

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