An Old Friend…. ME

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An Old friend….ME

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting an old friend…..ME

The me I was a long time ago, the me I had actually forgotten.

I guess in some ways after becoming a wife and mother I lost me. Actually I think I forgot about me; there was just never any time, between changing diapers, making meals, and alleviating home pressures so my husband had more time and energy to focus on his job. I simply got lost. My stuff just did not matter anymore. Everyone else came first, and by day’s end, I was too tired to care.

As time went by and the kiddies grew, it became about driving to sports, after school activities, play dates, sleep overs, and more. Again I was just too tired to focus on myself.

When I first started the paleo journey I really just focused on the food.  The work out portion never really appealed to me. I was still too tired and still had all those things on my plate; but we had to eat, so that was an easy fix. As the weeks and months went one what I began to notice was that although I was eating Plaeo I was still really sluggish and still did not feel that great about myself.

Let me tell you, it had been a very long time since I had worked out, and honestly I was very scared. Scared I was not capable any more, too old, to weak, too out of shape, you name it and it scared me…. but I knew it was in me because I had always been an athletic person. In middle school I was on the track team and in high school on the gymnastic and cheer team. After that I became a rampant runner and a step aerobics enthusiast!!! Anyone remember the 80’s?? The one piece body suits and leg warmers?!?!

What I noticed over time after beginning my paleo journey was that without even trying my food cravings began to change; I was working too hard to want to put crap into my body. I began to crave different foods, I wanted my fresh green juices, my protein and greens at lunch, the mid-day sugar cravings began to fade, it just all naturally fell into place. I guess you could say that paleo began to be a lifestyle!!!

As time went on and I became healthier, the fears began to disappear and I started to see the old athlete in me. The one I thought was gone. The next thing I knew I was doing planks and sit ups, like the kid I was many years ago….where did that person come from? I guess she never left, I just put her on a shelf somewhere… and now I’m asking you; please don’t forget about who YOU are! Get yourself off that shelf, dust off and do it!!!

Believe me if I can do this anyone can. The first few weeks of exercising, I huffed and puffed, but I never gave up on myself, for the first time in a very long time I was too important.

I have learned that circling yourself with a great support group means the difference between success and defeat. I have been blessed enough to have Sarah give me this chance, she believed in me before I even believed in myself. She saw something in me, I could no longer see in myself….yes I had to be the one to do the work but you can’t always do it alone. To get that support you can join EPLifefit for the great fitness support, talk to your friends, tell them your hopes and goals, and get the kids involved. My daughter loves to see if she can hold a plank longer than me.  And finally, know that you are not alone!

Believe in yourself, I am here for you, I want to help you!  Be sure to visit me on my Facebook page!  You can do this! I have grown to learn that exercise is a huge part of health, you just have to take the first step. Due to the fatigue from my autoimmune issues; I started out doing nothing more than 20 min of casually walking around the block, but it was a start.

YOU can do this too!


  1. Penny says

    LOVE this, Lisa!!! My life will be taking one of those shifts to a new season this fall so I’m gradually finding that “ME”.

  2. says

    Thanks Lisa! I hear you with the no time for yourself business. An excuse, really, but I’m living it right now. I stay home with my 2 and 4 year olds, and I was just telling my hubby that I don’t even remember what I like doing in my free time because it’s been so long since I’ve had any! I’ve been doing the paleo diet for a few weeks, and feel intimidated going to the gym, but I know I can do things at home. I just haven’t started yet. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Lisa says

      Katie, if it helps I don’t go to a gym either. Don’t get down on yourself, being home with 2 little children is a very tiring job. You will find yourself again, in whatever way works for you. I know you will….

      • C says

        I really appreciated this post. I’m the mother of three 4 and under and it’s hard not to get lost in taking care of everyone else. We started this paleo journey last fall and I finally started working out again in January. Just this week I was feeling guilty that while the youngest two nap, I plant my 4 year old with a movie or crayons while I hit the weights in the basement. But in the end I know it makes me a better mom so it’s worth it (but still really hard to do when you feel like you should be interacting). Something I’ve incorporated when the weather is nice is to get in a workout outside while “playing” with the kids. Nothing like skipping, running, bear crawls, crab walks, tree hangs to feel active and include the kids.

  3. Cheryl says

    What a great post. I’ve just started my 30 Day Paleo Challenge for the second time (made it 2 weeks on the first try)….Day 2. I’ve been easing in for about a week. Fought driving through Sonic today for a limeade when I was so hot and thirsty…I’m giving myself a star. Anyway, the last time I thought, “I can’t start Paleo AND exercise at the same time. I’m just too tired and my joints ache too much.” I keep 3 preschoolers so by evening I’m exhausted. But after reading your post it seems that to get the results I want (less joint pain and more energy…a little weight loss would also be a good thing:)…) I should start with the 20 minute walk at the same time I begin this journey. I love your encouraging posts and status updates. Keep up the good work.

  4. says

    Nice post…it’s amazing what you can do when you push yourself! I’m constantly surprised at how much further or faster I can run than I think I can. Sometimes the hardest part is believing in yourself.

  5. says

    Yes! There’s no virtue in sacrificing every ounce of your being at the family altar. Kids of all ages loooooooooooove having physically fit, emotionally stable parents. When she was young, my daughter was thrilled I could keep up with her at the park, I wasn’t one of frazzled heaps parked at a picnic table. Nowadays, she’s a teen amazingly not embarassed to be seen with me. Great stuff – heard about you from Jimmy Moore (livinlavidalowcarb).

  6. says

    Good for you, Lisa! I, too, am becoming athletic and fit again and it feels wonderful. I used to be a college athlete and even qualified to compete in the U.S. Open for Taekwondo, but my many oxalate-related symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgic and genital and bladder pain did me in (as did motherhood!). I, too, would just struggle to get through my day. Now that I’m low oxalate Paleo and back on the fitness track, I feel so much better. Yesterday, I felt strong and powerful as I easily went through a plank to warrior series in my yoga class. I hope everyone can discover the “me” inside them again if they feel they’ve lost it.

  7. Angela says

    Sadly, the “me” I’ve always been is sedentary and sluggish. I can’t rediscover the old, active me, because she doesn’t exist. I will have to undo 38 years of conditioning, habit, and lifestyle to try to incorporate exercise into my life. I’ve tried many, many times before, and I’ve always quit again within a month or two. I think I’ve worked out maybe 4 times in the past year. It’s an incredibly difficult and daunting up-hill battle, and just thinking about it makes me a little depressed!

  8. Christine says

    Thank you so much for your encouraging approach. I’ve been eating Paleo (well mostly) for about a year now. I’ve been struggling with the exercise part. I play tennis (doubles) about 4 times a week but am not disciplined about fitting in other forms of activity. it shows in my tennis play, too. Anyway, I had a lumpectomy and 6 lymph nodes removed two years ago and now realize that I’m also afraid that I won’t be able to do. I was surprised at how the surgery affected so many muscles around my rib cage. I’ve always been very strong and active and i certainly do remember the body suits and leotards!!!! Loved aerobics and step aerobocs. Anyway, you’ve helped me think differently about getting started. I’ve been considering EPLifefit ever since I first saw it and I love the idea of a support group and I hate gyms, btw. Thanks so much.

    • Lisa says

      Christine, You are so welcome. You know, sounds like you have had a few obsticles knock you down and get in your way a little. And rightfully so….they where some big obsticles….But I say to my autoimmune sufferers…When your autoimmune issues ( in your case your lumpectomy) taps you on the should to remind you whos boss…Tap right back and remind it!!! You can do this, I know some days it will be hard, just start with one foot infront of the other and see where the journey takes you!!! (((HUGS))) Lisa
      PS Even though you are not dealing with autoimmune disease, feel free to come over to our facebook page and talk, you will get lots of kind hearted people willing to listen….

  9. Fox Peterson says

    wow, a post after my own heart!
    way to put it– i had a similar experience on april 10th- i realized i shouldn’t take a job that would be very HARD on me physically and make me forget who i was and i should hold out for a job that lets me be that former athlete, happy, active, person that i deserve to be. thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. RM says

    Thanks for sharing this! I have autoimmune disease, as does my son (and autism!) and second son has developed bad allergies fairly recently. It’s been such a struggle to not forget myself, while trying to deal with multiple food allergies, everybody’s issues and needs, and trying to get them healthier. I often forget about me and neglect working out.
    I am going to try more Paleo workouts and diet for us all…The few times I did Paleo for dinner, my oldest son actually tried guacamole!
    Hell, if you can do it then so can I.

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