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Whew, we did it! We made it through another wonderful Christmas, surrounded by family, friends and of course, delicious food!  We sincerely hope you all had a laughter-filled, relaxing holiday!

Here at Everyday Paleo and Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness, our whole team receives so much joy from the countless positive testimonies people share with us, about how Paleo has transformed their lives.  We figured this is the perfect time of year to make those testimonies public!  We know there is power in people sharing positive stories with each other.  So please… as you reflect on how Paleo has helped you this year, load up our comments below by sharing your story. [Read more…]

Give the Gift of Health! Inspire with a seat to an Everyday Paleo Workshop!

Jason sharing priceless paleo wisdom!

*Note from Sarah: This latest post comes from our Director of Operations, Dana Post. Happy Holidays!

I don’t know about you guys, but here we are mere days from Christmas and I’m nowhere near finished with my Christmas shopping. Sigh! But instead of getting overwhelmed, I am trying to thoughtfully take the time to consider each of my loved ones before I shop. Each person is unique, of course, but I personally like experiences for gifts much more than actual trinkets. I can’t help but think, “Who wouldn’t love to be healthier and/or out of pain in the new year?”

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Real Kid Moments

G and Ace April 2011

Note From Sarah: Here’s the latest from Dana, our Director of Operations, and Paleo Mom Warrior!  Warrior, you say?  Yep! Read this article. I love Dana’s commitment to health and joy for her family, even when it’s not easy! Be inspired!

Here at Everyday Paleo, one of my duties and greatest joys is reading emails.  A frequent concern is how to get the kids on board and keep the kids on board.  I’m going to only speak from my own experience since May 1, 2011.  It is not always easy. It does not evoke smiles at every meal and squeals of delight over every new concoction I put on the table.  But ya know what it DOES do? It gives me great peace all the way to my core, knowing I’m providing the most healthful foundation possible for my family. It’s a huge sense of “I’m doing something right!”

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Busy Family Life, Summer Days, and Packing Paleo for Sports Tournaments!


*Note from Sarah: This latest post comes from Dana; our Director of Operations who is also a Baseball Mom Extraordinaire!  Dana has food prep for her family down to a science and this summer she’s been traveling on the weekends to  baseball tournaments for her two boys; which means preparing and planning ahead! In this post Dana explains how her quick and easy food prep is not only setting her family up for healthy meals while away on the weekends, but also saves big money while they travel.  May this post help and inspire your family!

Busy Family Life, Summer Days, and Packing Paleo for Sports Tournaments!

Here I am, sipping coffee while grilling burgers and flank steak at 9am on a Saturday morning, as well as packing the cooler as we head out to yet another baseball tournament! While it’s possible to eat out successfully as a Paleo family, it’s certainly not something we want to do 2-3 times a day while traveling. Why? Not only is restaurant food inundated with unhealthy oils and hidden, unwanted ingredients; it’s just plain expensive.  So here are some ways we feed our busy family daily and also how we pack our cooler for baseball tournaments.   [Read more…]

Dana’s Paleo Journey: Unexpected Life-Altering Results!

pre paleo pic

*Note from Sarah: This latest post comes from Dana, our EP Director of Operations and my Personal Lifesaver.  Dana’s Paleo journey has evolved in so many ways over the last 1 1/2 years… Today’s post is a snapshot of her journey,  and  I’m sure that her story will inspire you to start and/or continue on your healthy path! 

Dana’s Paleo Journey: Unexpected Life-Altering Results!

We often read stories from people who started eating paleo for very specific reasons; autoimmune issues, life threatening illnesses, serious medical problems, etc. What isn’t often talked about is the folks who hear about paleo and decide NOT to give it a shot simply because they think, “Hey, I’m not sick, why should I change how I eat?”  I happened to be one of those people and not until I wanted to change the way that I looked did I give paleo a shot; consequently stepping into a journey that would change my life forever.

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Chicken Nuggets and Clean Clothes!

Ground Chicken

*Note from Sarah: This post comes from Dana, our EP Team’s Director of Operations (aka Sarah’s Lifesaver).  It’s been one year since Dana successfully transitioned her family to paleo and with her experience she offers up some wonderful information and advice. I hope you enjoy!

If you are anything like me, when I first committed to eating and living Paleo, there were still pangs for certain foods to, well, taste like they did before.  Pizza Hut pizza is a thing of the past, and now my homemade “paleo” pizza tastes great to me; but it took a while. Same goes for McDonald’s chicken nuggets.  Ahhhh… those late nights at the drive-thru, while momentarily comforting, are definitely now a thing of the past!  Well I have good news for you; I finally found healthy ground chicken that is worthy of delicious chicken nuggets and are actually made from real food, and the outcome is WAY better than the processed chicken nuggets that we thought used to taste good! [Read more…]