Paleo Skin Care Options


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Many of us go to great lengths to avoid chemicals and man-made ingredients in our foods, but what we put on the outside of our bodies can often be another big source of chemical exposure.

Just as we don’t need factory made foods to enjoy eating delicious meals, we don’t need a cabinet full of chemical cocktails to maintain a great complexion. In fact, the natural options are less expensive, easier and more effective. Drinking enough water and consuming enough beneficial fats also help improve complexion.

Below are my two favorite natural skin care options in order of simplicity:

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Homemade Lotion Bar Recipe: All Natural and Easy to Make

Homemade Lotion Bar Recipes- all natural and made with simple ingredients

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Lotion bars are one of my favorite natural recipes to make for my own family and for gifts. They are extremely moisturizing and last longer than traditional lotion. They don’t contain any liquid so there is no tricky emulsifying and they are much more nourishing to the skin than traditional lotions.

Lotion bars are also very easy to customize to your own preference and can be used on babies and children. They have a natural SPF of about 5 which makes them ideal for outdoor workouts, hiking, or other activities where you want mild sun protection without the chemicals.

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Natural Bug Spray Recipe

natural bug spray insect repellant recipe

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The wonderful Amish farmers who we get a lot of our produce and meat from are predicting a record season for bugs in our area.

As someone who seems to be a magnet for mosquitos, I am less than enthused about this!

I’m also not a fan of chemical bug sprays. In their case, the cure seems worse than the disease, since the chemicals in many bug sprays have been linked to hormone imbalances and different chemical toxicities.

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Natural Sun Protection From the Inside Out

natural sun protection everyday paleo

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As summer approaches, sun-protection is definitely something that must be considered, but as with many other things Paleo, the best solution may not always be the conventional one.

If you’ve read this blog or others like it, I’m sure you are well aware that diet plays a pivotal role in overall health, energy levels, digestive health and weight. Logically, diet also is an influencing factor in skin health and sun protection.

The conventional method of sun protection is much like the conventional method of many types of illness: Treat the symptoms or prevent the symptoms from occurring.

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Homemade Natural Remedy and First Aid Kit

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Homemade Natural Remedy and First Aid Kit

Just as the foods we eat can have tremendous healing or harmful properties, so do medicines, chemicals and herbs that we come into contact with. When I had our first child, I realized that I wanted to find the most gentle, natural and beneficial options for everything that he would come into contact with. From cloth diapering to herbal relief for teething pain, I began my search for the most natural options for our family.

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Natural Laundry Solutions

paleo laundry soap detergent


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Switching to natural laundry options can be a very easy transition. It doesn’t take much time or effort, and you can save a substantial amount of money.

Why switch?

Conventional laundry detergent typically contains a list of chemicals and many have not been proven safe. Most detergents contain sulfates, petroleum distillates and phenols, as well as artificial fragrances and dyes.

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Handmade Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas


Christmas Gift


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It is hard to believe that Christmas is fast-approaching already. If you have other paleo-enthusiasts on your list, or just want your gift to have a positive impact on the person you give it to, handmade gifts can be the best way to go.

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