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Lisa Update – 6 months In

pre paleo photo

*Note from Sarah: Lisa is back with an update on her amazing paleo journey. I’m so happy for you Lisa; you truly are an inspiration.  You can catch up on Lisa’s story by clicking here and you can also like her page on Facebook! Wow, just shy of 6 months into my Paleo journey; where does […]

A Bicep!

*Note from Sarah: Lisa is back with a new blog post!  You can catch up on her journey by clicking here. A Bicep…. I found one; I have one!!! Actually two, I have two biceps. I am not talking about the photo I saw from Google images of the human anatomy. Noooo, I have an […]

Finding YOU in Paleo


*Note from Sarah: Here’s another blog from Lisa as she chronicles her Paleo Journey.  Lisa now has her own Facebook Page so please head over and visit her there as well! Finding YOU in Paleo… I must confess, it took me almost 30 day just to figure out how Paleo was going to work best […]