Pullups — the Real Fitness Measure

I recently wrote an article about where to start when putting together a workout plan (i.e. how to program your training). In that article, I mentioned that I believe the most important movement is the squat for a variety of reasons, and that people should start there. So let’s say you’ve mastered the squat and […]

Finding Your Movement Plan

*Be sure to follow all of Mark’s work over at his awesome blog Simply Human and also be sure to listen to his podcast! Enjoy! It’s three o’clock in the morning. You’ve just finished up a Lord of the Rings marathon which started at nine the previous morning. There are empty ice cream cartons and […]

Dinner in the Bathtub?

You’ve made it to the end of an incredibly long day. You’re stressed, tired and hungry. You draw a warm bath and put weird oils and salts in it. You slip in to the bath and relax. Then you grab the huge plate of food that you just made for yourself — roast, mashed potatoes, […]

Hanging out with Mr. Wonderful


We all know him. He’s the guy that likes to brag about himself a lot. He’s cocky. He’s flashy. He’s good-looking. He struts. There is no way he would ever do a set at the weight-room NOT in front of a mirror and NOT wearing a sleeveless shirt. He drives a red convertible and regularly […]

Naps are OK!

I know a girl. She’s like a wild animal. A honey badger. Her hair is tangled and frizzy. She drools from the sides of her mouth. Her clothes have stains on them and holes from where she’s recently thrashed about. She’s unreasonable. Moody. Hateful. She’s violent. She bites and claws. She won’t eat food or […]

Give Your Kids a Fighting Chance


I know I’ve written about what to feed your kids before. Many of you get it and feed your kids real, human food for the majority of the time. But until I go to places where I see kids eating (schools and sports facilities where MY kids are — I’m not hanging out at Chuck […]

Kids Can Be More Than Takers During Holidays

Read more of Mark’s work over at his blog, Simply Human and be sure to listen to his podcast! I love Christmas. Always have. Always will. When I was a kid (and still a little bit even today) I get all excited when it’s time to open presents. Many families have all kinds of traditions […]