Paleo f(x) Live Streaming Available!!


I’m headed to Austin, TX in just a few days to speak at Paleo f(x)! Obviously it’s not possible for everyone to attend but the good news is that all presentations on the Paleo Magazine Stage and Victory Belt Stage will be available for Live Streaming for all three days, April 11 – April 13, 2014.  You can either choose to watch the entire event or just a specific day. For example, I’m speaking on Saturday so if you only care about little ol’ me than you can just purchase Saturdays live stream or if you just want to hear Robb Wolf, simply select the day he will be speaking and BAM you are good to go. For more information on how to get hooked up and ready to watch, head on over to Paleo f(x) and for those of you who are attending the event, I look forward to seeing you all soon!


Join the Fragoso Family in Italy!!!

Italy - Everyday Paleo trip

As many of you may know, I have teamed up with the good folks at The Trip Tribe to put together an amazing Italy Adventure in honor of my latest book Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine and you are ALL invited to join me June 1st-7th in Italy! If you haven’t read the details you can do so by clicking here.

The trip is approaching fast and The Trip Tribe has kindly offered a Spring Special for the next two people who book their trip! Go to the site now, book your trip, and the first two lucky folks who do so will receive 20% off the price of the entire adventure! When you book simply use the code “SpringSpecial” and the first two people who use this code will receive this discount on an unforgettable adventure in Italy with the Fragoso Family.

We can’t WAIT to see you all in Italy!!

Jaden’s Flan


*Note from Sarah (the mom): I’ve been homeschooling my two youngest sons, Jaden and Rowan, going on our second year now. This is not a post about homeschooling but I mention it because it’s pretty cool what types of projects are considered “lessons” when you DO homeschool, and for Jaden one of his projects has been making dinner for the family. It doesn’t sound like something school related; however it’s a full on production for Jaden and offers amazing life experience with a lot of learning involved. He first will research and plan what he wants to make, creates a shopping list, helps to do the shopping as I just push the cart, and then he does pretty much all the prep work and cooking himself. The only help we offer is when he asks us for specific help and it’s usually related to cutting something up but last time he made dinner, I didn’t even need to do that! At 10 years old this kid is kicking some serious culinary butt and has made amazing dinners for us ranging from carne asada to steak with creamy mushroom sauce and most recently, an asian stir fry that started with a cucumber salad with his own asian inspired vinaigrette. I can see handing the Everyday Paleo reins over to Jaden someday, I really can….

As many of you know, we don’t go to great lengths around here to make dessert and if we want a treat, we usually leave the house to get it or if we do end up making something at home it’s super simple, easy, and affordable like frozen blueberries and almond milk or now and then the occasional treat that you’ll find in my books like my Pumpkin Muffins from the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook or on the weekend, the pancakes from Paleo Pals. My favorite types of treats to eat when we do indulge are the creamy, fatty, not too sweet kind and Jaden hit it out of the ball park with his Flan. He made it the night that he made us carne asada and fresh salsa and it was the perfect way to end the meal. (By the way, that evening it was not just for us that Jaden prepared the meal for, but for our friends as well who also have a family of 5 and this Flan makes enough to feed a small army so be aware!) Jaden looked at several flan recipes on the internet and came up with his own version after realizing that everything he found used sweetened condensed milk or tons of sugar.

This is his own recipe and it’s mind blowing good, easy, and as far as dessert goes, pretty darn nutritious!

Thank you Jaden for sharing your recipe with our readers and to all of you, I hope you enjoy!

Jaden Flan

(Jaden contemplating his next creation.)

*Note from Jaden: While making this flan, I thought “Oh boy, I sure hope this turns out as good as I intended!”. My mind never came close to thinking that this would be on my mom’s blog. I’ve got to admit, this is pretty cool. Like my mom said, I found a recipe online, and it was basically canned sweetened condensed milk, sugar, and eggs. It’s been pretty fun making dinner and setting the table all fancy, and making sure everybody wears pretty dresses and drinks with their pinky out!(Please note that I was joking about dresses and pinkies!) I do love to cook, so it’s cool to be able to share my “creations” with other people. It was pretty hard to make this flan, yet really quite fun. No matter what my mom says, her, my uncle Mark, and my dad always help me in the kitchen. So put on your dress, stretch out your pinky, and enjoy!!

Jaden’s Flan

Serving size for this particular recipe is 12, feel free to cut ingredients in half as needed. Warning – you might have to blend half of the ingredients at a time if you do not have a GIANT blender!!! 

3 cups full fat coconut milk

2 cups heavy cream (or use 5 cups total coconut milk if you do not eat any dairy)

8 eggs

1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract

1/4 cup honey for flan

1/4 cup honey to caramelize

Squeeze of lemon juice

1 tablespoon water

  1. Combine coconut milk, heavy cream, eggs, honey and vanilla into a blender and blend until all ingredients are mixed.
  2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  3. In a small saucepan put in 1 tbsp of water, a squeeze of lemon juice and 1/4 cup of honey over low to medium heat. Stir occasionally until mixture is golden brown, remove from heat immediately (note: don’t stir too much because honey will crystallize).
  4. Then take a glass baking dish (we used a 3 quart glass baking dish) and another glass baking dish that is slightly bigger. Pour the caramelized honey into the smaller baking dish and spread out with a spatula, be sure to cover the entire dish, and then place the honey basted baking dish into the larger baking dish.
  5. Pour into the larger baking dish about an inch high of hot water.
  6. Pour the blended flan mixture into the smaller baking dish over the caramelized honey and bake uncovered in the preheated oven for 50-60 minutes or until the middle has set into a custard like texture. Let the flan cool for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator before serving.

As always, enjoy!


Let’s Get Our Fat Back!!!!

fatworks tallow

Remember when Grandma’s cooking tasted so much better than mom’s, remember when McDonald’s french fries were actually edible, remember when FAT was not a bad word and that a jar of bacon grease on the counter equaled guaranteed goodness and not the devil itself sitting there ready to strike you dead with heart disease? Some of you might not remember because this was back in the 70′s before the USDA decided that saturated fat was bad and instead recommended we only use highly refined polyunsaturated seed and vegetable oils that are actually one of the culprits contributing to our chronic health decline and the villain largely responsible for everything from heart disease to obesity, and cancer. So, what should we do? Well most of you have already done it. You ditched the nasties that are/were making us so unhealthy, clearing your cupboards of vegetable oils, gluten containing grains, and refined sugars. You started eating real food again including animal FAT and you and your family are among the many that are no longer just surviving but thriving.

However, we need an army, a big huge real food army in order to create any sort of significant change and the good news is, we can start asking (demanding) for what we want to see in our stores and with that we can keep the foods that make us healthy more accessible, affordable, and easier for the masses to find.

What exactly is  this call to action all about you ask? I’m so excited to share with all of you that dear friends at Fatworks received some amazing news, the USDA actually did something right, and Fatworks has been approved to sell their Beef Tallow to STORES!!!!!  FAT IS BACK baby, and I’m thrilled to support and share this amazing step towards real food taking it’s rightful place back on the shelves. So my dear readers, let’s create that Army that I mentioned above – “Sarah’s Soldiers” – for lack of better wording! Fatworks needs our help to spread the word to our local markets, co-ops and health-food stores that we want GOOD FAT back on the shelves. It’s really quite simple, ask your local establishments to please carry Fatworks Tallow and then go to this Facebook link here and let Fatworks know who you spoke to and who to contact. It’s a win-win for everyone and a giant step in taking charge of our health, our food supply, and supporting the hardworking people who want us to win the fight for REAL FOOD!!!!! Finally, for those of you who post on the Facebook link provided AND like Fatworks in the process, during the first week of April, Fatworks will give you a 15% off coupon!!

Thank you Fatworks for your dedication and for making a wonderful product good fat product I can stand by. Let’s do this! Sarah’s Soldiers Unite to get our FAT BACK on the shelves of our favorite stores!!!

Everyday Paleo Workshop in Chico, CA and a Bonus Movement/Fitness Day with Special Guest Coaches!!!!!

Holy Guacamole, I’m SO gosh darn excited I don’t even know where to begin!!!!! First, Thank You to everyone who over the last few years have attended our Everyday Paleo Workshops. What an incredible gift it has been to meet, hug, laugh with, cry with, and learn with so many of you. I know I also speak for Jason Seib and my husband John when I say how much it means to all of us to have been able to create personal connections with those of you who make our lives better, richer, and worth what we do here at Everyday Paleo and EPLifeFit.

Now, here’s why I am so excited!!! John and I have recently opened our own personal training facility and even more recently we have moved into a facility large enough to house events, like workshops! So without further ado, we are having our first workshops coming up FAST on May 10th and 11th. May 10th will be our Everyday Paleo Workshop and May 11th is going to be an extremely special event, open only to 30 people, focused solely on Movement and Fitness. Movement Day will be coached by John Fragoso, Jason Seib, me (0f course) with special guests Jim Laird and Lucy Hendricks!!!

I couldn’t be more honored, overjoyed, and all out PUMPED to have such greatness come to our gym to offer all of you some amazing knowldege bombs.

Click here to sign up for either or both days and you will also find detailed descriptions of what you can expect at the Everyday Paleo Workshop on Saturday May 10th and at Movement Day on Sunday May 11th.

Folks who sign up for both the Everyday Paleo Workshop on Saturday and the Movement Day on Sunday will receive some awesome parting gifts at the end of the day on Sunday!!! 

(Yes, I know, it’s mother’s day weekend. Mom’s out there, tell your families that this is the gift you want (because it is), and families out there, hook a mom up with the gift of health! It doesn’t really get better than that!)

I can’t wait to see  you all there! It’s going to be EPIC!

(Update from Dain: Users have been having issues with buying both items in a single transaction. You can go in and buy them individually without incident, but Sarah and crew wanted a way for folks to get in-get out with one transaction. Fair enough. I have a workaround. Ready? Basically – a user will go in and click on the Menu Item that reads BUY WORKSHOPS AND COURSES – they can choose the Chico workshop- then they have the option to ‘Add More Items’. Users will hit that. They can then hit BUY WORKSHOPS AND COURSES again to get back to the catalog and add the MOVEMENT DAY and it will populate in the users cart so they can check out in one single transaction. It’s sorta wonky; I’m curious what FrontDesk will say about it, but – I DID figure out a method that does indeed allow the user to check out in one transaction. Carry on)

Keep it simple…focus on HAPPY!


Once upon a time (about 6 or so years ago), when a person used to type the word “paleo” into their search engine, about 5-6 websites would pop up that had something to do with a “lifestyle” and the rest of the sites would be about things that were happening 2.6 million years ago. Well, fast forward to now and this truth is no longer. Poor poor paleontologists have been kicked to the lowest rankings ever in the history of google searching and instead the word paleo produces grain free cookie recipes and pictures of bacon wrapped everything. Even folks who spend the time to type the entire word “paleolithic” into google, Robb Wolf is the second site to pop up, right under Wikipedia’s definition of the paleo era!

So, for those of you who stumbled upon my site hoping for information about the prehistoric period of human history, I apologize, it’s just me, not quite yet prehistoric but on my way…

[Read more...]


Just a quick reminder that Jason Seib and I will be in Indiana THIS WEEKEND for back to back workshops on Saturday March 8th in Granger and Sunday March 9th in Indianapolis!

Seats are still available so sign up today to reserve your sport.

A paleo lunch will also be provided at each workshop!!

To sign up for our March 8th workshop in Granger please click here.

To sign up for our March 9th workshop in Indianapolis please click here.