Sleep Physiology Meets Real Life


*Note from Sarah: As promised; this is the first installment of a four part blog series on sleep from Doc Parsley! Sleep Physiology Meets Real Life I will do my best to not make this into a scientific diatribe—there are better ways to help people fall asleep.;-) However, we’ll talk enough science to allow most […]

SLEEP: Life’s Most Potent Elixir


*Today’s post comes from my dear friend Kirk Parsley, MD. Dr. Parsley was recently on our JASSA Podcast with Jason and I and this is the beginning of a blog series that he will be writing for Everyday Paleo which hopefully will help all of us pay more attention to this hugely important component of health […]

The Barefoot Sourcing Story

This is a story of why I love and support Barefoot Provisions and why you should too. The Barefooters see the bigger picture and that’s what I look for in a company and that’s why I will continue to promote, support, and shop from this amazing resource. Enjoy! We already know that the Barefooters care […]

A New (ME)!

Hello dear readers of Everyday Paleo! I’m so lucky to have had the continued support from you over the years and Everyday Paleo the blog will always be here, however, I wanted to let you all know that I am now also blogging over at my new site, Sarah Fragoso. Everyday Paleo has almost 6 […]

Announcing the First Ever JASSA Retreat in Chico, CA!!!!


We are so excited to announce our first ever JASSA Retreat taking place in Chico, CA. The dates of the retreat will be September 16th – 20th and will include everything from 12+ hours of lecture with some of the most renowned experts in the field of health and fitness, two half days of movement, […]

Thailand Retreat Re-cap!


We just returned home Monday night from our most recent trip to Thailand (which included a week long Everyday Paleo Retreat in Chiang Mai put on by The Trip Tribe) and I am so filled with joy. Joy to be home. Joy to be rested. Joy to have had the opportunity to once again visit […]