Autoimmune Paleo and You

Many of you have been following Lisa who has been chronicalling her journey here on Everyday Paleo.  You can click here to catch up on her story. LIsa has been an outstanding contributor; inspiring and helping many folks along the way!  She started a facebook page a few months ago and had such a huge response that she decided to take the plunge and create her very own website dedicated to helping folks with autoimmune issues who are living a paleo lifestyle. Lisa’s hard work and dedication to help others is unbelievable and I know that you will find tremendous support from her and loads of valuable information from her site; Autoimmune Paleo and You.  Please head over and check out Lisa’s new site and wish her well!

Thank you Lisa for sharing your story with us and best of luck with your new venture!!


  1. Lisa@ autoimmune, paleo andYOU says

    Oh man Sarah, thank you, you brought tears to my eyes when I read this….I could not have come as far as I have without you, your support, and all of your Paleo family on here!! You guys all ROCK!!
    Hugs Lisa

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