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So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to write to thrive. For some reason I’m often afraid. For some reason I feel like there has to be “rules.” I look at Everyday Paleo like an entity sometimes instead of “my blog” and I’ve seen it grow and grow and grow over the years and it’s grown into something I fear – which is bad. I fear that if I put myself out there like I really want to and if I really let you get to know ALL the parts that make me ME, it won’t be what you want. That fear however has made me frozen and has made me enjoy less and less the upkeep and maintenance of this blog. I love doing our podcast because there is no filter like the one that is my keyboard. I can talk into that microphone and not think as hard about what I’m saying (sounds weird I know) but when something is WRITTEN, it’s as if I’m putting my thoughts and words into stone, never to be undone, and that creates a sense of scary for me that keeps me from EXPRESSING. However, I’ve come to a crossroad. I want to keep writing, I want to keep being, I want to keep sharing and since this is my blog, I’m going to be a bit selfish and I’m going to look past my fears and I’m just going to write. I might not always write specifically about Paleo Stuff because I’m simply not only about Paleo Stuff. I am a mom. I homeschool my two youngest boys. I have a son who will be going to college next year. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a wife to a husband who loves me more than I deserve. I am a strength and conditioning coach, a business owner, a  world traveler and a woman. I am all of these things, I’m not just The Paleo Lady and I need to share with you all of these things in order to make myself whole again.

So, consider this your warning. This blog will continue to live and continue to be filled with information about health and wellness and all things paleo, but it will also be me. My Blog. My stories. What I want to share. I will be writing more consistently because I am making a choice to no longer be afraid, and frankly, I don’t give a damn anymore. I need to fulfill that NEED that I have to express myself with written word. To share. To hopefully give a little more of myself to you – if you like it or not – in order for this site to continue to grow and flourish, I must continue to grow and flourish as well.

With that being said, I will now say thank you. Thank you for all the years you have loyally followed this blog and my adventures. Thank you for sticking with me through all the craziness of internet land. Thank you for listening, responding, and sharing. Thank you for letting me share with you and now I will continue to share with you in a way that feels real to me and in a way that lights that fire in me again like I haven’t felt in a while.

I’ll be back soon with more!!

As always, enjoy.


  1. says

    I love this! I have always struggled with the opposite problem. All the blog advice says to find a niche and stick to one thing, but there are so many things that define me. I can’t be just paleo or just a mom or just infertile or just a diy-er. I am so many things and I have just decided to write. If people follow me, fine. If they don’t, fine too.

    Looking forward to hearing your stories. :)

  2. Vanessa says

    Sarah, thank God for this, I am checking your blog everyday because I love your blog entries and there have been too little of them for a long time. Looking forward to new inspirational stories, Vanessa

  3. says

    That’s good news. Blogs that focus so hard on just their topic without investing any of the writer’s personality into their pieces are the ones I find the least interesting. I love to see the quirks of the author behind the keys when I read a blog. There’s more to a person than a single facet.

  4. Melanie says

    Hi Sarah, It must be complete terrifying to put your whole self out there for people you have never met, and probably never will meet, to judge. It’s hard to put yourself out there to friends and family sometimes! Well, I want to thank you for putting yourself out there as much as you have already. I can honestly say that YOU are THE reason that after years of struggling with my weight, energy, autoimmune diseases, and all the other gads of things that go along with a SAD that I am finally making progress. I truly was at a point in which I was feeling completely hopeless about my health. Four years ago when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I completely dropped gluten, and thought “this is it, this is what is making my life such a nightmare!”. It did help some, I didn’t have the daily headaches, my stomach didn’t feel like it was in knots all the time, but I still felt like I could barely get myself out of bed, and I still couldn’t drop the weight. I started running… and running…. and running…. I did think that I was starting to look better, but honestly I didn’t enjoy it, other than having a reason to get out in nature. I started to have constant running injuries, I was desperate to feel/get better because I wanted to have a baby. I did go on to have a baby boy who is about to turn two. About a year ago, I finally decided that paleo wasn’t in fact a dude diet, and that I should really look at it like a real food for real people concept and gave it a try. Yours was the first blog that really resonated with me, and your 1st cookbook, was my first paleo cookbook that had food in it that I didn’t think my husband would sneer at. Fast forward a year and I have dropped 30 lbs (I know you aren’t a fan of the scale, but for me this was amazeballs), feel better than I have as long as I can remember, and am finally feeling like I am making headway with getting my little family of three happily compliant. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you. Keep up the good work! I am starting up EP Life Fit this week, so you will probably be getting another long thank you comment sometime soon.

  5. Wendy says

    I think that was the most refreshing post you have done in a while Sarah – you know one of my mantras is “Live with no regrets” I apply this to every decision I make and that can mean that I come across as quite an agressive person but you know what at the end of the day I don’t give a crap what other people think of me as long as I am always being true to myself, my morals and my beliefs.

    Hats off to you and welcome to the land of no fear!

  6. Kelsi says

    This is great Sarah!!! I must say that I take the time to read every post but have only listened to a couple of podcasts… This is just an easier format for me to engage! I love your story, from the struggles to the triumphs; you inspire me!! Thanks for sharing yourself and your life!!

  7. Pam says

    I am 200% positive that you DO deserve every bit of the love your husband gives you! Root that “more than I deserve” out of the depths of your mind, please!

    That said, rock on with telling us whatever you’d like to! Looking forward to it all! You’re a woman I very much admire (and you deserve it), and I’d love to read all that you’d like to share!

  8. Lisa says

    Good for you Sarah!
    I am positive that your blog will be filled with the same kind of amazing personality, spirit, love, humor, kindness and wisdom that you exhibit in person!! I am so fortunate to have come across your Everyday Paleo website and your first cook book over 2 years ago and can honestly say it changed my life and my families for the better! The honesty and personal stories and love for your family is what drew me in to trust what you were writing about and to believe I could make a healthy life change too:) Fast forward…. I now have the absolute privilege of training with you and John in your awesome new gym, getting to know your boys and brother Mark and calling you my friend!! If your readers on this blog get even a smidge of the amazing things you have to offer and a glimpse into ALL that makes you Sarah beyond the “Paleo lady” , they will be as thrilled as I am to get to know you even better!
    Blog on girl…..let that fire burn!!
    (And ditto Pam…you DO deserve John!! You deserve each other!)

  9. says

    Aloha Sarah,
    Glad to hear you will continue your blog! I started Paleo 2 years ago when I wanted to get healthy after a health scare. That’s when I found Rob Wolf’s site and then yours. I loved reading your story, how you got your kids on the program and how you continue moving forward.
    It’s a struggle for me to stay Paleo/primal living in Hawaii, but I won’t give up. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us.
    I also want to thank you for encouraging me to continue my blog which I’ve been ignoring my blog for almost a year. I just felt like what I shared was just not important enough to other people. But you’re right, who cares, just do it if you love it, right?

  10. Heather says

    So wonderful. Because you are an excellent writer that conveys deep emotion. Looking forward to reading.

  11. Tracy says

    I am so excited that you are expanding! It will be fun to get to know other facets do your life. We are a homeschool family also!

  12. says

    Along with you for the ride, Sarah. Love your writing. When you shared your family life with us at the Laguna Nigel Anaerobic Cross-fit, I knew I could do this too, with my family.

    Keep doing what you love. It will keep you thriving. Onward and looking forward to it. !

    Karen P.

  13. says

    I would love to hear more about how you homeschool your boys and how you do so with a successful career! I am a Paleo mama and will be homeschooling my son next year, so I’m interested in anything you’d like to share on the subject. Thanks!

    And congrats on expanding your blog to include “The Whole Sarah.” I’m sure it will be a rewarding journey for you. People love honesty.


  14. says

    Wow what a great post. So well written and inspiring for me. Just what I needed to hear, perfect timing for my own wobbles and worries. Thank you and enjoy your wonderful writing fear few. Woohoo!

  15. says

    Sarah, Trust me when I say I think the same EXACT thing when I blog!! I blog to inform, entertain and express myself… and well my true uncensored self sometimes shows up! I know it’s often a whole lot to digest! 😉 Sometimes I spend far to long rewording, considering who might not like it. It’s absurd. Life is ever so short. You be you! We will still follow. 😉

    “Judy” aka Heidi

  16. M. says

    I would just name your blogging, “journaling”. This should rid you of any fear. Just write your thoughts, daily, as if you were writing to yourself… Then post it, if that’s what you want to do with it that day.

  17. says

    Sarah, I’m so pleased to hear this. I know all too well the struggles of compartmentalizing ones life and ones self. We are all so much more than the food eat, the books we read, or the people we care for. I wish you all the best as you expand your blog and, in turn, reignite your passion for this inspiring site.

  18. barb says

    thanks again for letting us into your world. when you let down the barriers, you touch something in me that helps me open up too.
    it’s not all just about paleo…

  19. Anya says

    I can’t wait to get to know you better, Sarah!!! Thank you for sharing your fear, and for showing your courage. You continue to be a positive role model!!

  20. Tamra says


    Thank-you for being so open and honest. I had the pleasure of meeting you in person at the Everyday Paleo workshop in Indiana. You are an amazing women! I would have loved to have some deeper conversations with you but the day just went so fast. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog posts. I have been asked by friends and family to start a blog and I struggle with the whole fear thing also. In fact just to make a comment like this is nerve racking!! I enjoy listening to your podcast and I know that if I lived in your area I would definitely be training at your gym! Thanks for all you do! Hope to see you in Michigan sometime!!

  21. Johanna says

    I would LOVE to hear about all the aspects of your life that you mentioned. I’ve been following your work since the early days of Paleo in 2008 and I love your authenticity. Keep it coming!!!

  22. chantel says

    I’m happy to hear this! I really haven’t been reading your blog as regularly as I used to and I think it’s because I’ve missed hearing from “Sarah.” Would love to hear more about homeschooling and world traveling and your musings on motherhood and “wifehood.” You are more than paleo as are the rest of us so I’m looking forward to you sharing more of yourself!

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