The JASSA Method – Success Stories and Reviews!

It’s been almost two weeks already since the release of The JASSA Method and the reviews are already rolling in! Get Started TODAY  with The JASSA Method!   Here are few reviews and success stories we would like to share with you! Thank you so much for all the feedback and if you would like […]

The Dark Side of Fat Loss

I must have said it 1,000 times as I read, “Why did it take me so long to finally read this book?”  Sean Croxton‘s The Dark Side of Fat Loss is the book everyone needs to read before they go down the yo-yo dieting, over exercising route of insanity that is the norm for so […]

Your Personal Paleo Code – A Review

This review is a little late, but no less enthusiastic for its tardiness, so let me just cut to the chase.  Chris Kresser‘s book, Your Personal Paleo Code, is fantastic!  We had him on our podcast already, so please note that I absolutely did not feel any obligation to write this review.  I am writing […]

Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine


Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine Finally, finally, it’s ready for pre-order! I’ve mentioned a few times about my Italian Cuisine book I’m working on that is based on our travels to Italy and I’m so excited to announce that it’s now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released in July. This […]

The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib


The Paleo Coach “The Paleo Coach is not just another Paleo book—it’s a priceless tool that is absolutely essential for anyone striving to live the best life possible. The insight, advice, and lessons in this book could come only from someone like Jason, who has spent serious time deep in the trenches of the health-and-fitness […]

Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook


Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook The Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook offers guidance on how to bring your family together with the magic of real food. As modern life grows more hectic with each passing day, a part of living the paleo lifestyle is slowing down and enjoying the time we have with family and friends. This […]

Everyday Paleo


Everyday Paleo In Everyday Paleo, Sarah Fragoso gives detailed instructions for acquiring a Paleo lifestyle and improving the health and longevity of your family. An active mother of three, Fragoso shows that eating Paleo is not only feasible for the busiest of families, but also easy, delicious and completely life-changing. She offers numerous recipes for […]