Bruschetta Chicken with Zucchini “Pasta”

This week I took the kids down to the local farmers market. We had to get our weekly strawberries and see what other goodies we might be able to pick up. One of the vendors had some nice looking heirloom tomatoes, and while this isn’t the peak season for tomatoes I thought I would buy a few and make something for dinner with them.  Upon arriving home I picked some basil from our garden and ended up putting together a delicious and easy Bruschetta – and voila,  Bruschetta Chicken with Zucchini “Pasta”!

Bruschetta Chicken


3 large heirloom or garden grown tomatoes, chopped

About 15 fresh basil leaves, chiffonade (cut into long strips)

2-3 garlic cloves, peeled & finely chopped

3 Tbsp Extra-virgin olive oil

1 Tbsp Balsalmic Vinegar

Sea salt, to taste

To prepare bruschetta combine chopped tomato, chopped basil leave strips, peeled garlic into a bowl. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with salt to taste. Gently mix together just to combine flavors.  I suggest making this ahead of time so you can let the flavors combine. At least a couple hours in advance for best taste.


Grilled Chicken Breast

4 Chicken Breasts

Juice and zest from one lemon

1 garlic clove crushed

3 Tbsp fresh basil finely chopped

Sea Salt and Pepper to Taste

Walnut Oil

Marinade Chicken in above ingredients for 30 minutes to 24 hours. Grill chicken until cooked through and no longer pink in the middle.

Zucchini Noodles

4 Medium to Large Zucchini

1 tsp coconut oil

Garlic Salt

Olive Oil

Prepare Zucchini by slicing thinly or using this amazing tool! Or cut into think strips using a knife.

Melt coconut oil in pan and saute zucchini until warmed through- approximately 2 minutes. You want your zucchini to be al dente so do not overcook!  Season with garlic salt and drizzle with olive oil.

Place a small amount of noodles on your plate and top with chicken and bruschetta! Amazingly easy and fresh springtime meal.


  1. Alberto says

    I am Italian and find it difficult that such a plate would exist in Italy. It has the essence of being an Italian inspired dish though any pasta dish would never be served with chicken in any region of Italy.

    • Sarah says

      This recipe makes no claim to be an authentic Italian dish and is not one that will be found in the Italy book. This is a recipe made by Rachel for her family and meant to be a delicious dinner option, not something that is supposed to be critiqued as something that would be critiqued as coming from Italy. Thanks! Sarah.

    • Mark says

      Um, did you even read the post? There is no real pasta in the dish, it’s zucchini. And there is no claim that it’s authentic Italian.

  2. Katie says

    This sounds wonderfully amazing! The perfect meal for my husband and I to make on together on a relaxing Saturday evening.

  3. Erin D. says

    This looks like such a great summer meal! Will be trying soon. And I can garner “fancy” points now that I know what “Chiffonade” means :)

  4. Rachel says

    I am just getting started on Paleo and this looks delicious. I have everything in my pantry but walnut oil. Could I use coconut oil instead? Thank you.

    • Rachel says

      you could probably just omit the oil all together. I’m not sure how the coconut oil would do in a marinade because it hardens when cool.

  5. Anna Roybal says

    This looked so scrumptious that I had to make it over this past weekend. What a delicious and satisfying meal! It came out great – everybody LOVED it. The only change I made was to season the zucchini as it was cooking (rather than wait until it was done), and I didn’t drizzle any olive oil after it was done (didn’t really need any additional oil). Otherwise, super delish, and just as tasty as leftovers the following day. I’ve recommended it to all my coworkers. Thanks, Rachel!

  6. says

    this was really good! I didn’t think my husband would be happy about the zucchini noodles and the lack of ciabatta bread but he thought it was great… his only addition was feta cheese.

  7. Toni says

    Made this dish 2 weeks ago for my entire family (husband and parents). Everyone loved it including my 3-year old son. I am making it again today. Thank you! This has been officially added to our home recipe binder!
    Although not part of paleo, I added mozzarella cheese balls to a portion the bruschetta dish (my parents are not doing the paleo plan just clean eating).

  8. Valere says

    This was delicious! I’m going to use the left over Bruschetta on my eggs in the morning. Thanks for another delicious and healthy meal!

    • Sue says

      Great idea, Valerie, Bruschetta n’ eggs,….Sounds Yummy!!!
      TY for the idea,…may just do the same & make x-tra Bruschetta to add to other future recipes!!!!

  9. Tracey says

    Thanks so much for this recipe. I made it a couple nights ago and not only was easy and yummy, but my house smelled amazing!!

  10. Bet says

    Absolutely fantastic! I am getting tired of coconut flavour so the only thing I’m going to change next time is what I used to saute the zucchini. :) Thank you!!

  11. Melissa says

    What can I use instead of walnut oil? Making this for dinner tonight but I don’t have walnut oil! Thanks!!

  12. julie says

    This was awesome. Such a great combination of flavors, I don’t even miss pasta while eating this. I did a couple minor changes due to what I had available. I used extra virgin instead of walnut oil, I used sea salt and a little garlic powder on the zucchini and I topped it all with fresh mozzarella. I want to make this once a week!

  13. Leslie B says

    Could not have been more thrilled finding this recipe….had an heirloom tomato sitting on the counter, fresh zucchini, and the rest of the ingredients ….I was searching for a way to cook my chicken breast! LOVELY! Thank you! I’m a huge fan NOW.

  14. Kayleen says

    Sarah I’m so sorry if you have answered this already but I wasn’t able to find it… and I could have sworn you said you talk about it on your blog. What veggie noodle maker do you recommend? I’ve been dying to get one! Thanks!

  15. Meg says

    I just made this dish last and we were AMAZED with the flavor. So delicious. Definitely adding it to our menu rotation! Thanks!

  16. Katie says

    Hi there, I’m new at this cooking thing. Can someone tell me, how much Walnut Oil do I marinade the chicken in??…thanks!

  17. Linda C. says

    I have the same question as the last post (did I miss the answer?) in terms of the recommended amount of oil to use for marinating the chicken. I just drizzled a bit of olive oil and figure it doesn’t need to be precise, but don’t want to over-do it.

  18. Megan says

    I’m going to say “Thank You!” now, before I’ve prepared and eaten it. Something that looks this DELICIOUS (without question) must be! No worries about not being authentic Italian. Some Italian inspired food is even better (in my humble opinion).

  19. Megan says

    Final verdict after eating: “Megan, this is excellent.” Told boyfriend he should be thanking Rachel, it is her creation.

  20. Andrea says

    Hi, made this for dinner tonight and it was sooooo yummmm. Didn’t tell my lot it was Paleo and they gobbled it up.
    Just watched the red cabbage tacos and they’re next. Thank you
    Andrea (Australia)
    PS we don’t have Trader Joes so thanks for the recipes too

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