1. Jamie says

    I am all for this! I know I need to think more about the choices I make, it has always been my downfall… cravings for sweets or social drinking… if I use my brain and reasoning to remember what I’m doing this for, I think it will help. I know there will be times I might say, “I am going to eat this pizza, but I’m not going to feel bad for it”. But the mindless, thoughtless consumption needs to stop. THanks for the great reminder/advice. It is always helpful to listen to your podcast for a healthy kick in the bottom!

  2. Lisa says

    Thanks, Jason! I love how the simple idea of using your non-dominant hand becomes a metaphor for the more difficult choices that may come up where a slight pause could help in making a better decision.
    Just sipped my coffee with my left hand. :)

  3. Krys says

    I like it! I have noticed lately that I am not totally present in my day to day activities. I am just going through life and not really experiencing it. Time to rein that in and live in the moment! Thank you for this!

  4. Laura Rosen says

    Ok Jason this sounds like fun! The challenge is on and it starts right now.
    I typed this msg. with my non-dominant hand :)

    Have a great New Year’s Eve!

  5. says

    I’m in. I need to stop mindlessly eating sugar and get back on track. Having to stop and think to use my left hand is a great step in that direction. Thanks Jason….happy new year!!

  6. Roxana Wroblewski says

    It is not a challenge anymore. I was addict not to “fat & sugary food” but to artificial sweeteners, coffee, ice and bubble gums. It only took me to learn about the damage by reading and feeling it on my body that making the change to natural choices happened without even realizing about it.
    Anyways I take the challenge – to notice, name and chose deviations (couple cups of coffee with stevia :-)

  7. Verónica says

    Funny that I came up with the same idea today in the morning while I was washing my teeth, the only difference is that I though on just living the moment and not thinking about what’s coming next; concentrating on what I’m doing and not letting any negative thought pull away my happiness. At the end of the day what matters is what you’ve accomplished and today my challenge is to live every second as it is. Thank you for the idea of using my non-dominant hand, just want to let you know that someone in this world will be doing it.

  8. Julie says

    Sounds like a good concept. Will start tonight. I already adopted a low glycemic index way of eating in 2006 and lost 48 lbs. in 7 months; blood sugar under control, got off a sleep apnea machine and generally feel much better. Have kept most of the weight off too. Feeling a need to take my health/fitness to the next level…cheers!

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