Cheri Update

Just a quick update and blast of motivation for you today.  Remember Cheri?  Long story short, she spent most of her adult life battling her weight.  She tried plenty of starvation diet and hired multiple trainers.  She had some limited success, but it was always miserable and temporary.  Read her whole story for all the details.

Jump ahead to today and Cheri is still getting leaner all the time, albeit in a slower, healthier, more permanent fashion.  The choice is still clear: You can get fast results through unhealthy, unsustainable methods that leave you back where you started but with more metabolic damage.  Or, you can get really healthy, maybe even over a year or two, and keep your results for the rest of your life.

Cheri is definitely not done making progress, and she has no intention of stopping because she feels better than ever.  I’ll bring you more updates as they unfold.

Cheri Front(1)


Cheri Side


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    Cheri….Brave…..Beautiful….Real….she is an inspiration….a big throbbing heart of love and goodness…so honored to call her my friend. Miss Cheri….sooooooo FREAKING proud of you girl. SO SO Proud.

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