EP Workshop and First Ever Movement Day Re-cap + More!!

I am soaring through the air. Literally, and well, figuratively. As I write this post I am headed to Italy with my family and our dear friends for a MUCH needed vacation and for our Everyday Paleo Italy Adventure happening June 1st -7th in the beautiful Le Marche region of Italy! (It’s not too late to sign up, come and join me in Italy, click here for more information over at The Trip Tribe!)

I am very excited to fill you all in on last weekends events but first I must remind you all that SOON, very very soon, my next book, Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine will be released! On June 17th to be exact you can have this book in your possession so pre-order now!! I’m also working on scheduling a book tour for the week of the 17th so those of you in New York, Denver, Austin, Portland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco – STAY TUNED!!!! Once plans are finalized I’ll let you know exactly when and where I’ll be so mark your calendars for the week of June 17th!!!

Alright, back to soaring, this past weekend was amazing! On Saturday we (finally) held our first local Everyday Paleo Workshop in my hometown of Chico, CA at our gym owned by my husband and I, JS Strength and Conditioning and on Sunday we had our first ever Movement Day with guest coaches Jim Laird and Lucy Hendricks of J & M Strength and Conditioning located in Lexington, KY. I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how grateful I am to be surrounded by such outstanding people in my life, from my family, to our team at JS Strength and Conditioning, to our dear friends who love and support us and of course to all of YOU.

I am pleased to announce that we are adding Movement Days to our workshop schedule and I can’t wait to announce when we are doing our next one; it will be soon, I promise. The demand for this day was outrageously apparent to say the least, we sold out in just the third week of our meager marketing attempts and I am beyond thrilled with the results of the day. I am so lucky to coach side by side my husband John and our two trainers Taq Hernandez and Ally Sharpe, and then to have our very own Jason Seib on hand, along with the best of the best Jim Laird and Lucy Hendricks made such a huge impact on the success of the day. The lesson that I hope all of the attendees took home with them from our Movement Day is this: know who you are, don’t put up with bad coaching, learn how to breathe, understand that there is always progression and to start from where you are rather than jumping into fitness like it’s a swimming pool. It’s smarter to take the guided steps necessary to get to where you should be rather than racing to see how quickly you can burn yourself out and therefore end up frustrated. There is a better way….

The emails of excitement are already pouring in and here’s what people are saying about our first ever Movement Day:

“I just wanted to thank you so much for such an awesome workshop today! You guys are just awesome. That’s pretty much all there is to say! :-) You have once again inspired me to be better and stronger and continue my journey toward health.” Julie

“The information received at the weekend seminar was invaluable. The movement day blew my mind. I wish you guys could be cloned and spread around the world to preach the nutrition and movement gospel. I will never be able to walk in a gym and not think about the info you all share with us.” Tibor

“A great group of smart, talented and caring individuals…if you get the opportunity I highly recommend working with any or all of them. My wife (Evolve Nutrition ) and I had the amazing privilege of working with them all and learned many valuable lessons, tips & techniques that we will incorporate and carry with us for the rest of our lives.” John

Now I must take the time to reach out to all of you who have attended our Everyday Paleo Workshops over the last three years, and I hope you all know how much each and everyone of you that I meet has touched my life in such a special way. I may forget names and often even faces and feel embarrassed when I can’t remember that I have met some of you before but I never forget your stories, your embraces, your support and your willingness to be open to this crazy path that I have chosen as my life’s work. This weekend was a HUGE reminder that even though it’s often exhausting and I know there are many things I could be doing, I don’t want to ever stop doing our workshops. Traveling is tough, the energy output to do these workshop is even tougher, the reward however is great. I learn so much from each event and gain so much from connecting with those of you who attend. In each of you I see myself. I see my friends. I see my family. I see hope. I see longing. I see life. I see the need for answers, I see the desire that people have to find health and a new direction, for learning and growing and for being the best that they can be by asking for real answers to real questions. The work that I do is important and I rarely honor that because it sounds egotistical but you know what, I keep doing what I do, grinding it out, figuring out how I can do the next thing to help the next person because I know there is value in my message and because I know that what I do helps me to strive to be a better person, every single day. I want my boys to know that you CAN make a difference by reaching out to people, helping, listening, learning, connecting, and that you can create change even though it may seem small and insignificant.  I want them to know that working towards making life a little bit better or a little more worth living should never be considered small or insignificant.

So, with that being said, thank you all again for your constant support and please stay tuned to the blog for more events coming and as soon as our next Movement Day and/or Workshop is scheduled I will let you all know!

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