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Cholesterol Clarity FINAL CoverThis review is not extremely detailed, but only because Sarah and I just talked with Jimmy Moore, author of the excellent and much needed book Cholesterol Clarity (co-authored by Eric C. Westman, MD), on episode 51 of our Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast. However, this is an extremely important book and I want to make sure that those of you who didn’t listen to the podcast are still aware of it.

Cholesterol Clarity makes clear what so many people need to know. The reality is, the vast majority of what you have been told about cholesterol and it’s relationship to heart disease is dead wrong.  The spread of this misinformation, most of which is perpetuated by Big Pharma, has amounted to enormous profits, not saved lives or even a moderate reduction in heart disease worldwide.

Since this is our current state, there are two big reasons why I am grateful to Jimmy Moore for writing this book.

First, Jimmy is delivering important information in a fashion that might actually help it to seep into the mainstream (finally).  He has pulled together an amazing team of 29 doctors, PHDs, dieticians, and authors.  When we includ Jimmy’s co-author, Dr. Westman, we have 30 experts we are going to have to try to ignore if we want to keep believing the misinformation we have been fed in the last 4 to 5 decades.  This book defines all the key points that we need to understand about the subjects of cholesterol and heart disease, and it answers every question anyone could ask, all through these amazing experts.  There have been a few other fantastic books written on these subjects before, but all are written in typical sciencey book fashion. Cholesterol Clarity is THE book for everyone and a great resource for those who want to dig right into the information and really learn the truth behind this mess rather than spend their time immersed in science.

The other reason I love this book is about what I hope will happen inside the heads of so many people after they read it and the information sinks in.  I sincerely believe that if you read this book and absorb what Jimmy and Dr. Westman are putting down, you will have that all-important epiphany in which you realize that YOU are responsible for your health.  In my career, I could never count how many times I have begun educating someone and then heard them say something like, “This all makes so much sense, but it’s almost exactly the opposite of what I’ve always been taught.  I just don’t know who to believe!”  I want to grab them by the shoulders and yell, “Believe you!!

All the information and research you would ever need to become a full fledged expert on the subject of health is available to you for free in this amazing information age we live in.  I am living proof of this.  As a firm believer in being self educated, I see the fruits of my labors everyday and I know that our efforts collectively are changing lives. Yet, the lives being changed are not those of folks who wanted to be fat, sick, and miserable – no one wants these things, but it’s up to us as individuals to dig deep and find the information that makes sense and works!  They are people who have been sold a load of garbage by a system that, by the basic laws of economics, inherently needs to create patients, not health. Jimmy wrote this book because he is on the short list of folks who truly want to create health.

Thus, it is my hope that Cholesterol Clarity will only be the beginning for you.  If you came to this site because you wanted a smaller pant size, it is my hope that our work will help you to understand that all sustainable goals will be reached through improved health.  Now, through this book, I’m hoping that you will start asking all the right questions and stop relinquishing the reins of your health to others.  When you realize that what you have been fed regarding cholesterol and heart disease is mostly a load of bull, I believe you will also realize that nothing in the media or mainstream medicine should ever go unquestioned.  In short, I’m banking on Jimmy Moore stealing away the trust you may have unquestioningly offered to modern medicine for all these years.  It’s time to join the heretics and get really healthy.  Let your education begin with this book.

Go forth and be awesome.


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    Thanks, I’ll check it out and refer my wife. She’s a little concerned with her numbers since we’ve gone (mostly) paleo. My numbers – cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure have all improved dramatically – in fact I’ve come off of medication and they are better than when I was on the meds.

    Dan @ HealthyFoodMatters

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    Sounds like a really interesting read. I think cholesterol is pretty confusing to most of the public and they are being pulled in all directions by different information.

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