SLEEP: Life’s Most Potent Elixir


*Today’s post comes from my dear friend Kirk Parsley, MD. Dr. Parsley was recently on our JASSA Podcast with Jason and I and this is the beginning of a blog series that he will be writing for Everyday Paleo which hopefully will help all of us pay more attention to this hugely important component of health […]

3 Fixes for the Hip Hinge

Head Position 1

*Note from Sarah: Please welcome Jeromie Preas, the newest part of our team here at Everyday Paleo and one of our awesome trainers/moderators over at Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness! Jeromie first blogged for us back in October and now he’s here to stay with monthly contributions that will, in Jeromie’s words, help you “Move […]

The Secret


Note from Sarah: Please enjoy the latest post by Jason Seib and be sure to check out his soon to be released AMAZING book – The Paleo Coach, now available for pre-order here on Amazon! In my line of work – as a gym owner – I have been asked at  least a thousand times […]

A Case for Baby Steps

baby steps

*Note from Sarah: I’m so excited about this most recent post by Jason Seib.  It’s truly epic.  Thank you Jason for writing such an eye-opening and thought provoking article.  I hope you all enjoy and take from Jason’s post as much as I did.  For more of Jason, find him here on Facebook and also […]

The Giant Women Experiment

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Many of you will remember Deb from some of my previous posts (here, and most famously here).  Of all the examples I have given you, she is by far the most popular because of her age (now 53) and the extremely regressed condition she came to me in (see the linked posts for details).  Well, […]

The Hip Hinge


From a structural standpoint, the hips need to be able to bear heavy loads. Whether it’s carrying a child, going for a world-record deadlift, or simply moving your body through space, the hips and surrounding musculature need to be able to handle those loads; just like a bridge needs to be able to handle all of those vehicles that drive over them on a daily basis.