3 Fixes for the Hip Hinge

Head Position 1

*Note from Sarah: Please welcome Jeromie Preas, the newest part of our team here at Everyday Paleo and one of our awesome trainers/moderators over at Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness! Jeromie first blogged for us back in October and now he’s here to stay with monthly contributions that will, in Jeromie’s words, help you “Move Often and Move Smart!”

3 Fixes for the Hip Hinge

I know it was posted in October, but I hope you’ve been working on a proper hip hinge. As a trainer, I wanted to address three common things I like to “fix” with clients. I say “fix” because there’s a trend in the fitness industry that there are “right” and “wrong” ways to move. I disagree. I would say there’s more optimal and less optimal. In order to understand the first critique, I want to introduce you to the righting reflex.

The righting reflex is the way your body corrects itself when it’s taken out of its normal upright position. When you lead with the head, the rest of the body follows; this is why a cat always lands on its feet. When it comes to hip hinging, the natural inclination is to initiate the movement with the head up looking forward. This is your righting reflex at work. It can be very effective when you’re lifting maximal loads, but when you’re training submaximal loads, you’re training in a position of increased cervical extension. This leads me to my first fix.

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The Secret


Note from Sarah: Please enjoy the latest post by Jason Seib and be sure to check out his soon to be released AMAZING book – The Paleo Coach, now available for pre-order here on Amazon!

In my line of work – as a gym owner – I have been asked at  least a thousand times for the “secret” to creating a great body.  In truth, there is not necessarily a “secret” formula; but after reading this post, we might all agree that we are coming closer to figuring out the answer.

If you follow my posts and/or listen to our podcast, you know that a common theme in my work is that sustainable fat loss happens only through improvements in health, and that purely aesthetic goals can make success very difficult.  Today I would like to give you a little more insight into the minds of the people who make full body overhauls look easy.  Once again it’s all about perspective.  These people aren’t genetically superior to the rest of us.  They simply have more powerful motivators than most.  Their goals are supercharged by passion instead of inhibited by desperation or halted by self destructive behavior.  These things are choices, not character traits, and there is no reason why anyone should be exempt from changing their perspective to something more healthy and productive.  Allow me to explain.

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A Case for Baby Steps

baby steps

*Note from Sarah: I’m so excited about this most recent post by Jason Seib.  It’s truly epic.  Thank you Jason for writing such an eye-opening and thought provoking article.  I hope you all enjoy and take from Jason’s post as much as I did.  For more of Jason, find him here on Facebook and also check out his soon to be released book, The Paleo Coach available for pre-order on Amazon!

I’ve been doing a little brainstorming lately.  I can’t stop thinking about why so many people seem to have a terrible time getting from zero to paleo despite the fact they they clearly believe it will work for them.  If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have told you that lack of belief was probably the primary force keeping most people from success.  It still sounds logical – if you don’t think something will work for you, or if you think the people that it worked for were special somehow, you will probably have compliance issues.  However, these days I seem to encounter a lot of people who appear to be fully convinced of the merits of eating like a human, but they still can’t make it to the finish line.  “I’m starting my 3rd 30 day challenge,” is a phrase that I seem to hear daily.  All I can think is, “Why didn’t it work the first time?”  My frustration has led me to do quite a bit of research outside the realms of nutrition and fitness and into the intriguing world of psychology, and more specifically, willpower.  I feel like I’m just getting started, and every question raises two more, but I have already learned some amazing things.

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The Giant Women Experiment

deb's before 1

Many of you will remember Deb from some of my previous posts (here, and most famously here).  Of all the examples I have given you, she is by far the most popular because of her age (now 53) and the extremely regressed condition she came to me in (see the linked posts for details).  Well, along with being a great client and friend, Deb is valuable to me for another reason: she trusts me enough to participate in my wacky experiments.

If you follow my work here on Everyday Paleo, you know that I am quite passionate about persuading women to lift weights, regardless of their goal.  I have attacked this topic from a couple of different angles (here and here), but I still hear from women on a regular basis who are worried about lifting weights because they think it will make them look like men.  So, I felt that we needed to hit this one head on.  Despite the fact that we have never seen anything close to too much mass on any woman who has ever trained in my gym, and no woman has ever told me their muscles were getting too big and they feel they should stop lifting, I decided I was going to try to purposely pack as much muscle mass as possible on a few ladies, IF I could find willing subjects.  See where the trust part comes in?

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* Note from Jason:  Here’s another excellent post by blogger, Jeromie Preas.  Enjoy!

This is NOT the post you think it’s going to be; I am not going to come down on you for the “cheat” treat that you may’ve indulged in recently. Rather, I want to use “treats” as an acronym.

People forget that results come with being consistent and mastering the basics. There are too many people who give up too easily or too soon. If you jump from diet to diet, training program to training program, or you burn the candle at both ends, you’re failing to master the basics.

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The Hip Hinge


What do bridges and your hips have in common?

Yes, I am talking about the kind of bridge that connects two parts of town. What would be your guess?

From a structural standpoint, the hips need to be able to bear heavy loads. Whether it’s carrying a child, going for a world-record deadlift, or simply moving your body through space, the hips and surrounding musculature need to be able to handle those loads; just like a bridge needs to be able to handle all of those vehicles that drive over them on a daily basis.

What makes a bridge strong? The same thing that makes your hips strong: Arches. If you look at the hips right-side up, upside down, and sideways, you’ll notice there are arches on top of arches on top of arches.

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