Dad’s Pork Chops

Is it really only Tuesday?  I have crammed so much into the last two days that my body is screaming FRIDAY but my jam packed calendar is telling me otherwise.  Look forward to a post that I’ll put up tomorrow with more details about my book – including an actual release date!  Yes, I’m teasing you a bit but hopefully that means you will check in with me tomorrow for all the juicy details.

Now lets talk pork chops.  John made a meal last night that was so impressive that I had to share his recipe with you all.  I did not help that much except for to make a few small suggestions in order to keep the house from burning down.  Why do men like to cook everything on high??   Sorry babe, I couldn’t help it.  : )  Here’s John’s recipe proving once again that what you have on hand is usually all you need to make a delicious meal without a lot of time spent in the kitchen.

Dad’s Pork Chops

4 pork chops, 1/4-inch thick

Salt and pepper, to taste

½ cup Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon mustard powder

1 teaspoon dried french thyme

1 teaspoon crushed garlic

1 tablespoon coconut oil

Preheat oven to 425°F. Season pork chops lightly with salt and pepper. In a small bowl, combine mustard, mustard powder, French thyme, and garlic; mix well and spread evenly over both sides of the chops. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high. Add the chops and brown for 2 minutes per side. Transfer your skillet to the oven and cook for an additional 5-8 minutes, until no longer pink and cooked through. Serve over sauted baby spinach.


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  1. Dave says

    what’s the greens? just some kind of spinach or something? have you got a section on here just for sides because i usually just steam some vegies & that’s about it.

    • says

      End of the recipe says “Serve over sauted baby spinach.” There is a veggie section if you hover your mouse over the FOOD label in the nav bar and then click on VEGETABLES. However since most of these dishes have a vegetable accompaniment their prep is listed with the main courses.

      • Kate says

        Hi Sarah. My family is new to paleo and really new to cooking meals everyday. Before paleo we would walk right by baby spinach let alone saute it. Can you tell me what you cook the spinach in? It looks yummy and I want to try it. I did look through the veggie section and found dishes with spinach in them. We have made the Easy shrimp and it was fantastic. Thanks for all of the wonderful recipes.

        • Sarah says

          Hi Kate! I just saute it in a little bit of coconut oil! We also eat it for breakfast almost everyday and I’ll quickly saute it in a little bit of bacon grease or grass fed butter and sometimes add some asparagus or onions and bell peppers as well. When you saute spinach it only takes a minute, stir it constantly in the hot oil or butter just until it’s wilted and then pull it off the flame. Good luck!! It’s also great with a little squeeze of lemon on it!

    • Sarah says

      I like to get the frozen roasted bell peppers and onions from Trader Joe’s or just use my own diced bell peppers and onions and saute those in some coconut oil until tender and then I’ll add a few big handfuls of baby spinach and cook until the leaves are just wilted. Sprinkle with just a little sea salt and black pepper.

  2. lalabomba says

    going to try this tonight! good thing I was planning on making pork chops and I already had some thawing out :p

  3. Nicole says

    I’m am sooo stoked about this website!!! I have not been able to 100% commit to making paleo our way of life! I have 2 kids and I love how you make family friendly “paleo” meals for the entire family. I am going to try the sun dried tomato chicken tonight with the side of brussel sprouts and bacon and spaghetti squash!! So excited and love your practical approach to paleo eating. I cannot wait until your book comes out. What do you typically eat for breakfast if your tired of eggs?

    • Sarah says

      Thanks Nicole! We eat sausage hash, leftovers from dinner, BLT’s without the bread, just wrapped in lettuce with avocado. Sausage sauted with apples is good, the skies the limit, it can be whatever you want it to be as long as it’s meat, veggies, and some protein! : )

      • juliana says

        that chicken is amazing! you won’t be sorry. I added some klamata olives to it and artichoke hearts. so good! and a real easy onem when you need quick

  4. Leslie says

    Hi Sarah! I am new to Paleo and new to your blog, I see that you have a book (that I intend to buy!), but I’m curious about what all it entails. Is it going to be all of these awesome recipes , so more of a cookbook, or will it be more of a reference book? Thanks for all of your work on the blog, the podcasts, etc. it’s much appreciated! :)

  5. debbie seward says

    Making it now and smells amazing the kids are goin’ nuts and I am waitin’ for the man to come home to the cave!!

  6. says

    haha… I just LOLed at your comment “why do men cook everything on high”… my husband does the same! Why is that?! No patience, perhaps ; ) Looks delicious… I have 4 pork chops in my fridge right now, lucky me!

  7. Tim Martin says

    Was good! Meat and mustard. Hell yes.

    I thought some white wine would do well here, so on my last batch I put some in during the pan fry phase. Haven’t gotten around to eating them yet (I cook for several meals).

    I’ve heard wine can be used for deglazing, but would it be appropriate at that stage too?

    • Sarah says

      We considered adding some white wine but did not have any on hand, I think it would work well! Did you try it?

  8. Jen H says

    I’m making this tonight!! I can’t wait!! My hudband just started eating this way so I’m going to join in and try it!!

  9. Nancy says

    Hi Sarah, recovering long-time vegetarian here. Made your pork chops (the first pork I’ve had in 20 years!)… and had a tiny problem. When I put the chops in the coconut oil, the mustard stuck more to the pan than the meat! In the end, I had a slightly-mustard flavored pork chop, with a TON of mustard burned, solid, onto the pan – yikes.

    Did I do something wrong? Any hints on how to do better next time?


    • Sarah says

      Hi Nancy! You want to make sure that the pan is nice and hot before you put the meat in, that way you will quickly sear the meat and the sauce will stick to the meat and not your pan! : ) Best of luck to you!

  10. Marlene says

    I’ve been on Paleo for two months now, I’ve been enjoying it very much. Especially since I’ve found your website with all the recipes. Thank you for making Paleo delicious! I do have one question… Being a novice, I somehow was under the impression that dijon mustard or mustard of any kind was a no-no to Paleo eating. I guess I classified it under mayo & ketchup. And what about honey? that seems to be a controversial ingredient. Can you clarify those two ingredients, what is your take?
    I did make Dad’s Pork Chops with every ingredient and loved it. But your Apple Muffins weren’t sweet enough, I made two batches-one without honey and one with honey.

    • Sarah says

      Here’s my take on mustard, I’m all for it as long as it’s gluten free! Some paleo folks might not be ok with mustard because it has vinegar in it and our hunter/gatherer ancestors probably did not have vinegar but I am way more of the approach of hey, vinegar really will not hurt you and unless you are having a reaction to vinegar or feel yucky after you eat it, then a little bit of mustard or vinegar for that matter now and then is a great compliment to tasty paleo meals! Honey on the other hand is sugar and again, if you are using a touch of honey now and then and are still looking, feeling, and performing like you want to then it’s up to you if you want to eat it or not. I personally rarely eat honey or any kind of sugar for that matter but now and then you’ll see a tablespoon or less in a couple of my recipes but that’s about it! Hope that helps!

  11. Dixie says

    Holy Cow!! John is cooking…I love it :) I’m so impressed and I can’t wait to try those pork chops, they look amazing! Gotta show this to mom :) See….. if John can cook Paleo, anyone can right? :)

  12. Abby says

    I just made this and it was yummy! All 3 of boys cleaned their plates. I also added some chopped up butternut squash to my spinach! Thanks for such a great approach to Paleo!!!

  13. Summer Johnson says

    Our family has gone ‘Paleo’ and we love it….what we, ummm…ahem…me doesn’t like is pork, but my daughter found this recipe and made it last week…and WOW.JUST.WOW!!….it is amazing.

    Thank you

  14. KB says

    My family is very mad after eating this meal……b/c I didn’t make enough!!! All 3 kids (6, 3 and 11 mos) gobbled it up!! Hubby loved it too! Thanks for another fantastic recipe!

    ps…I am anxiously waiting to eat the leftovers for breakfast :)

  15. Shannah says

    Ugh, can I just say thank you so much for this blog. Your book is on order and should arrive today, but I hadn’t even thought to see if you had a blog. I got online to search for “paleo meatloaf” and there you were.

    I am about 3 months into the Paleo deal and I am starting to struggle a bit with finding recipes for the whole family. Haven’t completely won over the DH or 5 year old, but I’m convinced if I can broaden my kitchen repertoire enough, I’ll have a much easier task.

    Paleo meatloaf is tonight and “Dad’s Pork Chops” will be later this week.

    Mooches grassius!


  16. Keria says

    Thank you so much for the inspiration, I love to evolve recipes and make them my own so I hope you don’t mind that I took this recipe as inspiration for some very awesome pork ribs for honey mustard sauteed veggies. I am loving your site so much I can look at your recipes and find one that match most of what I have in my refrigerator at any given time and poof there is a meal. :) Thank you for keep up with your site.

  17. Sara Ross Towne says

    Tried this last night – my husband and I LOVED it! :) Paleo got us in amazing shape before our wedding in April and we’re loving sticking with it! Your recipes help a ton so we don’t get bored! Thanks!!

  18. Alex says

    Doesn’t coconut oil smoke at a relatively low temperature? Won’t it oxidize when you throw it in a 425 F oven?

  19. Sharon Carter says

    My grandson is allergic to tree nuts (at least for now, he’s 2) and I frequently cook for him. I love all the recipes like meatloaf that use almond meal because they are so tasty and moist. Is there a viable substitute for the almond meal that maintains the great flavor? If not, I suppose I can cook a mini loaf for him using ugh! breadcrumbs.

    • Sarah says

      Hi Sharon,
      I have made the meatloaf without almond meal and it’s still tasty or you can always use a little bit of coconut flour or sub with flax seed meal.

  20. julie says

    Wow, that was amazing! Made the pork chops with sauteed spinach, and my 3 yr old stole most of it from my plate!

  21. Delea says

    Trying this out tonight with a slight change: The pork chops I had on hand are incredibly thick, and acctually kind of a pain to cook, so I sliced them into smaller peices and make the mustard-spice combo into a bit of a marinade. Fingers crossed! :)

  22. Karen says

    Hey Sarah!
    I’m making these pork chops for dinner tonight and serving them with the “Good Greens” recipe you posted a few days ago. I actually made the Good Greens, as a side to Roasted Chicken, the other evening. I had some left overs and thought they would go great with the pork chops.

    Thank you so much for all the recipes, it really makes this lifestyle change much easier!


  23. Erin says

    So – these were ABSOLUTELY amazing… if I had known this was what I was missing out on I would have stuck with paleo a while ago!!! Thanks!

  24. Meagan says

    This was sooo good and soooo easy! My 5 year old LOVED it and wants it every night :) Your recipes, your book, your website have helped me become a better cook and really try new things! Every recipe I’ve made has been amazing.

  25. says

    Hello Sarah,
    Most of our CrossFit Chico community members have your book. I try to post a Simple Protein recipe every week on FB or our web site so I will definitely subscribe and pass on your information to everyone, giving you kudos of course. In fact, we are in a Paleo/Zone challenge right now. Thanks for the creativity.

  26. says

    I was hesitant to make this but it actually turned out really good! Next time though I’m going to listen to you and not put the heat on the stove on high :)

  27. Amber Edwards says

    Made these tonight and couldn’t believe how easy it was to throw together. Dinner was ready in 15 minutes and the best part: everyone went back for seconds — which NEVER happens. Thank you!

  28. Janet Doyle says

    I made these pork chops tonight. Absolutely delicious! I served them with sauerkraut. Just cooked the sauerkraut separately in bacon and then served with celery and sliced peppers separately. I also add turmeric to everything. Just sprinkle it on.

  29. Leigh says

    Wanted to let you know how much I love this recipe – it has become my go-to pork chop recipe! Yum!

  30. Kim says

    My son literally would not stop eating this until we ran out of pork chops- he’s 2! I did have to swap out the thyme for basil because our thyme has disappeared but the flavor didn’t suffer for it. Amazing! Thank you for this recipe I see repeats of it in our future!

  31. Debbie Roop says


    I am new to the Paleo way of eating, and found your website! I just happen to have pork chops in the frig. This is tonight’s recipe/experiment!



  32. Tania says

    My husband and I love this recipe, and many others on your site too! Your page has become a staple in my kitchen. Thank you!

  33. Megan says

    I tried this recipe when I was on a 30 day paleo cleanse and even though I no longer eat strictly paleo, this is my go to recipe every single time I make pork chops. I have been using it for a few years now! Everyone I make them for loves them too. Thank you!

  34. Alicia says

    I made these tonight and most of my mustard sauce stuck to the pan instead of the chops when I seared them. What did I do wrong?

    They where still delicious…even with less sauce.

    • says

      It could have been that your pan wasn’t hot enough when you first put the chops in the pan? However, I’m really glad they were still delicious!! 😉

  35. Heather Gaillot says

    Made these last night – I don’t normally like pork chops too much – but these were great! I added in some herbs de provence along with the thyme and served with Zenbelly’s cauli mash. Delish! Thanks so much!

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