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I know I have promised a week in the life post, but with my lack of note taking, all I have to offer is a day in the life.  Rest assured that my guilt for not producing an entire week will most definitely get me on track and I will make sure to document and photograph one of our weeks – coming soon!  Here was my last week in the life post if you are interested and now; here’s a day in our life!

This was a typical Tuesday, my busiest day of the week.

Breakfast was an egg scramble for the family: 2 small zucchinis sauteed in grass fed butter, a big handful of baby spinach, 10 eggs, and a few spoonfuls of my pecan pesto.  The kids, along with the egg scramble, also ate a bunch of fresh strawberries and easy almond butter pancakes that I had leftover from the previous day.

I rode bikes with the boys to the creek and we brought with us for snacks beef jerky, watermelon slices, and Apple Pie Lara Bars.

When we got home, Jaden and Rowan shared a fresh green coconut.

I had to make lunch in under 20 minutes because we stayed and played longer than planned at the creek and I had 10 million errands to run before we had to go pick up our veggies from our CSA and also make it in time for Jaden’s Kenpo Karate class.  I quickly cooked some thinly sliced cabbage and onions, browned a pound of grass fed ground beef, and mixed it all together with a can of diced tomatoes and about a tablespoon of garam masala.  Super fast and delicious!

Dinner was my favorite easy roast chicken, avocado goodness, and some diced sweet potatoes sauteed in coconut oil with onions, green beans, and yellow summer squash.

The boys had frozen blueberries and coconut milk for a bedtime snack.

Now it’s time for ME to go to bed and I hope this post is helpful as you plan for the week to come!

As always, enjoy!


  1. Nancy says

    Just a quick question (clarification on something I never bothered looking up), what’s up with the green beans? I thought they were legumes, but if they don’t count, you just rocked my world. It was one of my favorite veggies but I gave them up thinking they counted as beans, and weren’t paleo.

  2. says

    I love your “Day in the Life” posts. It helps motivate me to get creative. I have your cookbook and it is AWESOME. I actually just mentioned it on my blog. Thank you for creating such a helpful, informative, and DELICIOUS resource! :)

    • Kelly says

      It’s a blend of spices traditionally used in Indian cuisine. If you want the ingredients to make your own or something similar you can view them on Wikipedia –
      but you can purchase the blend itself, usually through an Indian grocer or health food store (much easier).

    • Caitlin says

      I did something very similar… skipped the onions and I didn’t have garam masala… so just added a chipotle seasoning. It was fabulous… and I threw in some black olives too for a little extra fat. :-) Delich!

  3. debbie seward says

    Sara when you specifically mention that the boys ate this or that, is it because they need more calories than you do? Or is it that they just needed more to eat, so that was tossed in. I am not a crossfitter, but I am getting back into a physical routine. So I am just wondering if there is a calorie restriction. Most of the time I don’t worry about it, I just try to eat plain ol paleo, with the minimal paleo treats/fruits.
    Thanks for sharing your life :)

    • says

      I don’t know of anyone really that counts calories while on the Paleo diet. I eat until I am full as long as I have a good amount of protiens, veggies, fats and sometimes fruit! :)

      • Cathy L from San Jose says

        Here’s my 2 cents: I think that most people can get by quite nicely eating paleo and NOT counting calories. We are doing a nutrition challenge at our gym and tracking our food intake on LoseIt!.com. Most of us are either Zone or Paleo and tracking food intake means tracking calories too. — I, being female and of the older age group ( 55+ ) find that because I am trying to lean out, unless I restrict my calories to a certain level I just cannot lose the love handles. But I do find that Paleo keeps me well satiated at my designated calorie level.

    • Sarah says

      Nope, no calorie counting at all! My kids simply do more snacking than I do. We all just eat when we are hungry. : )

  4. Talia says

    Hi Sarah,
    This site is just amazing. I have only just found you and am taking my time to wade through everything that you have, but a quick in the day like this has helped me immensely. I am struggling getting my kids (and partner at times) to adapt to the changes that i am making, particularly my 3 year old son who would just eat sugar, sugar and more sugar if he could. The pancakes that you mentioned in your breakfast will be perfect for him. Your lunch and dinner recipes also look fantastic. I will be making a roast chicken some time this week and plan to try it the way you have here.
    Thankyou so much your recipes and advice will make becoming paleo much easier.

    • Sarah says

      So glad you found me Talia and thanks so much for commenting! Hang in there with your little one, it will get easier I promise!

  5. Cathy L from San Jose says

    By the way Sara — your Cauliflower “No Potato” Salad was a huge hit with my husband. I tweaked it a bit at his request and added some steamed broccoli — but it still tasted great.

  6. Heather says

    Thank you for opening your life to everyone, Sarah.

    One thing I have benefitted most from your posts (besides the phenomenal recipes and motivation, of course!) is the reminder of how impromptu paleo can be, and I think for sanity reasons it should be! As a teacher, I constantly try to set myself up for success just like I do for my students. By surrounding myself with nothing but Paleo food it is a cinch to stay on track. I found that by following your recipes that are large enough for your family I have a bunch of leftovers on hand as well, so I only end up cooking (albeit for a few hours each night) a few nights a week. I have also learned the benefit of keeping your staple items like pesto or mayo that I can add to any meat to make it take better when I’m in a rush.

    Again, I appreciate your candor and insight.

    Heather :)

  7. Gina says

    Hi Sarah

    I have a question. When you workout 6 days a week usually there is a meal plan that goes with the exercise program. Now those always usually consist of dairy, wheat and things that are not Paleo. Is there a meal plan for Paleo eaters. I know we are to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day when exercising for muscles and leaness. I would even like to know of a protein powder recommedation. I use Biochem Whey powder however, any othr suggestions or if there is a trainer who has a plan or know of one I would be so grateful.

    • Caitlin says

      Hi Gina… thought I’d share my thoughts with you on this. I’m a CrossFit trainer, and this would be a Whole9 opinion of pre- and post-workout meals, etc.

      Just because we exercise, doesn’t mean we should add dairy, wheat or non-paleo items to our diet. You have your normal meals/snacks… and then days when you workout, you ‘earn’ 2 extra (small) meals. Pre-workout should consist of protein and fat (I often do a hard boiled egg and a few mac nuts or almonds 45 mins prior)… post-workout should consist of protein and carbs (chicken or egg whites and 1/2 sweet potato as soon after as possible, w/in 30 mins). Because I’m more like 80% paleo… I will use protein powder when I’m in a crunch. We ALWAYS have it because my husband drinks them, too. For post-workout shakes, try to keep the fat low and something with lots of protein and moderate carbs. As always, whole foods/real foods are better than the powder!

  8. says

    Love this type of posts. (Wondering if my own kids would have blueberries and coconut milk for bedtime snack….)

    I have everything in my fridge for the cabbage/grass-fed beef/garam masala deliciousness. I think we’ll try that for dinner tonight!

  9. julie says

    I LOVE this post. Please do more of these. As a mom, I struggle with getting my kids to eat this way, so I appreciate the sidenotes of what your kids are eating. That gives me ideas. I even showed my kids the photos of yours eating the coconut! (although I have no idea how you peeled and cut that – hammer? machete?)

  10. Amy says

    I’ve been reading all the articles on this site and I’m definitely interested in trying to switch to the Paleo diet! Giving up beard and especially cheese will be hard, but I know it will be for the best in the long run!

    My problem is this: I live with my boyfriend and while he’s expressed some interest in trying to eat paleo with me, he HATES most vegetables! He’s definitely an avid carnivore, but doesn’t like fish or seafood either, while I on the other hand love fish and veggies :( What can I do to try and “convert” him to liking vegeatables? Are there any especailly recommended recipes for picky eaters? I feel like trying to include him will be like trying to get a picky 5 year old to eat his peas!

    • Jeannine says

      Amy, honestly prior to Paleo, my idea of veggie intake was lettuce, carrots, bell peppers in a salad, other than that, I really did not eat or care for a ton of veggies. BUT…after cutting out so many other foods (bread, pasta, rice, potatos, beans, etc) my body was left with a NEED for much more than just meat, and eventually I tried a ton of new veggies. First in smaller portions, then moths later, in larger portions! Now my body “asks” and craves veggies I formerly ignored or even said I disliked. Like quartered brussel sprouts cooked with bacon grease, baked okra, squash of all kinds via stir frys or baked, almond flour breaded eggplant, the list goes on. It takes time, but a person can develop a LOVE for food they thought they hated.

  11. Laura says

    Sarah, I just started eating paleo two weeks ago and I have found all of your advice so helpful. Thank you!

  12. Tracey says

    Would love you to post this cabbage/grass-fed beef/garam masala concoction as a recipe. Even though it seems super simple..would love more detail. I’m all about simple recipes! Thanks you:)

  13. Stacy W says

    I love, love, love frozen blueberries with coconut milk. My own personal concoction is to refrigerate canned coconut milk so that it thickens. I spoon enough of it over the frozen blueberries to coat each one then I pour something like So Delicious Coconut milk over the top. This has toned down my cravings for ice cream tremendously!! As a matter of fact I haven’t wanted sugar filled ice cream in weeks!!

  14. Mel says

    Hi Sarah – Your info on feeding kids paleo is really great and helps fill a really big gap on other resources which cover adults but never mention kids!! Can you please help me out with the hubby though?? I really want my nearly 3 year old to eat well and learn to make good choices for himself but its really hard when his father and I have conflicting ideals when it comes to food. Its not that my partner believes what he eats is healthy he just really struggles to change 40 years of habit!! His taste buds adore bread and anything with sugar in it, jam, pastries, pies etc and he is pretty partial to fries etc fried in bad oil! We were all eating eggs together as a family for breakfast but now my partner has started eating a bowl of white rice for breakfast with lots of honey and some nuts. This is because I gave the oatmeal to the chickens and asked him not to buy any more or have bread in the house. So now my toddler is also eating rice and honey every morning instead of eggs and hes a bit crazy afterwards. I definitely notice his behaviour is much better when he eats well. I actually wouldn’t mind him eating some rice occassionally if he made good choices in between but usually when he starts the day this way he won’t eat much else for the day. I’ve been pretty tough with evening meals. I never force him to eat anything but just offer some meats and vegetables in the evenings. He usually goes to bed without eating anything. Anyway I’d love some advice on encouraging the hubby to be a better role model but a happy one, not a reluctant one!! Who knows what they eat together when I’m not around :(

    • Sarah says

      Well, leading by example is often way better than trying to force a way of life onto someone and it sounds like you already know that. : ) I would suggest being very gentle about the whole thing because it really can be a process for some people. Ask him gently to read The Paleo Solution so he can get the science behind why you want as a family to eat paleo. Wrap your arms around him and tell him you love him so very much and you need him in your life and you want him to be as healthy as possible in order to be your man and tell him you have been doing some research and you care about his longevity and that you think that you have found a way that together as a family you can live the healthiest life possible. Then, lay a big ol’ kiss on him, smile, and walk away. Then go about your life, cooking, eating, and living as healthy as possible without bugging and nagging him and it might take longer then you like but I bet he’ll come around or at least meet you half way at some point! Best of luck to you!!

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