Easter Fun!!

Here are some pictures of the boys baskets and our egg coloring fiasco!  We were joined last night for the egg coloring fun by my dad, step-mom, and my brother Mark.

My Salad Spinner from the 70's!!

I of course did the cooking and I will post our dinner menu tomorrow which features a couple of new recipes! For the first time, my oldest son Coby missed out on coloring eggs as he opted for going to our local Battle of the Bands with his friends.  My kids are growing up which is so weird because I swear that I’m only getting younger!!  ; )  Happy Easter Everyone!!


  1. says

    Looks like fun! My daughters easter basket is filled with a lot of the same stuff! Its nice not spending money on candy so they can have lots of fun things to play with instead!

  2. Nancy says

    Our family still does Easter baskets, even though my parents are in their 70’s and us “kids” are in our 50’s! Dad’s non-Paleo, so he got a basket full of chocolates. Mom got hand lotion, canned salmon, tea and hazelnut butter. My husband got mixed nuts, spicy hazelnuts, almond butter and canned tuna. My basket had pecans, macadamia nuts, almond butter and olive tapenade!

  3. says

    Love the baskets. Wanted to share our family tradition for Easter Nests. We use our favorite bowls, each of us has one, and create dyed eggs with words written with non-toxic markers, food color or wax crayons under dye. We focus on character traits or changes we’re working on in our lives. These ‘nests’ come out as bowls of paper Easter grass with the focal word eggs like empty Christmas stockings. On Easter morning (an hour or two before sunrise), the games, toys, and healthy treats get added. We have enjoyed this shift from the more typical baskets we were raised with to generating change in our individual lives, family life and communities.

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