Everyday Paleo Around the World: ITALIAN CUISINE and a Giveaway with LOTS of incredibly cool stuff…..

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Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine is almost here. Crazy!!! It’s May, which means that according to my calculations, July 23rd will arrive in approximately five minutes, or at least I know it will feel that way!!  Final details are just about wrapped up and the book will soon be off to print and that has given me a bit of time to squeeze in a GIVEAWAY (or two) in honor of your dedication and patience as I know you all have been depressed and saddened that this book is not yet in your hands!!!

Ok, all joking aside; I’m going to offer you  a sneak peak recipe from the highly anticipated Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine! I’ll also share a few other glimpses into the book in which I literally take you around Italy right along with us!

Pictured above is the POSSIBLE new cover – if not this one it will be very similar and however it turns out ultimately I’m very happy with this design. It embodies the love, intimacy, and vibrancy that literally was our trip to Italy.

For those of you wondering what this book is all about; here’s the description you will find on the back cover!

“Part travelogue, part lifestyle guide, this is not just another Italian cookbook. In
Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine, Sarah has perfected the art of
Italian cooking for the Paleo or gluten-free family—all 100 amazingly delicious,
truly authentic recipes are grain-, dairy-, and legume-free.
The recipes are drawn from Sarah’s travels throughout Italy, where she spent
time learning from—and cooking with—top chefs, home cooks, and local farmers.
Because of the variety of her experiences, she has much more to share than just
recipes. Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine provides an intimate
look into the lives of the Italian people and their unique food-centered culture.
Immerse yourself in the simple pleasure of eating what’s in season and often
growing right outside the doorstep, grazing in the fields, or swimming in the sea
nearby. Discover the value of slowing down and savoring the whole process,
from the initial gathering of the ingredients to enjoying the people around the
table as much as the food on your plate. This sensibility is what makes Everyday
Paleo Around the World not just a cookbook, but a perspective-shifting gem,
sure to inspire great dinners and dinner conversation!
As an added bonus, Sarah shares tips for anyone planning a trip to Italy: learn
the best ways to navigate the country and stay Paleo and gluten-free during your
travels. Grab your passport, pack your suitcase, and join the Fragoso family on a
mouth-watering Paleo adventure in Italy!”

As I mentioned earlier in the post, I have some tantalizing giveaways to offer as a thank you and a celebration of the “It’s Almost Here Moment” and I promise you there is much more to come!  After the sneak peak recipe of Lamb with Aromatic Herbs and other snapshots of the book; you will find all the important giveaway information so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post for the JUICY details!!!

lamb aromatic directionslamb aromatic herbs

This recipe is one of my personal favorites in the book and classically rustic Italian.

Besides several delicious Italian meat dishes you will find An Entire Pizza Section, An Entire Section dedicated to Sauces, Sides, and First Courses, Desserts like Panna Cotta and Tiramisu and LASAGNA with a Bechamel Sauce that literally has changed my life for the better!!

Here’s a few more glimpses of what’s to come!

zucchini proscbaked fishpanna cottalasagna post

bolognaromemilan trainmarket photos

This book has truly been a gift to write and I’m honored to be able to share it with all of you very soon and as mentioned early, I’m kicking off the impending release with some fabulous giveaways!  Here’s what’s up for grabs. Please read to the bottom so that you know how to enter to win!

(No purchase necessary, I was not paid to promote these products, I love and use this stuff, I want to do this giveaway and made the decision to do so all by myself – no bribing or coercing from anyone was involved.)



1. Nourished App Downloads!  Five lucky people will win a free download of the brand new recipe app from Nourished Grain Free Recipes!  This app works for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  You can store your cooking history, create shopping lists, and find amazing recipes by well-known bloggers (I’m even in there too a few times!!!) all at your fingertips.  I personally love and use this app and recommend it highly!

2. A copy of Digestive Health with REAL Food by Aglaée Jacob, M.S., R.D.!  One person will win this beautiful book is designed to help you learn about FODMAPS, SIBO, non-responsive celiac disease, food sensitivities and much much more!  Included in Digestive Health with REAL food you will find meal & snack recipes and ideas, helpful charts, food lists and meal plan examples – not to mention the beautiful photography and easy to understand road map of what foods work for you if you are having digestive issues.  AWESOME book that I’m sure will benefit many, many people!

3. A signed copy of The Paleo Coach by our very own Jason Seib! One person will win! In The Paleo Coach, Expert Advice for Extraordinary Health, Sustainable Fat Loss and an Incredible Body – you’ll find out that the secret is, there are NO secrets. Jason lays it down for you how to be “Healthy by Choice and Hot by Accident.”  The reviews of this book tell it all and work on the street is simple; this book is truly changing lives.  Everyone needs a perspective shift and The Paleo Coach offers anyone, new or old to this “getting healthy game” a much needed kick in the pants!

4. A One Year Print Subscription to Paleo Magazine!!!  One person will win! I love love love this magazine and learn something new from every issue I receive.  Paleo Magazine offers a quality product with so much thought and information put into each issue, you feel like you’re receiving a treasure trove of goodness every time a new magazine arrives in your mailbox!

5. A signed copy of the new and beautiful paleo book Gather by the Food Lovers Bill and Hayley! One person will win!  This is a coffee table book, conversation starter, true piece of artwork, and a way to show your friend, neighbors, and loved ones that eating paleo and entertaining with paleo foods is not a boring slab of meat and side of veggies.  Bill and Hayley take you on a magical food adventure creating entire meals for every occasion in which you would “Gather” from birthday celebrations, spring time garden parties, to fall harvest feasts.  Holy guacamole – whoever wins this book is one lucky dog and if you don’t win it – BUY IT!

6. A signed copy of Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine!  One person will win! As soon as I receive pre-release copies of the book, one lucky person will win one of the first copies of my new baby and you will have it well before anyone else can even get their little paws on it!!

7. A box of each type of EPIC Bar and an EPIC Bar T-shirt!!! One person will win! Brand new on the scene and beyond delicious, easy, and nutrition – the new EPIC bars, are, well, totally Epic. Made with grass fed beef, grass fed bison, or turkey, you will NOT find any gluten, soy, dairy, or unnecessary fillers in these convenient protein packed bars. I first sampled EPIC bars at PaleoFX and skeptical is my middle name, thus I fired away questions, scowled and growled, not wanting to like a “paleo bar” however; I was won over with the very first bite.  You. Must. Try.

8. A combo pack of Duck Fat and Beef Tallow from Fatworks! One person will win! In Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine you will find my suggestions in several recipes that call for cooking in ANIMAL fat rather than the standard extra virgin olive oil that most Italians use. Back in the day, Italians used predominantly animal fats for cooking and at the END of the cooking process would add Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I followed suit in this book. The Duck Fat and Beef Tallow from Fatworks is outstanding and has made my culinary adventures so much more rewarding and delicious. As I type, I eat eggs from my chickens fried in Fatworks Duck Fat and there’s no turning back. I’m forever hooked and I know you will be too. I stand behind this product and recommend HIGHLY that if you are not the lucky winner, you try this stuff for yourself because either way you’ll feel like you have won the grand prize!

9. A mixed case of grain free pasta from Cappello’s which includes their Fettuccine, Gnocchi, and Lasagna noodles!! One person will win! I recently discovered Cappello’s and as mentioned earlier, being the skeptic that I am, wasn’t entirely sure this was a product I would even like, much less trust.  Again, I was proven wrong. Capello’s offers grain free pasta made with these following ingredients: almond flour, cage-free eggs, tapioca flour, potato starch, xanthan gum, sea salt.  Yes, I consider this pasta a treat – and an awesome way to celebrate Italian food at it’s finest without the traditional gluten flour based pasta dishes.  I also recommend in the book to use vegetables as noodles but if you are looking to have a special meal with something that is really like the “real deal” I highly recommend Cappello’s products!

10. $100 gift certificate from Massa Natural Meats!!! One person will win! Make your meat choice, stock your freezer and be ready for the release of Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine! Massa is my personal beef and lamb provider and their meat is what I used to recreate the delicious Italian recipes that you’ll find in the new book. Grass fed/grass finished and raised the way animals are intended to be raised; it really doesn’t get better than this.  I trust Massa Natural Meats.  I know the folks who run the company. I have faith in what they do and what they stand for.

That’s 14 winners total including the 5 downloads for the Nourished App!

Now for the fun – HOW TO WIN!! No purchase is necessary and you  have several options to enter. All winners will be picked by random. Your chance to win will end on Sunday, May 19th at 12:00 am PST. Winners will be contacted via email or facebook and once the winners respond, they will be announced at the top of this blog post. Time is limited so please help me spread the word!

1. Of course I would LOVE for you to pre-order the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble and than simply post to comments that you did so (I have tons of trust and faith in you, I really really do!)

2. Head over to my Facebook Page, find the post in which I mention this blog post, and SHARE IT with your friends – and of course post to comments that you did so!!!!  : )

3. Like my Facebook Page and the pages of those who are giving away these awesome products and post to comments that you did that too. To make it easy for you, here’s the links to the above mentioned facebook pages.

Nourished App

Digestive Health with Real Food

Jason Seib author of The Paleo Coach

Paleo Magazine

The Food Lovers authors of Gather

Epic Bar


Cappello’s Gluten Free/Grain Free Pasta

Massa Natural Meats

4. Be an over-achiever and do all 3 of the above mentioned things!  Even if you do not win, you will forever be a superstar in my heart.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and as always, enjoy!


  1. Erin D. says

    Great cover! Looks like the new book will be filled with amazing photos as well as recipes and stories. I pre ordered mine on Amazon last week. Very excited for its release. And yes, July will be here in the blink of an eye.

  2. Mindy says

    Pre-ordered your book, already liked your fb page long ago and shared this on fb!!!! Pick me please!!!!

  3. Cait says

    I already liked your page and Fatworks as well. I am very excited about those “noodles”!! I made to like all the other pages as well. Can’t wait for this book!!

  4. Janelle says

    I shared your facebook post! the book cover looks so homey and comforting…plus healthy italian food is sure to be amazing. can’t wait for your book to be released!

  5. Jennifer says

    Done! The new cover looks outstanding! Can’t wait for the recipes y’all keep talking about on your podcast. Bravo!

  6. Casey says

    Have already pre-ordered your book, shared the post and liked all the pages of participating companies! Would LOVE this!! Pick me!

  7. KatB says

    Love the cover, pre-ordered the cookbook and shared the post. I really want to try an Epic bar! And i can’t wait for your cookbook to come out. Love your podcasts too!

  8. Holly says

    Pre-ordering your book tomorrow [pay day!! :)]. I am super excited about getting your new book and can’t wait to try out some recipes on my husband, who is very reluctantly participating in my paleo transition! And of course, I already “like” your Facebook page. 😉

  9. Anne-Marie Cain says

    I like your FB page and all the FB pages of the rest of the giveaway sponsors! Thanks for hosting such an awesome prize package! :)

  10. Jen says

    I love that cover! I have liked your FB page and Jason’s a long time ago, but did share the post. I love your other books and cannot wait to see this one!

  11. Kymber says

    shared on FB!! and liked all the FB pages. I’ve actually put the book into my cart….but need to just push buy!!!

  12. Tiffany L. says

    Your new book looks amazing! I shared your post and liked your page as well as all of the sponsors of your giveaway on FB.

  13. Jon says

    2 and 3 are done (I liked your page a long time ago!!) Whether I win or not, I am really excited about this book!!

  14. Bethany says

    I already pre-ordered your new book and already like both Jason and your FB pages. Looking forward to this book!! Love the new cover by the way!

  15. Kevin P says

    Love your old book and I’m sure the new one will be great too! Will keep spreading your recipes around.

  16. paula Raulinaitis says

    I am definitely placing a preorder….BTW…I have seen a few different covers for this book and this one is, by far, my favorite.

  17. Stephanie says

    This looks like an exciting new book. I shared your blog post, and “like” several of the Facebook pages mentioned, including yours, Paleo Magazine’s, and The Food Lover’s Primal Palate. I’m off to check out Fatworks and Cappello’s!

  18. Shanda says

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  19. Janine says

    shared the link, and pre ordered the book….gotta have it for my collection!!!!!

    can.not.wait for it!!!
    about to download the nourished app. Love it!!!

  20. says

    Congrats, Sarah! It was such a pleasure to meat you and your team at Paleo FX, and it’s a greater pleasure to support you and these awesome vendors. I liked everyone on Facebook and shared your post to my profile — I hope I win! xo

  21. Marjorie says

    Shared the post on FB.

    Friended everyone!!! Okay, some I was already “friends” with…

    Hope I win. I have your other books and LOVE them.

  22. Kimberly says

    Love the cover…I did everything except pre-order your book, one because hopefully I will win it! : ) and two because we are moving and not sure where we are going to end up yet, but trust me if I don’t win I will order it as soon as we are settled. Thanks for the chance to win some great stuff and introducing us to new people, resources and products at the same time!

  23. Heather says

    Both posted and liked all those pages, being fairly new to paleo it’s great to see these face book pages and get to know some more paleo products! I hope I win!!!

  24. Megan Pickerill says

    All Done!!! I Cant wait! I love Italian food and am always trying to find ways to make it Paleo!!!

  25. says

    I cannot wait until your new cook book comes out!! Your first paleo book is the first paleo book I ever got, which inspired me to become paleo! I shared your facebook post on my page and liked all of the pages that are giving giveaways!

  26. Minda says

    Your book has been a game. Changer for me around eating Paleo! I love your straight forward enthusiasm, love for you family and commitment to healthy living. Great recipes. I stumbled upon Paleo and eating this way? Long story short – changed me in so many unforeseen ways. Life used to be a chore. Now, it feels so much more robust and worthwhile. No way to put a price tag on that. So grateful…

  27. Jennifer says

    Shared and liked!!! This looks amazing! Thank you for the opportunity and cannot wait for your new book as I begin my Paleo journey!!

  28. Catherine says

    I already like all those sites including yours, but I just shared the post! I’d LOVE to win this awesome line-up of goodies!!

  29. Michele says

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    I have your cookbook on pre-order and I can’t wait!!! In am hoping that I get some lamb chops in my meat share so that I can try this recipe.

    Thank you Sarah for all that you do!

  30. Heather says

    Did all three! Shared your giveaway, liked you on FB and pre-ordered your book!! I’ve been wanting to do all three anyhow. :) Thank you for all you share with those of us on the Paleo journey– I’m just starting, and so grateful for wonderful people like you who are such a tremendous help and motivation!!!

  31. Pam says

    Well, I’m not on FB, so I guess I don’t stand much of a chance … however, thanks for all those links to explore for new Paleo resources. I love the cover … that’s a beautiful picture and setting. I’ve been waiting for this book (as well as for Gather), and will pre-order on my next payday!

  32. Lora says

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  33. says

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    Keep the books coming! lol

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  42. Maria says

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  44. Michelle D. says

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  45. Jen says

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  46. Sarah C says

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  47. Suzanne says

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  48. Deanna Leimbach says

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  49. Karen says

    Ciao Bella, il nuovo libro di cucina sembra bello! Il mio italiano non è così buono. Io ti seguo su facebook. Con i migliori saluti, Karen

  50. Amanda says

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  51. Charlene says

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    Can’t wait for this cookbook!

  52. Ann Ketz says

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  54. Heather O'Brien says

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  55. Rebecca says

    Liked your facebook page. I’m totally intrigued by this idea of paleo italian food. So excited!

  56. Rebecca says

    Shared the link on FB as well. This giveaway is so nice of you to do! Congrats and all the best.

  57. Leah says

    Pre-ordered the book a few weeks ago – I can’t wait. That cover is gorgeous and I know the recipes are going to be amazing!

  58. Beth says

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  59. Danielle Rafferty says

    Shared your FB post! The book looks great! Your first one was THE book that made paleo even possible let alone successful for my family of 5. Thanks so much for the work you do!

  60. Jenni says

    Shared the FB post, liked all the FB pages! Whether or not I win, I’m so excited about this new book! THANKS for all you do!!! :)

  61. Kimberly says

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  62. says

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  63. Cheryl says

    Hello! Any idea when the nook book will be available for pre-order? Barnes and Noble is only offering the pre-order on the hard copy right now.

    I have both the nookbook and hardcopy of Everyday Paleo and Everyday Paleo family. I love your books!! Keep up the great work!!

  64. jennifer s says

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  65. Rachele Gabriel says

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  66. says

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    I’ve shared, liked and liked again! :) Fingers crossed…. Good luck with the launch of the new book, it looks awesome!!!!

  69. Jaime says

    Liked your FB page long before this contest.

    At the risk of sounding like a typical male… you look stunning on this cover. A big improvement over the preliminary covers we saw.

  70. Sean says

    Shared with both my friends as well as my closed “paleo” Facebook group composed of people from several gyms in my town–so I’m entered! I love this cover.

  71. says

    Shared the post, liked your page (already did!), and then liked all the other facebook pages (some of which were new to me, yay!), and have pre-ordered from amazon uk – but it doesn’t seem to come out over here until September! Total overachiever. :)

  72. Anne Esparza says

    Have been waiting for this book to add to my Everyday Paleo cookbook. Love the cover!! Sharing this post to my friends!!

  73. Dawn Burgess-Scott says

    The cover is beautiful!! When I next get paid I intend to pre-order. I have your other two books and they are staples in my kitchen. I actually had to purchase Everyday Paleo for my kindle too because my book was starting to fall apart from overuse. :o) Anyways, I liked all of the FB pages and I shared your post (https://www.facebook.com/dawn.burgessscott/posts/10100486677860705). I would love to be entered in this exciting giveaway. Thank you for all of your hard work, the amazing content you are producing, and the knowledge you’re imparting. I am forever grateful whether I win or not. :o)

  74. Shavonne says

    I really like the new cover. It’s more coffee table than the previous cover. I’ve done all three steps. Crossing my fingers bi want to win.

  75. says

    Sarah, you are my inspiration, truly. I have all your books, and I have this one pre-ordered. I shared your fb post and liked all the listed pages. Even if I don’t win, I am still super excited get my own copy of this in the mail in about two months. Thank you for devoting your time to writing these beautiful books, I enjoy cooking from every one of them for my family.

  76. Holly T. says

    I preordered your book and already liked a lot of the pages on facebook. Love your cover!!


  77. Meghan Darby says

    I preordered the book, shared the post and liked all the pages listed!

    Sarah, I love the new cover design! Blessings and safe travel for your family,

  78. Shannon says

    I like this cover much more than the one Amazon has posted! All of the pages are liked and I shared the post. The book is on my wish list. If I buy another cookbook right now my husband will probably disown me, lol!

    Thank you for all that you do :)

  79. says

    Liked and shared–twice :) Once from my profile Elise Photini Adams AND once again from my page @WholeFoodWholeFamily on FB :) LOVE your books and can’t wait for this one! Your books is the first glimpse I got of the Paleo lifestyle and I’ve never looked back…thank you so much for sharing such a fun-filled super-healthy and SIMPLE way to transform our lives from typically-American (SICK!) to happy and healthy! ~ELISE~

  80. Caitlin O'Toole says

    I shared the link about your blog and the contest =)

    I also liked all of the pages for those donating to the giveaway.

  81. Jessica says

    Shared your post, liked you and ALL of the others you listed on facebook!

    I would love love love love love to win this!! I’m about to start shift work (big career change!) and I’ve been really dialing in my Paleo and completing a 21DSD over the past few weeks in preparation. Your book and the other prizes would be so helpful to keep me on track. Looking so forward to your newest book. We have the other two and cook out of them weekly.

  82. Stephanie Evans says

    Done! Your new book looks fab. I love to see the recipe you shared is lamb. One of our favorites! Winning would be awesome inspiration since I’m hosting a supper club at the end of this month!!

  83. Brittany says

    I shared, liked, and does it count if I am buying a ticket to your next workshop??? I hope I qualify!!

  84. Shannon Sweeny says

    I pre-ordered the book, liked your page and liked the other pages. I am new to Paleo eating and I use your other cookbooks all the time. Thank you! I cannot wait for the new one!

  85. Sheri says

    I’ve been cooking from your books and have been following you for a year now!! Your recipes are HUGE in my house and with my kids.. Can’t WAIT for the new book!! :)

  86. Fran says

    Pre-ordered! Your book should be waiting for me when I return from vacation this summer… a nice pick-me-up during the dreaded re-entry into “real” life after a fabulous week at sea!

    Thank you for all your hard work – your books have been extremely helpful during my journey to a paleo lifestyle. My food is probably 90% and now I must see if I can turn a lifelong aversion to exercise around!

  87. Sky says

    Did it all! Liked, shared, preordered and even ordered product from two of the other sites. Crossing my fingers that I get pulled “out of the hat” for one of the GREAT give aways!

    Thanks and as always appreciation for all your hard work! I think I hear Thailand calling………

  88. Debbie says

    This looks good as I am fairly new to Paleo and I look for good recipes. Liked your page and several of the others. Would like to win!

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    In addition to liking and sharing everything all over the social mediasphere (is that a word?) I just made this recipe tonight. It was a huge win! It was surprisingly complex. The cooking fat/olive oil gave it this hearty feel, but the wine gave it a hint of sweetness. Combine that with the herbs and this was a complex dish of flavors. I was a big fan of this. If the rest of the book is as tasty as this recipe, I can’t wait to get it.

  93. Cecilia says

    I have the book in my shopping cart, and I did everything else! Looking forward to the recipes and more info from the other sites… and hopefully winning something awesome!

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