Everyday Paleo back in COSTCO and other news!

I must apologize that the blog has been dragging a bit lately; I’m still in Thailand working on my next book project and spending some MUCH needed time with my family.  Although we’ve been working hard while in this beautiful country; there’s been a big switch in pace of life and being focused on one project and a little less “connected” has been very good for my soul….

Anyhow; I have some announcements to make!

 First – I received some news from my publisher that Costco has decided to once again carry Everyday Paleo (my first book) nationwide in ALL stores so please – go to your local Costco and pick up your copy today!!!  Everyday Paleo will be bundled with books by other authors including Paleo Indulgences, Paleo Comfort Foods, and The 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking so you can pick up an entire awesome collection when you are doing your Costco shopping.  If Costco is new to you; check out this blog post in which I outlined just a few of the paleo friendly items you can find when visiting this store.

Second, the next Everyday Paleo Workshop is right around the corner!  On August 24th, Jason Seib and I will be in beautiful Denver, CO at eden restaurant and a paleo lunch will be included and supplied by eden for all workshop attendees!  Sign up today to reserve your spot!

Finally, Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine is set to be released July 23rd and in celebration we are working on a HUGE giveaway.  I mean GINORMOUS!  Truly, this is going to be big.  I’m talking plane tickets big and that’s all I’m saying for now but get your copy pre-ordered today and save that proof of purchase and stay tuned for the giveaway announcement coming very soon to the blog.

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Ok, I think that’s it for now my friends. Time for me to drink some more water and lay down so that my head stops spinning.  I just wrapped up a session of Muay Thai training and let me tell you, I have so much respect for this sport.  I am dead tired after one hour of training and could not imagine going several rounds and being punched and kicked in the process and walking out of the ring alive.  The men and women who do this sport for a living are truly unbelievable…

As always dear readers, enjoy!!


  1. Karina Dove says

    Wow!! I just got my book and love it! Thank you for including the kids lunch ideas, that is a life saver for me for the new school year. By the way, this was my first paleo cookbook purchase and I am very pleased.

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