Everyday Paleo Workshop Coming to Palo Alto, CA on June 9th!!

We are so excited to announce that Amity Crossfit in beautiful Palo Alto, CA will be hosting Jason and I for our next half day Everyday Paleo Workshop on June 9th! Click here for event details and to register for this special event.  We have been wanting to make a stop in the Bay Area for quite some time and it’s finally all worked out; so a huge thank you to Amity Crossfit for hosting us!  Hope to see you all there on June 9th!



  1. Cathy says

    Hope your’re ready for a couple of old fat asses 😉 Can’t wait to learn more about living Paleo. See you there.

  2. Sarah says

    Hey Sarah! I am checking out your new book and thinking about pre-ordering a copy. Can you tell me how many of the recipes will be from your old book and how many will be brand new? I use the recipes from your other book all the time, so I’d love to hear that they will all be new!! :)


    • Sarah says

      The only recipes that you will find in my new cookbook that are the same anywhere else are my Chili Verde, Chili Colorado, stuffing and pumpkin pie recipes that also can be found on this blog but not in my old book. Those four recipes needed to be in this book as they are favorites of many so I felt like they had to be included, otherwise, none of the other 80 + recipes have been seen before unless I’ve shared one or two as a sneak peak!! All new stuff my friend!!!

  3. Ambur Johnson says

    Do you ever venture out east? I live in Ohio and nothing exciting ever seems to reach us out here. I did candida diet for a while.. It is amazing for my pain.. Was told about paleo. Got your book from the library and now want to order a copy.. When I am off diet it is hard to step without crying. I have huge problems with inflamation. Drs had given up. While on special diets nearly pain free. Everyone should know about this lifestyle! I raise my own chickens so eggs are not a problem and farmers are a plenty.. Will have to ask about what they are fed because we can get a half or side of beef at a time.. Especially when friends thin their herds…

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