Everyday Paleo Workshop Coming to the Portland, OR Area!!!

Hello dear readers!  The next Everyday Paleo Workshop is only a couple of weeks away!  Jason Seib and I will be in Clackamas, OR (near Portland) on April 27th at Jason’s gym,  for a very special day filled with information on all things paleo. Space is limited so sign up today to reserve your spot by clicking here.  We can’t wait to see you soon!!

Here’s what people are saying about attending an Everyday Paleo Workshop:

“Thank you so much for this seminar.  I’ve been paleo since September but this seminar still was full of information that opened my eyes and blew my mind!!  You both have such a a wonderful perspective on this amazing lifestyle – I have changed my lens!!” Meghan 

“Excellent, enthusiastic presenters!  Relevant, humorous, believable!  Can’t believe I paid attention for 6 hours!!” Julie

“Glad that you were very casual, real, and laid back!  It’s always refreshing when professionals will speak real truth, self anecdotal, with facts to back it, who are truly passionate and understand but will NOT excuse the psychological barriers their students face.” Mathew F.

I have been trying to eat Paleo since May 2012 and was extremely strict for the first 30 days. I have days where I fall off the wagon, and your seminar was extremely helpful in letting me find my  motivation again.” Anna V.


  1. Moe Kelsey says

    Hello Sarah,
    My name is Moe Kelsey. My wife and I, Stacie signed up for your November 11th workshop in Kirkland, Wa. I ended up with the flu that day and could not come. My wife spoke with you, Sarah and asked if I could use the money I spent towards another workshop, you said that would be fine. I would love to take the class in Clackamas, OR on April 27th. I sent an email to Dana@everydaypaleo.com on March 27 but never heard back. Would this be possible?

    Thank you very much,

    Moe Kelsey

  2. Jayme says

    You guys rock! Here is a quick background on me, I drive 6500 miles a month, I am trapped in the world of pharma for my day job- please don’t delete!! I am an exercise physiologist by schooling and your podcast SAVE me every week, I have celiac disease and have been paleo for 2 years, I live in a small town of about 40,000 in the Midwest. My plan that I have been developing while driving, is to start a paleo movement this summer when the farmers market starts. My question is…this summer while doing my ” movement”. I want to provide some sample goodies for people to try while I am working my stand selling my veggies, may I use a few of your recipes to reproduce for my stand? I respect and admire you so much that I wouldn’t want to do something that would be frowned upon but I feel the best way to get people started is to give them resources. even if they are resources they can put in their mouth! Thanks for your response and take care!

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