A Birthday Weekend!!


On October 27th, Rowan turned 4 and on October 30th, Jaden turned 8.  Time  really does fly and when I look at my little boys who keep getting so darn big, intense emotions run through me. If you are a parent, you know exactly what I am talking about and trying to express the above […]

Everyday Paleo Fruit N’ Nut Bars


I recently posted on my Facebook page a quick recap of the recipe we created at home which was similar to what most folks recognize as a Lara Bar.  The Lara Bar is a bar made primarily of dried fruit, dates and nuts.  My kids love these bars and I will continue to purchase them now […]

One Crazy Week = Nutty Cookies

Nutty Cookies

Every week is crazy, this one especially so – faced with a deadline to finish the cover of my book plus a photo shoot for the fitness section, plus the three kids, two dogs, and well – life in general. We relied this week on some good old standbys that I’ll share with you later […]

Server Problem Solved and Paleo Apple Muffins!!

So, I think the server issue has been resolved, so finally I can post again!!  I woke up the other morning and groggily asked John what he wanted for breakfast and he mumbled something about the usual eggs and I mumbled back that I really wanted muffins.  John laughed at my silliness, because where the […]