Rachel’s All-American Meat Lovers Chili

Rachels chili

By the time you read this blog post the current events of today will have passed, It’s the San Francisco Giants home game opener this afternoon and as a California native I’m cheering my team on! I thought it only fitting to cook up a meal that just screams sports, so what else than…CHILI! This chili recipe has been a long time staple of mine. I love making chili because it’s such a forgiving dish. You can play around with the ingredients and the end result comes out great every time.  I have mentioned before that I have a diverse meat selection at my disposal so for tonight’s chili I used a combination of Venison, Buffalo, Beef and Pork.  I don’t usually have a lot of buffalo lying around but my husband picked it up at a local butcher shop and I figured tonight’s chili was a great use for it. I was a little skeptical that the buffalo would have some strange flavor that I wasn’t going to like but as always this chili turned out great.  Absolutely any combination of meat works for this recipe. [Read more…]

Lamb Sliders with Ginger Cilantro Aioli


While I’ve been away traveling and spreading the word on this whole Paleo thing and my husband hard at work in his office, Uncle Mark has stepped in to contribute some time and keep our family fed with some amazing Paleo recipes.  This was a huge hit with the family and just might become a regular staple in our household menu.  I mean what kiddo or grown up for that matter doesn’t love a good slider!  I have to say I was really impressed with this one; the taste and texture of the sweet potato bun along with the flavors of the lamb and ginger cilantro aoli was delish!  I hope you and your family enjoy this as much as we did!

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Cod with Coconut Slaw & Pico De Gallo & Our Newest Team Member


*Note from Sarah: Please welcome Rachel Zanger to the Everyday Paleo Team!!  Rachel is a foodie, an amazing cook, and an awesome mom to two little boys.  We will have her bio up shortly on our about page so you all can get to know her better but Rachel will be sharing her culinary skills with all of us in order to keep the recipe portion of EP beefed up a bit! (No pun intended….)  As I work to finish the Italy Book and then move on to our next location in the series, I need help keeping YOU all fed in the meantime, so Rachel will be helping to keep the creative food juices going on the site.  Please welcome Rachel and enjoy her very first blog post and her AMAZING recipe.  We just made this last night and it was the BOMB!!!  Thank you Rachel and much love to all of you, my dear readers…

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A Paleo Picnic

whole spread


One of our favorite summer time activities as a family is to spend the day under a giant oak tree at one of our local parks with a giant paleo picnic.  It get’s really darn hot here in Chico but we have tons of trees and shade so often the best reprieve from the Chico heat is to find the coolest spot in the grass with some yummy paleo eats.

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Gingered Carrots with Mahi Mahi


I have had a few requests for a fish recipe so last night I threw this dinner together with what had in the house: some beautiful carrots from the GRUB farm, green onions, fresh ginger, and wild caught Mahi Mahi pieces from Trader Joe’s.  I wish now that I had made more of everything, it turned out to be more of a snack for me and the boys instead of an actual dinner but it was delicious!!  I’ll advise you now to double this recipe if you have a big family.

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