Mexican Meatballs

mexican meatballs

With Sarah out of town for the filming of Primal Chef, it was my job to create this recipe and share it on Everyday Paleo.  Well, technically I didn’t create this recipe, Sarah told me what to cook, how to cook it and in what order, prior to leaving!  Our boys absolutely love the enchilada sauce from Everyday Paleo and what better way to enjoy a sauce than on meatballs!  Sarah and our son Jaden (8yo) actually created this recipe for Jaden’s book report project earlier this week.  What I did create however, was a fun time for me and the boys in the kitchen while preparing this great meal, and believe me, it’s pretty amazing.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did! [Read more…]

Cumin Spiced Slow Cooked Pork


So life in general is pretty crazy, right?  We are all busy beyond belief, pulled in a million directions, overwhelmed, overworked, and the list goes on and on.  Currently, my family is on a mission to figure out how to slow down a bit.  We have done some serious rearranging of our lives to hopefully conquer this goal.  One big change we made recently; we got rid of the television.   [Read more…]

Beyond Easy Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork - Everyday Paleo

Someone asked me on my Facebook page to post more slow cooker recipes which was quite coincidental because yesterday, as I was reading that particular post, I was unpacking a giant pork roast that I intended to make into pulled pork.  This is about the easiest meal a person could make and so versatile.  This morning we ate the pulled pork with eggs and tonight I’ll make some Purple Cabbage Slaw to eat along with the pork and I’ll maybe even make a salad out of it for lunch tomorrow; if there is any left (which I doubt there will be….)

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Stuffed Pork and Salty Sweet Cravings


*Note from Sarah: Here’s another post from Erika, my awesome assistant who also happens to be a college student living paleo on a budget.  Enjoy!

Stuffed Pork and Salty Sweet Cravings

Time for another college budget friendly meal! On tonight’s menu; sun dried tomato stuffed pork, zucchini and for dessert salty sweet cravings.

I was feeling creative tonight and wanted to try something new and fun for dinner. I opened my freezer and refrigerator to find a pork tenderloin, sun dried tomatoes, minced garlic, and fresh basil.  The basil was home grown by yours truly (bonus point: free ingredient!). Put it all together and you get Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Pork.

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Everyday Paleo and College Life – by Erika Schuler

Photo on 2011-10-19 at 17.36

*This is a guest post by my wonderful assistant, Erika Schuler who also happens to be in her last year of college at Chico State.  This blog is a quick example of how she manages to eat paleo despite a crazy schedule and a tight budget.  Be sure to post your comments and questions!  Here she is getting in a workout (and being silly) in my garage along with Jaden and Rowan.  Thank you Erika!!


Everyday Paleo and College Life

6 am wake up, go to school, study, do homework, group meetings, research papers, workout and cook paleo?! And I have a college student budget?! AHHH someone wake me up from this nightmare!!!!

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Bacon Wrapped Figs

Bacon Wrapped Figs

Bacon wrapped figs you ask?  Yes.  Bacon wrapped figs.  I know it sounds weird, looks crazy, and yet; I promise they taste like something wrapped in bacon should taste – which is delicious.  I picked up some beautiful organic black figs (which happen to be in season right now) from Trader Joes the other day and with the help of little Row Row we went to work!   [Read more…]

Guest Recipe Contributor – Grilled Pork Chops With Tomato Peach Relish


One of my blog readers, Jennifer Irwin of Columbus, OH, sent me this amazing recipe that I am happy to feature on the blog. Do YOU have an awesome recipe worthy of sharing with Everyday Paleo readers? If so, email me your dish along with a photo of the food and who knows, your recipe might be the next one featured on the blog!  Thanks Jennifer for sharing your paleo culinary masterpiece.

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