Everyday Paleo Thai “No Peanut” Sauce


Thanks to my adventurous mother, as far back as I can remember I have had a huge interest and affection for international cuisine with one of my favorites being Thai food.

I hope someday to travel to Thailand and immerse myself in the culture, eat the food, visit the beaches, and ride around in a TukTuk.  Truthfully, I want to travel the entire world and explore exciting food destinations and I will admit that now and then I’ll close my eyes and imagine myself as the female equivalent to Anthony Bourdain, especially now that he has given up cigarettes!

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Everyday Paleo Crab Cakes

crab cakes

For those of you who read my Homemade Mayonnaise Post and watched the cooking demo, you saw at the end of the video when I added some basil, roasted red peppers, and garlic to make a yummy sauce!  Later that same evening I whipped up some crab cakes and we topped them with the red pepper mayo.  Here’s the recipe for the crab cakes that were totally demolished in five minutes flat by my boys. [Read more…]

Homemade Paleo Mayo Cooking Demo!!

paleo mayo

Finally, a post about food!!  Hurray hurray, jump up and down but don’t get too excited because this post is a lesson – a very important paleo mayonnaise lesson and one that is worth learning for those folks who figured that their creamy white blissful days of mayo were over after hopping on the paleo wagon. Most decent tasting mayonnaise options that you’ll find in the market are made with soybean oil and really should be avoided because soybean oil is only good for, well, nothing that I can think of… [Read more…]

Avocado Goodness…

avocado and italian dressing

This little snack is too easy to be this good.  I almost feel guilty posting this one but holy cow, sometimes just making one tiny change to a normal everyday food item makes all the difference in the world, so I had to share!  I was telling John when he came home for lunch today that I must be in a culinary rut, as I had him sample something that was intended to be a new recipe…   [Read more…]

A Complete Dinner: Steak, Veggie Stir Fry, Grilled Artichokes & Garlic Lemon Butter


I have every intention of doing another “Week in The Life” post, and plan to start tracking our food as of today but in the meantime, here is another complete meal post that I hope will be fun and helpful.  Dinner last night was a family project and a nice way to return home after our most recent Paleo Talk seminar in Clackamas Oregon.  I’ll be posting tomorrow about that event.  In the meantime, here’s dinner!

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Parsley Pesto


I am so happy to have family visiting this weekend! I love having my home overflowing with the ones I love the most.  My sister and niece are visiting from out of town and their visit prompted a family get together including my brother, dad, and step-mom.  As a family we made a delicious lunch including an awesome parsley pesto that my niece, and I made together.  We added, stirred, and tasted until we all agreed that it was delicious.  As I added more olive oil to the sauce, my sweet 3 year old niece told me, “Aunt Sarah, be sure to not mess up the flavors!”  Too cute!

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Mexican Mole My Way


The word “mole” translated means a sauce or concoction.  Depending on the region, family tradition, or choice of ingredients, mole can be made a million different ways. When I think of mole I think of interesting ingredients that when blended together somehow turn into a beautiful marriage of flavors.  I also think of hours spent in the kitchen, a list of ingredients longer than my arm, and I start to feel afraid as I realize that I could never do true justice to the amazing traditional moles I have been honored to eat over the years. [Read more…]