1. Billi Cummings says

    I love your family videos! Whether its cooking or working out it’s a blast to be a part of it all. I love your book, gave one to my daughter too. The podcasts are so inspirational. Keep up the good work we really need your help 😉

  2. Heidi says

    That’s awesome! My husband & I just started crossfit a few months ago, and our kids love watching us workout. Hopefully when they’re older we’ll all be able to workout as a family too. Keep up the great work!

  3. Isabelle says

    I love that you’re working out as a family! Inspiring! Keep sharing your day-to-day and inspiring us, Sarah!

  4. says

    Hey Sarah – cool vid! Working out reminds me… I go to the gym 3x a week, workouts are focused on weight training, and I have noticed since starting the paleo diet 2 weeks ago that my stamina is not so great. My “tank” runs out of fuel pretty quickly, leaving me feeling shaky and like I need to sit down. I’ve been sticking very strictly to the paleo diet, no cheating at all. Just wondering if that is common due to the fact that I’ve just started the transformation, and my body is losing a lot of fat right now and re-proportioning itself. Have you ever experienced this?

    • Sarah says

      This is COMPLETELY normal!! Most people do feel a bit off or sometimes downright awful for the first few weeks of eating paleo, just make sure you are eating enough! Plenty of protein and veggies at every meal and some fat, don’t go hungry and drink lots of water as well, especially if like were I live, it’s pretty darn hot right now. You’ll feel better soon once your body transitions itself over to running off fat, protein and healthy carbs vs. sugar and starchy carbs. It gets a whole lot better, I promise!! With me I went from feeling shaky, irritable, headachy, and grumpy to wonderful, full of energy, and not having that always hungry feeling to feeling satisfied for hours after a meal and no more crazy blood sugar spikes and dives after eating or bloating. It just takes some time!

      • says

        Sarah, thanks for getting back to me so quickly! And for the helpful information. My husband also brought up the water issue, good point – dehydration isn’t good no matter what you’re eating! Luckily, I am not feeling bad any time except just after working out. I think I may try putting a few paleo-snacks (not treats) in between my meals to keep my energy up while I’m transitioning. I know we’re not supposed to be “scale hounds” but I just got on the scale and have lost 8 more pounds! Jumping up and down! Whoops, better get a paleo-snack. 😎

    • Sarah says

      Pedantic?? Really??? Is that a word you toss around in everyday conversation just for lighthearted fun or just to make little people like me use my dictionary? LOL!! Ok, I fixed the title for you. : )

  5. says

    Great video, I especially enjoyed the youngest showing his moves off in the very beginning. And I’m pretty jealous of your husbands handstands. For some reason that is a goal of mine. Get trim. Get defined abs. Be able to do a handstand.

    I’m most impressed that you have all of the kids involved in this. I can understand them getting involved in the cooking but it’s all the more impressive you guys have gotten them where they do the workouts as well. Nice job.

    Love the site by the by, keep it up…otherwise I’ll have no idea what dinners to cook anymore.

    • Sarah says

      Thank you so much N! To reach that handstand goal, start by doing plank holds and then work your way up with your feet elevated on a chair or the couch and then half way up a wall and then before you know it you’ll be doing handstands! Just start out slow and keep practicing. : )

      • says

        Thanks for the advice. I learned the hard way that starting from a headstand (which I’m *awesome* at!) and trying to simply push up isn’t the way to go. At least not with my current weight vs strength ratio =)

    • Sarah says

      They will! Just start out slow, make it fun, make it a game! A great place to start is playing games with them like red light green light and incorporating fun movements like squats, etc. We do a lot of Simon Says in our house as well and you can use that game to teach kids how to exercise but for them it is just a fun game! : )

  6. Barney Shannon says

    Good stuff, Sarah. A gal I know from Washington state got a 350lb Tire and named it “Barney” in my honor after I told her about Tire flipping a few years ago. :)

    Barney Shannon
    Everything Strength

  7. Shannon says

    I enjoyed this video but my two 5yo boys are totally impressed, especially with your husband. They think he is lifting train wheels! They’ll watch it and then go prove how strong they are by lifting chairs or bicycles. One asked if we could go to ‘an exercise place’ for his birthday…in March. I guess I had better start some exercising myself knowing how influential and inspiring it is for these little guys!

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