Garlic Beef Stew and Savory Cauliflower Mash

It’s been raining like crazy and cold here in Chico, so what’s better to warm up the body and soul than some stew.  This recipe is almost too easy – total comfort food AND it’s super diverse.  Here is the basic recipe but I say add whatever you want and I bet it will be even better!  Oh, and I’m mildly obsessed with mashed cauliflower and experimenting with different ways to spice it up.  Below you’ll also find an easy version of my favorite mash.

Garlic Beef Stew

1.5 – 2 lbs of grass fed stew meat

1 yellow onion diced

4-6 carrots diced

4-6 stalks of celery diced

6-12 mashed cloves of garlic (I used the jarred crushed garlic from TJ’s)

palm full of ground marjoram

sea salt and black pepper to taste

1 small can tomato paste

splash of chicken broth

Throw it all in your crock pot, mix well, cook all day on low.  It’s a lot of garlic but it mellows from the long cooking time and your house will smell amazing!

Savory Cauliflower Mash

1 giant head of organic cauliflower steamed until soft

big hunk of Kerrygold Irish butter

palm full of turmeric powder

sea salt and white pepper to taste

Blend all ingredients in a food processor.  I like to leave mine a little lumpy for texture.

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  1. says

    Great recipe! Thank you for inspiring my own paleo cooking! I tried your cauliflower mash last night and it was delicious! Great choice of seasonings! I look forward to trying more of your recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Janeil Stehr says

    I LOVE you website!!!!! Thanl you so much for making paleo food fun and delicious! you are a life saver!!!

  3. Claudia says

    Hi Sarah, would you believe that I had never even heard of a crock pot until I read about it on your website? And thanks to your love for it, I actually decided to buy one. Took me a while to find one though, because believe it or not, while crock pots may be widely known and used throughout The States, over here in The Netherlands, the most common reaction to the word crock pot is “a what?”. Anyway, even though it’s Midsummer here, I was in a stew-mood all of a sudden and made your garlic beef stew. I absolutely loved it! So thanks for introducing me to the crock pot and for another great recipe!

  4. Joe says

    Crock pot is a brand name, in Australia we just call them slow cookers :). Just got my hands on one and I’m trying this recipe tonight! Thanks!!

    • Sarah says

      Hey Joe – you are totally right – I’m just a creature of habit and grew up with a mom who called all slow cookers a crock pot so thus, I am a product of my environment… Ha ha!! I hope the stew turns out good for you!!! : )

  5. says

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for all of the great recipes! I am just starting out and because there are so many delicious meats and veggies, surprisingly, my husband is joining me, too! My 6-year old loves fried chicken wings that are a common menu item on all of the local restaurants in The Bahamas (I don’t make them at home). Until, I tried your roasted chicken, I had nothing to compete with his desire for chicken wings. He absolutely loved the chicken (skin mostly…don’t know what to do about that…any ideas, or is it OK?), but he ate his fair share of meat too. Just curious on what type of food processor that you recommend? You might want to add that too as one of your Amazon links (unless, I just did not look good:-).

    Thanks again and looking forward to more kid tips (starting off a 6 mo. old soon on foods…not cereal..suggestions??)


  6. MiniPax says

    Hello .
    Love all the website recipes so far !! I have to ask about the cauliflower mash, it says to add butter? I thought butter was not paleo friendly ?? Thanks

    • Sarah says

      Hey Minipax,
      If you have any sort of autoimmune issue I would advise to stay away from butter, otherwise if you are healthy, having some grass fed organic butter now and then is fine as long as you feel ok eating it! You can also make clarified butter to remove all the milk solids so that it’s virtually just fat. : )

  7. says

    Holy Buckets! . . . this stew is some GOOD EATS!!! Prepped everything starting around 10am and threw into a crock pot — at 7:50pm I’m mowing down my third bowl.

  8. Jayne says

    This beef stew is delicious! It’s my boyfriend’s favorite dish that I make and he doesn’t even know he’s eating paleo haha! Go Sarah! Another winner.

  9. Jessica says

    Made this on Tuesday…what glorious smells when I opened the front door from a LONG day at work. Served it with mashed rutabetgas with tumeric (who knew mashed rutabegas could be good). Yummy. Thanks for a great site which inspires me to try new things.

  10. Melissa says

    Just finished having this for dinner, I served the stew over the mash, it was sooooooooo good!!! The mash reminded me so much of risotto!! Thanks again for more great recipes, I love my crockpot and use it as often as I can. 2 nights in a row of delicious recipes, my husband can hardly contain himself, and I feel like an amazing paleo cook!!!

  11. Yelena Grinberg says

    Hi! I looooove this recipe! I’m going to make it, except that I don’t have a crock pot/slow cooker. HOw long would you recommend to cook this in a dutch oven? Thank you!!!

    • Sarah says

      I would cook it for at least 1.5 hours, check to see if the meat is fall apart tender and if not, go a bit longer. : )

  12. Sharyn says

    Got it in the cooker now. Baulking at the cauliflower at $6 + a head (at the moment in Australia) – will try that next time!

  13. Elizabeth J says

    Hey Sarah,
    We made this yesterday and the family loved it. I”m looking forward to seeing you in September in B-more.

  14. Kellie says

    I just made both of these recipes and they were a hit! My 10 month and 3 year old daughter just chowed down! I will be getting your book for sure!

  15. Kate says

    Thanks for another simple to prepare, delicious meal! This went over well even with my picky eaters. The mash was a big hit.

  16. dannie b. says

    Fall is here and its rainy and cold. I immediately started having a hankering for this stew which I rememebered from its original posting this last winter…. hmmmm looking so forward to having its warm goodness in my belly. I want to thank you for making paleo possible in a house where my other half thought moving in with me was going to be a foodie nightmare. he has since come around realizing that Paleo doesn’t mean giving up good food, it just means eating better food, and most of the time TASTY food. (and he no longer jokingly says i deprive my son of the good things in life. I have a 4 year old who not only understands why we eat this way and can explain it to friends and family, but chooses to eat Paleo even when he is not around me and can order paleo from any menu in town without assistance. proud Mama here! ) thanks again and I am soooo excited for stew tonight!

  17. Erin says

    We had the cauliflower mash last night and it was delicious! Instead of adding turmeric, I used the Kerrygold butter that is the garlic and herb kind and it was fantastic! A great substitute for mashed potatoes. We are having the stew tonight…looking forward to it!
    Thanks for your recipes! We are paleo for about 9 weeks now, feeling great and loving it!

  18. Zoe says

    This sounds delicious–any way to make it in a pot on the stove? How long would you recommend cooking it for? I’m a college student on a budget and don’t have/can’t afford to buy a crock pot. Thank you!

  19. Rochelle says

    Have a couple of pounds of grass-fed beef in the fridge, just hit Trader Joe’s for mirepoix and decided to search your site for beef stew – in the slowcooker – and voila! You never fail to come through for us! Thanks Sarah.

  20. September says

    I’m still new to the crockpot world and recently started exploring the world of paleo… when your recipe calls to “cook all day” could you give me a rough hour range? high or low? Thanks for your help! I’m loving the recipes!!

  21. Kristin W. says

    I have been looking for years for a beef stew recipe with great flavor that was thick and we loved. I have finally found it with this recipe. My new go to stew recipe!

    • Erin L says

      So funny – I was just coming on to comment that I forgot to get the tomato paste when I was out shopping. I subbed with a jar of chunky Newman’s Own medium salsa, and it was really good!! It added some more texture with the tomatoes, and a little bit of kick. Everything blended really well and it didn’t have a Mexican taste to it.

      Thanks for a great recipe – its going into the rotation!!

  22. Lauriejm says

    The crock pot is my nemesis. I really want to try this recipe but all of my other attempts over the years have been failure that I don’t want to waste the ingredients. If I mention I want to try a new crock pot recipe my husband groans. This recipe only needs a “splash” of broth? My husband says I dry stuff out in the slow cooker because I do not add enough liquid. Even when I follow a recipe exact it is a flop. I’ve changed slow cookers over the years with no luck. Any tips? What could I be doing wrong?

    • Angelique says

      I was wondering the same thing about the splash of broth? how much is a splash? and is this dry? can someone reply or leave a comment about the liquid. Thanks…

  23. Illyeanna says

    I substitute canned pureed pumpkin or any orange squash in recipes for part of all of tomato sauce much of the time. Great texture, takes on spices and other flavors well, lower carb and not a nightshade. Also some of my friends and family have difficulty digesting tomato but not squashes. :)

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