Big Crazy Changes – But It’s All GOOD Crazy Changes!!

Below is a note from Dain, our amazing “keep it all working” guy!  

Hey this is Dain! I have moved Everyday Paleo from its old home to a beefier location. Figured it would be a good time to do some more under the hood improvements as well. Over the next few weeks look for some helpful changes coming to the site. Mainly, we want to make articles easier to find. That has been the number one request – to have recipes and specific items easier to navigate. This new layout-in-progress will do exactly that.
More will be revealed soon. Thanks for your patience and continued support.



  1. says

    Shannon writes:
    Hey Dain – cool and thanks for the info. I have a small suggestion … In the past, the textured background made the site very slow to load–typically on my mobile phone, but sometimes with slow internet connections, too. Sometimes a cavegirl is in the grocery store and needs to quickly search for a recipe … that darn bg can really be frustrating! I am A-OK with this olive color bg.Just saying. For what it”s worth.:)

    Well Shannon,
    You are 100% correct! Background images and goofy unnecessary things are going away. This theme and other improvements will cater to the mobile user. Try it out on a tablet or phone. The phone should show a streamlined mobile theme and tablets will dynamically resize to fill the display.

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