Introducing Paleo Comfort Foods Cookbook by Julie & Charles Mayfield

I was one of the lucky few to receive an advanced copy of the new cookbook, Paleo Comfort Foods, by Julie & Charles Mayfield and just yesterday I had a chance to make one of the many amazing recipes! Before I share with you what I made, let me tell you a bit about Julie & Charles Mayfield.  This lovely couple, like many of us, found that by living a paleo lifestyle they simply looked, felt, and performed better!  Being food lovers at heart the couple decided to create this stunning book filled with paleo foods that are sure to comfort your soul.  In the book you’ll find just about everything from Paleo chicken pot pie to fish tacos.  You can also find Julie & Charles here at their blog.

The first recipe I tried out of their book was the yummy Spicy Salmon Salad or Dip and thanks to the abundance of wild caught Salmon that I have from Alldrin & Sons Salmon,  I figured this was the perfect recipe to start with.  Below is a the recipe for you all to try and be sure to pre-order Julie & Charles Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook from Amazon! Release date is September 12th!

Spicy Salmon Salad or Dip

6 ounces cooked (baked or grilled) salmon

2-3 tablespoons paleo mayo

Squeeze of Sriracha, or other chili paste, to taste

1-2 teaspoons sesame oil

2 teaspoons black sesame seeds

1 avocado, diced (optional)

1 large English cucumber, sliced

1) Break up cooked salmon into small chunks.

2) With a fork, mix together the next five ingredients

3) Taste and season to your liking, adding in more kick via the chili paste if you’d like.

4) Gently mix in the avocado (if desired) and spoon onto cucumber rounds.  Serve immediately.


  1. says

    Thanks so much for the support Sarah. We so enjoyed spending time with you at the Ancestral Health Symposium and hope dearly to see you and Chrissy again soon.

    Continued success at changing the lives of so many wonderful people. You are a gift to the world.

  2. Lisa Schiller says

    I just pre-ordered a copy and look forward to trying these recipes. Thank you for the link. BTW, I love your book, Everyday Paleo!

  3. Emily Purvis says

    This sounds lovely! We’re baking up an Alldrin & Son’s Salmon fillet right now. I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow!!!

    Thank you for posting this recipe, Sarah!


  4. says

    Thank you so much, Sarah, for all the support!

    And to all you fans – thank YOU too for being so supportive of the paleo movement. Please don’t forget to come on over and enter our contests! We have some fabulous Le Creuset pieces up for grabs, as well as some other prizes that you will be sure to love!

    Sarah, to you, our continued thanks for all you do to make a difference out there!

  5. Karen says

    If Sarah approves it, I will buy it. I am going to pre order this from Amazon right now!
    I am new to Paleo – through my gym CrossFit Arsenal (Lone Tree, CO) and the support of my trainer David I was able to complete a strict 30-day challenge in August. I saw immediate health improvements, not even a full week in.
    This book looks like it will be able to suggest some great recipes to help me keep going.
    I lov eyour blog Sarah – thank you!

  6. Heather says

    What are the portions for this recipe? I love this cookbook, but there are no instructions on any recipe as to how many it serves? Want to make this for upcoming paleo dinner party for 8 people — how much do I make?

  7. Vickie Gibbs says

    I am cooking my way thru your cookbook, Paleo Comfort Foods. On page 188 scattered, smothered and chunked sweet hash. It calls for 3 teaspoon of cumin. I made it yesterday and had to throw it out it was so HOT! Can you please send me a copy of any misprints so I can fix them and not do this again? Also on page 186 sautéed apples I used 4 organic apples, instead of 3 and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon still seems like a lot.
    So I am hoping you have a paper I can print and adjust the cookbook. Thank you very much, love the book.
    Thank you, Vickie

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