It’s a Whirlwind of Paleo Goodness!

So much is happening out there in paleo land that I thought I would do a recap post of all the madness, I mean GOODNESS!  I started my morning chasing around a chicken that escaped, fighting off a totally muddy barking little fur-ball which is my now 12 week old border collie, and waiting impatiently for the coffee to be done before the kids woke up so that I could write this post. Now that constitutes as madness! However, all the amazing books, apps, conferences, workshops, recipes, podcasts, and blog posts that are flying around in the paleosphere are all total goodness

coverAlright to keep you in the loop, let’s start with the release of Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine. First and foremost; thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words, feedback, Amazon reviews, emails, twitter responses, and Facebook messages.  I’m so happy that the book has been well received – I am confident in the deliciousness of the recipes and I have been excited to share our adventures with you and now it’s finally here and I can!!!

On that note, I owe you all a Costco update.  For those of you who saw this post, you most likely also saw my edit to that post and yes, there was a major internal glitch and although the books were supposed to hit the shelves of Costco the day of release, they are actually just now on their way to stores. Please, never fear, they will be in ALL stores starting next week sometime and once I know for SURE that they have arrived; I will let you know.  In the meantime – the new book is currently sitting as a #1 best seller in all Italian books on Amazon and the reviews keep pouring in so head on over and place your order or pick up your copy from a Barnes & Noble or other major book seller in your area!

The one Costco that DID receive my book in a rushed and timely manner was the local Chico, CA Costco in which I will be there today, Friday July 26th for a book signing from 4-6pm so if you are in the area, come on down and see me and have dinner outside with food straight from the book served up by the amazing The Hunter & The Farmer!

In other news, you still have time to enter for your chance to win a trip for two to Italy and you can still go on this amazing trip even if you do not win! In fact, the summer savings price ends on August 31st so hurry up folks!!  Details of how to win are here and to book your trip and see pricing and details go here!

I’m also giving away a trip for two to see Jason Seib and I at our next workshop in Denver, CO on August 24th and deadline for entry for that giveaway is August 1st!  Click here for details! Be sure to sign up for the workshop now; it’s filling up fast and if you happen to be the winner, you will be reimbursed.

Finally, don’t forget to order one of the amazing meat packs from Massa Natural Meats!  A meat pack is also included as a prize in the above mentioned giveaways but the wonderful folks at Massa have also offered a 10% discount to our readers through the month of July on ANY of the Massa Packages available on their website, including the Everyday Paleo Italy Pack.   Simply use the code: EDPItaly at checkout to receive your 10% discount!

Ok, enough about me already!  I’m (thankfully) not alone out here and there are other goodies you most definitely must get your hands on.

For example, whatever George over at Civilized Caveman touches seems to turn to gold (or at least delicious food) and he has just released a new app for the iPad and iPhone – but never fear Android users – from what I understand that version will be launching soon.  In the meantime for all you Apple fans out there – go check out this pretty darn, no I’m sorry, ridiculously great app! I’m using it myself and loving it!!

Now on to more books!! Have you seen the plethora of great paleo books that are soon to be hitting the shelves?  I’m excited about all of them and selfishly can’t wait for the newest creation by the amazing Tammy Credicott titled Make Ahead Paleo!  I was so honored when Tammy asked me to write the forward for the book, which  means I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it before anyone else, and let me tell you, if I need this book than you need this book and I wholeheartedly NEED THIS BOOK!!!

Another great book about to hit the paleo world by storm is Against All Grain by Danielle Walker!  I will be reviewing this book soon on the blog but beautiful and delicious does not even begin to describe Danielle’s creation.  Danielle also has a very compelling story, and Jason and I will be having her as a guest on our podcast really soon.

Last book I’ll mention today  is Fermented by Jill Ciciarelli!!!  This is one area, besides my adventures in making Kombucha, that I am totally lacking.  I buy Bubbies sauerkraut and pickles and I drink my homemade Kombucha but my fermented adventures end there and I love fermented foods, especially understanding their amazing health benefits.  This new book Fermented is a fermentation bible and I’m just starting to dive into my advanced copy but let me tell you; it’s a must must have for anyone wanting to up their health and smell up, I mean, mess up, I mean shoot I’m having trouble today; “ferment” up just about everything possible in their kitchen!!!

Alright, what else, what else… Oh, duh!!  Ancestral Health Symposium is right around the corner, August 14th-17th to be exact.  I’ll be there with my husband John and with Jason Seib so look for us lurking around all the awesome science filled greatness that will be there. None of us are speaking but I’ll be around to sign books, say hello, and cause a ruckus (or not) so please come find us!

Ok folks, I know there is more to chat about but guess what – the kids are up, the chickens are hungry, the dogs are howling, the shower is calling, and I need to go take care of the stuff that happens to be my crazy life.  See all you soon and as always, enjoy!

We sign off with the boys, bright and early, pretending to be angelic…. and they are… (or they were at some point anyway, like as infants, when sleeping).



  1. says

    We just received Everyday Paleo Italian Cuisine in our mail yesterday and I think every meal planned for this weekend/week is Italian! Can’t wait to try ALL the yummy recipes! Hoping to make it up to Chico from sac for your Costco book signing today! You should come to the Roseville Costco to sign too 😉 Oh and please bring the Paleo food truck with you!

      • Suzette says

        Sarah, hi there. It’s Suzette :). I have emailed today the website thetriptribe today & just don’t see the trip pricing still. Let me know where to look please, I am very interested!

        • says

          You have to click the “crave” button and join the Trip Tribe and then you can hit the “book” button and see the pricing options. : )

  2. Edith says

    Hi Sarah – I am in awe of EVERYTHING you create. You are really crushing it. Eataly and I in NYC await you. Hope you visit soon :-}

  3. Emily says

    Thanks for the Costco update, I was so bummed when I went and didn’t see your new book (although they did have your other book). I thought my Costco just wasn’t going to carry it, so it’s nice to hear it’s on it’s way.

  4. Kara says

    I am so happy to have found your book Sarah! A friend of mine mentioned eating Paleo and I thought I’d just hop along to support her. But after buying your book Everyday Paleo this morning, and finishing it THIS morning, I’m on board for personal reasons as well. Thank you so much for writing and putting together a tool that is so easy to use! I can go to the store without making a list because you already did that for me! AND I don’t have to guess what meals to cool because you already did that for me too!???? Thank you so much for making this change as easy as possible for me and my family! Also, once I realized you’re from Northern CA, that was kind of the cherry on top for me since I was born and raised in Redding, spending a lot of time in Chico. I look forward to this new journey, thank you for all the help!

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