June 9th Everyday Paleo Workshop in Palo Alto, CA: Only One Week Away!

Our next half day Everyday Paleo Workshop is only one week away!  Come join us on June 9th at Amity Crossfit in Palo Alto, CA for a fun filled and highly informative afternoon with myself and Jason Seib.  For more information and to register for the event, click here. Below is a quick video from one of our workshops along with what people are saying about their experiences at a recent Everyday Paleo Workshop.

“Saturday was truly an amazing experience. THANK YOU for coming to speak and sharing all your knowledge. I have been eating this way for sometime but now I can say my children are on board as well (they dont have a choice!!)….” Keri M.
“What a great experience. My husband and I really loved it! Thanks so much for coming to our area and I look forward to your next cookbook.” Sherry
“Fantastic presentation! I have made that chicken recipe twice since!” Gabby E.
“What a great workshop, so informative! I bought the Paleo Pals book, and my kids LOVE IT! My 7 year old immediately started reading it to my 5 year old. They read it twice more that day to each other and have asked me to read it more. What a great tool for kids. Thanks Sarah!!!” Jenny W.


  1. Leslie says

    Sarah (or anyone else who wants to chime in). I just started Paleo yesterday and I would love some ideas for portable snacks. I think I should stay away from fruit or nuts because I am trying to lose, but I have a situation where I work until noon and often run and errand or two on my way home. At that point I am starving but I want to wait to eat a good salad when I get home.

    • Sarah says

      The best portable snacks I have found are beef jerky!! I love both http://www.stevesoriginals.com and http://www.paleobrands.com. Both are totally paleo and delicious! I also love coconut flakes from Tropical Traditions, and here’s the link to that site http://tinyurl.com/3w7t6w8. Finally, packing things like leftovers from dinner, hardboiled eggs, avocado slices or guacamole and veggie slices, sliced leftover steak or chicken, meatballs, all great portable snacks as well. : )

      • Leslie says

        Thanks Sarah! I love Beef Jerky and I’m guessing those you mentioned must be gluten free/wheat free (I have a gluten intolerance) so I will check them out. I suppose I should just have a little cooler with me on busy days for some of those other snacks you listed. It is really all about being prepared!

  2. Jenn says

    I didn’t know you’d be so close to me! I’m going to try and make it! I have a 16 month old. Would you recommend I leave her at home with daddy and just fill him in later?

    • Sarah says

      I am totally fine with you bringing your little one, especially if both you and daddy are coming along, you can always tag team to keep him happy! Jason and I both have kids so it won’t bother us, but you know your little one best so I’ll leave it up to you. Hope to see you on Saturday!

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