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Paleo is amazing and I love my job!!  Why?  Because of stories like this one.

Katie is an Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness member.  Sarah and I have actually had the pleasure of meeting her at two of our workshops and I hold on to the hope that she will visit my humble little laboratory one day.  I am fortunate enough to be able to work with some truly amazing people and Katie is no exception.

In January of 2009, Katie began experiencing numbness in the left side of her face accompanied by terrible headaches.  Her doctor ordered an MRI with the initial concern that she might have an aneurysm.  The MRI discovered lesions in her brain, and in May of 2009, Katie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  By the summer of 2010, Katie was taking a beating at the hands of this terrible disease.  She said, “I don’t think I got off my couch one day that whole summer.  The fatigue was so debilitating.  I had to use a walker to move around my house and if I needed to go more than 100 feet, I had to be in a wheelchair.”

I can only imagine what it might be like to so quickly lose something as basic as my ability to move well.  Katie is a trooper, but not impervious to fear and desperation.  “I can remember being on vacation in Palm Springs,” she said.  “I caught a glimpse of myself in one of the store windows and I just lost it.  I had been very positive up to that point, but there I was at 34 years old with my husband pushing me in a wheelchair.  That’s not how it’s suppose to be.”

Here is Katie in her wheelchair on a flyer for her local MS Walk in 2012.

Katie Before 1

Katie’s husband began researching and eventually found paleo and this blog.  Katie was a little resistant at first, but she eventually came around and got on board with strict paleo nutrition.  “It was probably about 10 months after starting paleo that I woke up one day and, while I wasn’t completely normal, I could make it around the house,” she said.  “And within a couple more days I was walking almost normally.”

Fast forward to today:

Katie After 1

Katie’s results are nothing short of astonishing, but it gets better.  She isn’t taking any medications for her MS and her last two MRIs have shown no new progression of her disease!

To be clear, this is an anecdotal case and I cannot yet claim that this is the norm when MS meets paleo.  I know of no studies in which proper controls were set up to evaluate these things, but the anecdotal evidence is amassing in spite of the lack of formal research.  Dr. Terry Wahls is another great example, and I told an amazing story of triumph over MS in The Paleo Coach when I introduced you to Erika.  There are many more out there, too.  For me, these stories are more proof that the human body can do amazing things when it is given the inputs it expects after 2.6 million years of selective pressure.  We can all take a queue from Katie, take the reigns of our own health, and take our bodies back, at least to some degree.  The take home message for everyone: Drop the tricks and gimmicks and get really healthy.  But for anyone with MS, these stories might just be reason enough to try something new and, maybe, get better.

Go forth and be awesome!


  1. ElainePistorius says

    So very encouraging, thank you! I am a Paleo “beginner” and slowly but surely am trying make Paleo a total lifestyle. One step at a time, as I find it daunting trying to find substitutes to “every day” food the western diet thinks is the norm. BUT it’s catching on here in South Africa and thankfully I’m on that train!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I love this! I need to add that Katie is a beautiful, loving, uplifting, and inspiring person! You’re AMAZING Katie and your strength is infectious!

  3. says

    Wow, very inspiring. Just started a Whole 30 today to see if it helps my arthritis. I need to print this story out and pin it to the fridge for those weak moments.

  4. sallie says

    Yay Katie! I too was diagnosed with MS about two years ago and thankfully found out about the Paleo lifestyle shortly thereafter. I have followed this lifestyle since and also have not had to go on medications and am able to live a pretty ‘normal’ life! I am thrilled! It could be so much worse and, working in Physical Therapy, I see that daily. If only I could convice others to live this lifestyle too. Anyway, congratulations to Katie and keep it up!

  5. Morgan says

    My boyfriend was diagnosed with MS just 3 weeks ago, I had just found paleo a couple months prior and read all about Dr. Wahls. Katie’s story gives us further hope that paleo is the answer to our prayers. So glad I found this community when I did!

  6. Beth says

    Wow Katie! You truly are an amazing woman and I am so lucky to know you! You are an example of what true dedication and love can get you through!

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