Keep it simple.

Simple food can be delicious food and when I hear people making the excuse of not having enough time to eat healthy, I have a hard time being sympathetic.  If we have time to text message, instant message, check email, chat, and go to Starbucks twice a day, we have time to make simple, good, Paleo food.  Here’s a 10 minute prep, 15 minute cook time – easy, simple, delicious meal:

Saute 2 cups of sliced mushrooms and one red onion in a bunch of olive oil.  Throw in a pound or two of grassfed ground beef.  Cook together until meat is browned.  Pour in your favorite marinara sauce (one with no additives or  sugar, like the Puttanesca sauce from Trader Joe’s).  Add two heads of chopped broccolli and simmer together for 10 minutes.

Also pictured is another quick chicken salad: Diced chicken breast, diced purple cabbage, two diced hardboiled eggs, a big handful of sunflower seeds, olive oil, a little mayo, lemon juice, and cracked black pepper.


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  1. dana says

    Thanks for your coconut soup recipie!! I was directed to your website after my two trainers went to the nutrition cert last weekend in atlanta. The site is great, and the coconut soup awesome! I don’t have easy Trader Joe’s access, so used different spices….it was great, and hubby wants “MORE!” Thanks for the blog.

  2. says

    I love it! I first heard about your blog on Robb’s podcast and then found the link on Nikki’s website. I am excited to pass this along to other moms/ clients/ friends! And I look forward to using some of your meal ideas for my family. Strong work!

  3. says

    Hey there,

    I love reading your blog. I was wondering if you had any receipes for the kids as far as dessert goes.

    I have a 10 year old boy that goes between his dad and I. My husband has just opened a CrossFit box. My husband and I live a pretty clean “Paleo” based diet, my husband more than I . When my son goes to visit his dad, needless to say, he doesn’t eat or live the lifesyle we do.

    What are you suggestions on preparing meals/snacks for him when he is here. He does spend most of his time with us and it’s just trying to get him to eat healthier than he does at his dad’s.

    His dad isn’t over weight by any means. I was just hoping you had ideas or resources I could turn to that might be able to give me ideas for him.

    Thank you soo much and keep the blogging up.


  4. Anna says

    I just started this Paleo thing and I have been doing really good. I just don’t understand the salt in this sauce. Since I know salt is not ok. I made the chicken wraps your husband made they were great. Then I made your chicken crockpot stuff with the Salsa Verde once again it has salt in it. So can you help me out with the salt thing.

  5. Matt says

    Yummy! I made this beef dish with the Puttanesca Sauce from TJ’s this week. Our twin 18-month olds and 9-year old all loved including myself. This will be a standby for sure. Thanks for your terrific recipes!

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