Keep it simple…focus on HAPPY!

Once upon a time (about 6 or so years ago), when a person used to type the word “paleo” into their search engine, about 5-6 websites would pop up that had something to do with a “lifestyle” and the rest of the sites would be about things that were happening 2.6 million years ago. Well, fast forward to now and this truth is no longer. Poor poor paleontologists have been kicked to the lowest rankings ever in the history of google searching and instead the word paleo produces grain free cookie recipes and pictures of bacon wrapped everything. Even folks who spend the time to type the entire word “paleolithic” into google, Robb Wolf is the second site to pop up, right under Wikipedia’s definition of the paleo era!

So, for those of you who stumbled upon my site hoping for information about the prehistoric period of human history, I apologize, it’s just me, not quite yet prehistoric but on my way…

With that being said, this is a reminder for all of you who now have access to 10 million different sites and books full of information to feed you and confuse you, my message is to please remember to simply keep it simple. If you are just diving into eating real food, be good to yourself. Do not overwhelm your noggin with too much at once. Start slow if you need to. Change first your breakfast and stick to that for a few days, move on to lunch when breakfast is easy, and then add in dinner. Don’t worry about weighing and measuring, counting or fasting; in fact, I really suggest that you stop thinking very hard about all of this and just focus on eating real food!  The more you stress on change, the harder it is to grasp it and enjoy it. There is not a “wrong way” to eat real food, you ultimately need to know who you are, and go from there.

Yes, there are knobs and dials that can be tweaked dependent on your individual situation but overall, when first starting out, it’s best to just stick to the basics before trying to fast forward to instant results (whatever those desired results might be).  Also, please remember dear readers, that what we promote here at Everyday Paleo has absolutely nothing to do with dogma or diets. The info we give you on this website, in my books, and on our podcast, is all about living your best life possible which has only a fraction to do with what you decide to eat and a whole lot to do with how you treat your self overall. You  must exercise responsibly, sleep, and manage your stress. Nutrition is HUGE but it’s not the sole “answer”, not even close.  In fact if nutrition is ALL you are doing you will soon learn that it’s only part of the equation.

Now, are you ready, because here is the real message. Speaking of desired results, let’s examine this concept just a bit further. Sit and think about this for a moment. What do you really want out of life. Really. Truly. Let’s be honest. If I had to guess, I would think your answer would be that you want to be happy. I know that I want to be happy. Life is too short to not be stinking gosh darn happy! Happy all the time? Unrealistic, but an underlying peace, and ability to see the good, and feel moments of utter happiness every single day, YES – very realistic. I beg to ask you this question, “Can you be happy when you feel like hot garbage all of the time?” Maybe, but it’s challenging, it’s stressful, it’s hard.

It’s easy to find my happiness when I feel great. Being happy to me means being healthy because when I’m healthy and can be PRESENT in my own life I can play, laugh, run, dance, smile, love, cook, exercise, wait, did I say love? I can do all of these things that produce a calm sense of being, a fulfillment that I didn’t have when I was a wreck.

Am I happy because I’m lean? No. Am I happy because I can lift heavy weights? No. Am I happy because I know how to make a decent dinner? No. These are things that contribute to my ability to BE healthy, which to me equates happy.

Am I happy because I can play with my kids and enjoy time with my husband? Yes. I’m happy because I can choose to love my life and being in my life no longer requires the amount of energy and effort that it used to when I was a total mess. So, tell me again, what are those results that you want? Do you want to be a size 4? Awesome, but think about it for a minute, will that make you truly happy? It’s a great goal to look better, to perform better, but to feel better is what naturally happens first and the rest comes with loving the process, patience, and really living.

How about deciding to enjoy what’s happening right now, appreciate the success of feeling better, focus on the positive changes you are seeing in your life, celebrate the little things that get easier to do every single day as your body starts to heal from the inside out. Stop rushing the results, whatever those desired results might be, and decide to feel great so that you can choose to be happy.

“So Sarah,” you may ask, “Does being healthy make life perfect, because this all sounds really hippy-dippy?”  DUH – NO

Striving for health does not mean perfection! However, like I say in our workshops, being mentally and physically capable to make it through the hard times thriving instead of just surviving is distinctly different than letting the stressful, traumatic, and challenging parts of life absolutely wreck you.

So, my dear readers, keep it simple. Figure out who you are, and what you need to do to get to that place where life is just a bit easier. Make your health a priority, even if that means saying no to things that you might otherwise say yes to. Cut back where you can so you have more time to make real food, get outside and walk, go to bed on-time and meditate because let’s get serious for a minute; at the end of your life, when you look back on all that you have done, do you want to fondly remember with tears in your eyes how you tried so hard to reach a goal that was elusive and painful, stressful and strange, unrealistic and difficult, or do you want to look back and fondly remember how great you felt throughout your life which enabled you to have the energy, vitality, and ability to be happy and to live your best life possible?

I keep doing what I’m doing because I love what I do and I want to help you on your path to be well, positive, and better… The rest will fall into place when you CHOOSE to change your perspective. I’m here for you, and I’ve been there, therefore I understand. You are not alone on this journey and with all the negativity in the world, we need each other but we also need to know that only through hard work, effort, and perspective shifts can we get there.

You can do it, it’s your choice to make, you just have to be ready.

Keep it simple, be happy, and as always, enjoy!

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  1. Brittany says

    All I can do is smile. Every single word is true and I think every human needs to read. thank you Sarah, you inspire me every day!

  2. Anna says

    this is truly insightful! I love how you said that in the end happiness doesnt result from your appearence but rather the things that you can now accomplish and do as a result of the lifestyle and health you now have. I think its especially important for girls (teenagers if you know what i mean) to learn that being skinny isnt everything, that losing weight and counting calories and restricting food intake isnt everything. Are they truly happy living like that? I can say that a lot of teenagers struggle with their appearence from the ideas that society has planted into their minds and the pressure that have been placed on them. Lots of girls want to acheive perfection- and that means to them a skinny body, a personality that is always nice and perky and so to everyone around them everything seems great. Im in high school right now and I think a lot of girls act this way. They put on this mask of perfection, of happiness, while they might be hating themselves and hating the way they look on the inside. It really pains me to see those people around me sometimes i just want to go up to them and say “How can you live pretending all the time? Are you truly happy with the way your life is right now?” but of course those girls are the “skinny, pretty, perfect, popular” girls…and sometimes they really struggle with these problems and they overexercise or smoke weed and do drugs and go to parties and get drunk but of course maybe to keep distracted, to keep from worrying about things they try to keep it under the radar, since its so “exclusive and secret” and you need to “cool” and pretty and perfect to be a part of a group like that. They never truly address the self-limiting beliefs that are implanted in their minds. beliefs like “I’ll never be good enough, I’m worthless, I can’t trust anyone” maybe because they scared to be who they truly are because they’ll be judged. These beliefs that they have penetrate every aspest of their lives and i think a lot of people go through life this way, never truly feeling fulfilled. People can be so mean to each other and sometimes i wonder “we’re all in the same boat here. Why can’t people support and love each other? why does there always have to be so much drama and hatred and insults? Why do people care so much about what others say anyway?” I am currently struggling with some of these issues right now as well but its mostly family problems and i have these beliefs planted about myself and im currently reading this book called “code to joy” and its really life-changing and so fresh and different. its not just postive thinking, its truly teaching u how to solve to true problems, the core problems. But im glad im going through this process of actually correcting the way i think, because i know that when this period of my life is over i can truly be appreciative of what i have achieved and come out stronger and wiser. I guess, as my counseler says, that I’m lucky to be sorting through these problems since as ive said lots of people just go trough life never truly fulfilled, never truly living a life that is meaningful and full of joy and happiness and health.

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