Last Weekend’s Everyday Paleo Workshop

Thank you so much to everyone who attended my Everyday Paleo Workshop this past weekend at CrossFit Anaerobic in beautiful Laguna Niguel, CA! The staff at CrossFit Anaerobic was awesome and I was beyond impressed with how welcoming and organized everyone was.  Another big thank you needs to go out to Jason Seib, part of the Everyday Paleo Team and co-owner of Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness. Jason was kind enough to speak at the workshop and he rounded out the day with his amazing insight and knowledge.

Stay tuned to the blog for when we will be announcing our next stop!

For fun, check out this quick video of Sarah and Jason in action!


  1. Jenny Win'E says

    What a great workshop, so informative! I bought the Paleo Pals book, and my kids LOVE IT! My 7 year old immediately started reading it to my 5 year old. They read it twice more that day to each other and have asked me to read it more. What a great tool for kids. Thanks Sarah!!!

  2. Keri Moffitt says

    Saturday was truly an amazing experience. THANK YOU for coming to speak and sharing all your knowledge. I have been eating this way for sometime but now I can say my children are on bored as well (they dont have a choice)….

  3. Lisa says

    What an awesome post I love the video, very informative…wish I was there….
    Hope we can get you out to speak in NYC one day!!

    • Sarah says

      No, absolutely not! I’m not even affiliate with CrossFit but I am often invited by CrossFit owners to host my workshops but they are open to anyone who would like to attend!!

  4. Sherry says

    What a great experience. My husband and I really loved it!
    If I hadn’t been on the Paleo diet for the last month and a half I wouldn’t have been able to focus on all the great information you guys presented. Thanks so much for coming to our area and I look forward to your next cookbook.

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