Lisa Update – 6 months In

*Note from Sarah: Lisa is back with an update on her amazing paleo journey. I’m so happy for you Lisa; you truly are an inspiration.  You can catch up on Lisa’s story by clicking here and you can also like her page on Facebook!

Lisa pre-paleo

Wow, just shy of 6 months into my Paleo journey; where does the time go?

There have been both ups and downs, steps forward, and a few back, moments when I felt like I wasn’t moving forward, and wondered what on earth was I doing!! Then one day, not long ago, my kiddies and husband started making comments. Our conversations went something like this. My family, “your clothes are fitting better!” Me, “no they can’t be, I have not lost any weight!”, and it was left at that.

Then my workout partner started in as well with the comments, “Lisa you must really notice the difference,” “No!” I said, “Come on, are you serious?” “Look, look in the mirror!” my friend would urge, “Look in the mirror and you’ll see, when you lift your arm there is muscle, you can almost out squat me, and your pants are getting baggy!”

I would take a quick glance in the mirror, and say, oh yah, so they are. I was noticing that I was extremely uncomfortable looking in the mirror, I am not sure if it was for the fear of not seeing a difference myself and then maybe wanting to give up, or if it was just from so many years of not wanting to look in the mirror period.

I never really gave much thought to the comments by family and friends, as the scale had not moved…I know, I know we are not supposed to weigh ourselves for this very reason; lesson learned. But, during the months, guess what – every now and again I was getting on that scale…. I don’t care what you say…my mind was still stuck with how I used to measure my results; and therefore for me, what the scale said did matter.

Then one day, I had an a-ha moment – you know the one. I was in a hurry, had nothing to wear for this particular occasion, grabbed this dress from way back in my closet, gave it a try, and…. it was way too big!! How did this happen, the scale had not moved, but yet the dress was falling off?!? Wait, What…hmmm, maybe what others where noticing was right? Maybe what the scale was saying was wrong? How could this be, the scale is never wrong…or is it, she says with a frown of the brow, and an evil side smile…

So with great hesitation I decided to really stop, and take a good look in the mirror; nope nothing, I did not see it. Why was everyone else seeing the change but me? In the mirror I still saw that girl from months back… Then, my son had an idea, let’s take a picture! We started to play around, and had some goofy photo fun and what I saw through the eyes of the camera was crazy; was that really me??

I was so happy. This is proof that what the scale says, does not matter, what our eyes see in the mirror is very possibly distorted. What you feel emotionally, and the new things you are able to do, that’s what matters. Your everyday life is what matters.

My lesson; keep your head in the game, it seems to be what matters the most. Feeling great is what keeps me going!

Until next time much joy and happiness

Lisa today!

Lisa today

Lisa today


  1. Michelle says

    Lisa you look great!! I can so relate to your story and wanting to see what the scale says. When that number does not go down it really is discouraging. I am truly trying to go by how my clothes feels. Its tough.

  2. Jami Fynboh says

    WOW Lisa! I looked at your pictures before I read your story…I was blown away! You look so alive in the “Lisa today pictures”, I mean really what a difference. There is a radiance about you that frankly does not exist in the pre-paleo photo. Thank you so much for sharing, you are an inspiration. Way to go, keep feeding your body the life force.

    • Lisa@ Autoimmune, Paleo and YOU says

      Jami, Thank you
      You are right, my soul felt empty in the before photo. I and am so grateful Sarah gave me the opportunity to travel this path, and that I never gave up on myself…Thats the most important thing, we can’t ever give up!!

      • Jami Fynboh says

        Amen! Keep on keeping on, my friend!

        I can so relate to the soul feeling empty, that’s how I felt before I began feeding it last October. My mother passed away on Christmas eve, and I know in my heart I never would have survived the stress with out the strength I have given to me through nourishment.

        I am so happy for you, Lisa! and you are right…Never, Ever give up! :)

  3. Jessi says

    Great progress! You look amazing. I truly feel we are our own worst critics. It’s harder for us to see the differences and improvements than it is for others because we so used to seeing the “old” way. And the scale is a liar. I’ve given up on it because one day I can be 8lbs (yes, 8!) lighter than the next and then be the back to my standard weight the next. Throw the scale out and just keep up the good work! :)

    • Lisa@ Autoimmune, Paleo and YOU says

      Hi hear ya Jessi, the scale is like a brick around our neck!! lol

      hang in there sounds like you are doing great

  4. says

    wow! yes! way to go, Lisa! there’s a huge difference before and after – but mostly what i notice is your radiance. you look so happy and healthy in your photos! i hate the scale. numbers are deceiving. i’ve dropped several sizes in the past few months, but if anything, my weight has climbed a few pounds. doesn’t matter! the only weight that matters is the weight i can lift. 113 on the clean and jerk yesterday, a 10 pound increase in two weeks. i’m aiming for 123 in the next two weeks! it’s a good thing when those numbers go up.

    • Lisa@ Autoimmune, Paleo and YOU says

      Way to go Molly!!! that is amazing…My scale now sits in my closet collecting dust bunnies…But I must confess, every now and again, we make eye contact and stare eachother down!! lol

  5. louisa says

    Lisa, you look absolutely amazing!! I am starting my Paleo journey tomorrow and reading your story makes me feel like I can do this. It really is all about sticking it out through the ups and downs and not quitting. (When I have those “downs” is usually when I tend to throw in the towel.) No one is perfect, so I just need to stick with it and I know it will change my life!

    • Lisa@ Autoimmune, Paleo and YOU says

      Louisa, You totally can do this. Beleive me if I can do this so can you….I must have joined other programs a million times only to quite and throw in the towel with in hrs!!

      It was not until I made it a life style and let go of that all or nothing perfectin you mention did I start to figure it out for me, and begin to see success….hang in there we are here for you, I will support you in anyway I can..

  6. says

    How could you not notice your weight loss with that dramatic transformation? Absolutely stunning. Hope more people are inspired by your great results. Hard work truly pays off in the end, and hope your journey continues throughout your lifetime!

  7. Ryn says

    Thank you for the reminder on the scale. I’ve been going back to it lately and actually seeing it move UP, yet, I know it’s working when my clothes fit or are too big!

  8. says

    Radiant! Happy! Great job Lisa! I hear you on the mindtrick that happens when we look into the mirror…we don’t see what everyone else is seeing. Keep going….You rock!

    • Lisa@ Autoimmune, Paleo and YOU says

      K spot, Thanks a bunch I don’t think I still see it, but my minds beginning to thing, hmmm maybe!! Lol

    • Lisa@ Autoimmune, Paleo and YOU says

      Thanks Claire, everyone’s support here makes it much easier to hang in there!!

  9. Angela says

    Wow Lisa. Fantastic change! Your story rings clear with me – especially about the making changes but not seeing any difference. Keep positive and push forward! Thanks for sharing your story – its nice finding out that when you feel alone in a struggle, you really aren’t :) Thanks!

  10. says

    WOW!!! You look absolutely amazing!

    I’ve always known that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. I’m not far along on my paleo/primal journey, but I’ve noticed that the scale bobs up and down as much as 8 pounds throughout the month, although I’m steadily losing inches.

    Your story is an inspiration for me to keep going. Thanks for sharing!

  11. says

    LOVE the smile. You look great! I’m just starting out and have to keep reminding myself that muscle weighs more than fat. Also that I don’t need to try and eat less it’s not about that. I know about the mirror, I was the opposite for so long and just kept thinking I was still small but I realized a while back that I needed to make some changes and your story is so inspiring. Keep going!

    • Lisa@ autoimmune, paleo andYOU says

      Thanks Leslie, hang in there it takes time but it will be worth it
      We are here for any support you need :)

  12. says

    Thanks so much for the inspiration and the reminder that the scale is not always the best indicator. I cut out grains and sugar and lost 58 pounds, but a few weeks ago I started truly exercising (strength training or walking/hiking six days a week) and the scale has not been my friend since! Everyone keeps telling me that the exercise is paying off but like you, I just don’t see it because the scale tells a different story- but I can definitely see a huge difference in your photos and it gives me hope- I have to remind myself that if I am eating right and exercising it WILL happen! Thanks!

  13. Michele says

    All I can say is Thank You! I started paleo 2 weeks ago. I feel so much better and after reading your story, I am inspired to continue this journey!

  14. Amelia says

    Lisa your story is so inspiring! I have just started the Paleo journey and I have th edesire to start exercising as well! I just dont knwo where to start and I feel a little overwhelmed – I have been a secretary for a year and half and my body is totally out of shape. I can barely climb a flight of stairs! Sitting all day everyday has left me exhausted when I get off of work and no energy when I get home… any advice as to where to start with the exercising??

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