Lobster For Christmas

I have one more gift idea to add to Sarah’s 2013 Holiday Gift Giving Guide!  Traditional?  Maybe not.  But definitely awesome!

This past week, this happened at my house:


A very nice gentleman named Phillip at Lobster.com sent me two 1.5 lb lobsters.  When they arrived they were still alive, much to the delight of my 3 girls!  My wife prepared them perfectly, like she prepares everything, along with the usual slab-o-beef that is quite common in my house and the obligatory veggies in butter.  We melted some more butter for dipping, adding a little garlic powder and a splash of lemon juice.  What ensued was a spiritual experience!  I made an enormous mess cracking my lobster, which made my wife laugh at me, but I was too busy to defend myself.

While most of us can’t afford to eat lobster every day, it’s the kind of food that should redefine your definition of the word “treat” because you could eat it as a staple and probably only get healthier, as opposed to what would happen if your diet contained an abundance of typical paleo treats.  However often you can swing it, try to work lobster and other shellfish into your diet whenever possible.  They are good sources of iron, zinc, copper, vitamin B12, and healthy fats.   A well rounded paleo diet isn’t complete without some fish and shellfish.

As Sarah says, enjoy!



  1. T. Wells says

    Your lobster SHOULD be alive when it arrives. If it arrives deceased – DO NOT cook and eat it, you can get sick, truly. I live in Maine, and know about lobster.

  2. Judy says

    We always cut the rubber bands off the lobsters before cooking. You would be amazed at the taste. They taste sweeter and no rubber taste.. We been doing this for years and years.. and we steam them rather than boil them.

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