A Month of LOCAL!

What the HECK is on your plate. No. Really. What is it? Where did it come from? What was sprayed on that big leafy green you’re about to put in your pie hole? Now, how about that butter or ghee you slathered it with? What cow did the cream come from? Do you know the farmer? Do you know how far the butter and those greens traveled before they hit your plate? Now hold on just a minute…. How about your bun-less burger? That juicy goodness topped with crispy bacon sitting innocently staring up at you. What happened to that honorable animal prior to it’s demise to feed your belly?? These are questions that we, The Fragoso Family, ask ourselves as we continue with our quest to live as healthy and as sustainably as possible.The more I know about food, food production, and agriculture the more I long to be as close to my food sources as possible and today, after six years of cleaning up our eating, we are actually pretty darn close (but not entirely there) to eating everything from local sources. All our beef comes from Massa Natural Meats. I know the Massa family who works hard to raise the meat we eat; and I trust them. The meat from Massa only has to travel a few short miles before it lands in our freezer and if I want to, I can go out to the farm and see how the animals are treated, walk through the grass they graze on, and shake the hands of the fine folks who work so hard to make sure my family is eating food that nourishes our bodies the way we were intended to be nourished. We also have backyard hens for eggs and a small garden, and running our own little homestead has been an incredibly fulfilling and amazing experience for our family. Finally, I try to buy all of my vegetables and fruits from local sources. We have an awesome farmers market and two great CSA’s right here in Chico, CA. However, everything else we eat is a different story.

The truth is, convenience often wins and I still make my weekly trip to Trader Joe’s  or my local health food store to pick up things like lunch meat and salami, veggies and fruits (although organic) and staples like pickles, olives, nuts, almond butter, bananas, condiments, bacon, sausages, and other items that travel from afar in order to feed us. I also order food from trusted sources, many of which I endorse in my books and on this blog, but that is a lot of miles for my food to travel. Finally, probably once or twice a week we dine out and although we typically visit establishments that we know and trust, it’s expensive and it can be hard to always eat the way we want to and still feel good. Do I think these deviations are horrible? No, not at all; we have figured out how to make this paleo thing work with our lives and we are healthy, happy, and thriving. However, I’m curious if we can do better, make a bigger and more positive impact on our health and on our environment, truly support our local farmers, save money (I think we will) and also, we are simply up for the challenge.

With all of that in mind, as a family we have decided that for the month of January, everything we eat is going to be sourced locally. That’s right. Everything. We are going to try to eat food grown or produced  within at least a 100 mile radius if not closer. We are not going to eat out, we are not going to step foot into stores that carry food that is not sourced locally (sorry Trader Joe’s), and we are not going to order food online (even from the awesome paleo peeps that we love to order from). During the month of January we will blog about our adventures sourcing all of our food locally and we will post videos, some recipes, and pics of what it looks like to go “All Local.” The only deviation from our plan will be when we travel. I have a workshop in Las Vegas on the 18th (hope to see you there) and I’ll be in Los Angeles for The Grammy’s the weekend of the 26th (if you didn’t hear, my sister has been nominated for a Grammy for Best New Age Album!!!!) but when we are home, we will stick to our eating everything local mission!!

There is more of course to our plans that will help us with our success and I will unfold what those things are as we blog about our adventures!!

Be sure to follow along starting January 1st to see how it all works out as the Fragoso Family Goes Local!!!! Wish us luck and as always, enjoy!


  1. Alice Smith says

    Started Paleo about 3 months ago. New at this, but I feel so much better. My pains in my joints feel so much better now. Lost 15 lbs. Feels real good.

  2. Sandy Francis says

    I’m trying to restart paleo and get more into it than previously. Wasn’t sure where to get to your blog. Would also like to know what ebooks are in your special $39 promotion. Thanks.

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