The JASSA Podcast, Episode 142

Jassfit picSarah and I are back with Episode 142 of The JASSA Podcast! Click here to listen or find us on iTunes. Please submit your questions to and if you have a spare minute, please be sure to leave us a review on iTunes!!  Thank you very much and enjoy!

 Here’s what we discuss in this episode:
  • Falling and staying asleep.  (18:50)
  • Hip pain and lack of mobility.  (37:33)
  • Regaining fat.  (48:35)

A New (ME)!

Hello dear readers of Everyday Paleo! I’m so lucky to have had the continued support from you over the years and Everyday Paleo the blog will always be here, however, I wanted to let you all know that I am now also blogging over at my new site, Sarah Fragoso.

Everyday Paleo has almost 6 years of paleo information crammed into these pages but after a lot of contemplation, I realized the importance of branching out and writing about all things ME to share with YOU. I need to write. I need to be creative in that space, and I need a little more freedom than what I feel this page allows as Everyday Paleo has morphed into a brand and not just a little page about my life.

So, please keep visiting Everyday Paleo, I’ll always provide you with the best information here that I can but also please start following me over at Sarah Fragoso for a bit more insight on my views on life, love, homeschooling, relationships, family, fitness, food, and of course RECIPES!

As always, enjoy!

Dinner in the Bathtub?

You’ve made it to the end of an incredibly long day. You’re stressed, tired and hungry. You draw a warm bath and put weird oils and salts in it. You slip in to the bath and relax. Then you grab the huge plate of food that you just made for yourself — roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and some fruit — and dump it in the bath with you. You eat the soggy food that now tastes like soap until all that’s left are some little meat chunks from the roast and some pieces of broccoli florets. Mmmmmmmmm boy.

Wait. Did you lose me at the food in the bath?

What? You don’t eat dinner in the bathtub?

Fine. If you’re not cool with that, then how about getting some kettlebells and a jump rope. Maybe a slam ball and an abmat. Taking all that stuff with you to your car…and getting a great workout inside your Honda Fit.


Would you consider planning your wedding not on a beach or in a church, but in a large city sewer?

No?! So PICKY!

If all of these scenarios seem weird to you, they should. I’ve described activities and environments that don’t belong together.

You don’t eat dinner in the bath. You don’t workout inside your car. You don’t get married standing in poop.

You also shouldn’t try to sleep in an environment not designed or set up for sleep.

And you can think whatever you want about the topic, but the fact of the matter is that you will not get the best sleep you can unless you are in an environment that allows you to get great sleep.

Have no idea what I’m talking about?

Here are some things to think about when considering your sleep environment through the lens of our five senses.

  • Sight

This is a biggie and one that most people are deviant on. Your room should be as close to pitch black as humanly possible. TV on when you’re getting ready for bed? Turn it off. TV in your room at all? Take it out. Is that too crazy of a thing to consider? That’s cool — but you won’t ever get the sleep you were designed to get and that you NEED to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Is there a bright alarm clock next to your bed? Unplug it or put something over it to shut that light down. Street light outside creeping through your curtains or blinds? Get some blackout curtains that Dikembe Mutumbo it right back outside … NOT IN MY HOUSE!

The slightest amount of unnatural light in your room can affect your sleep. And it doesn’t matter if your eyes are closed. Your eyelids are permeable so light exposure with closed eyes still gets to your brain. And this doesn’t just apply to light in your room during sleep. The light exposure you get 1-2 hours BEFORE you hit the sack are critical too. Cut out that artificial light.

  • Touch

Think about what happens to the temperature outside when the sun goes down…it also goes down. Even in the hottest environments like a desert, the temp drops drastically. So doesn’t it make sense that our body temperature also drops when it’s time to count sheep? And I bet sheep’s body temp goes down, too…

Once you nod your head in agreement about that point, then you should also understand that it makes sense to make your room as cold as possible. Is it more comfortable to sleep in a cold room or a super hot, muggy room? Right. It makes sense.

The other thing with touch are your sheets. Ever tried to sleep on old, rough, scratchy sheets? Yeah, it’s miserable. It’s like trying to sleep in your jeans. Invest in some sheets that are nice and smooth and silky on your skin. Silk pajamas anyone?

  • Hear

This is a no-brainer. Well it should be anyway. Loud noises or weird unnatural noises can affect your sleep. Anyone out there have a newborn? Then you know how important noise control can be. Babies wake up when you clean out that stupid icemaker that’s stopped working — and you wake up when baby cries. At least I hope you do anyway.

Live out in the country? Skip to the next point.

But if you live in a city with noise that isn’t constant enough to just soak into the background, you should consider getting a fan or other type of constant noise maker to cut out the erratic, unnatural noises.

  • Smell

Babies wake up when they poop their pants. Adults do too I guess. Is it because the poop in their diaper is uncomfortable on their skin (touch)? Or is it because of the horrid smell? Maybe both?

I love me some pot roast cooking in a crock pot, but if it’s cooking overnight in the house it’s hard for me to sleep. My wife has trouble sleeping sometimes when I’m having issues with my gastrointestinal system…know what I’m saying?

Smells in your sleep environment matter. My wife is all into the oils and always has pleasant aromas diffusing in our bedroom which I’m a fan of (I just have to make sure it’s not emitting an unnatural light!). If you’re not a crazy snake oil lady or married to one, then just make sure you have clean sheets that have been washed in nice smelling soap…and put those empty tuna cans out with the trash and not under your pillow.

  • Taste

This one is a stretch because most people aren’t sucking on lollipops while they’re sleeping, but we’ll take it back a few hours from the time of sleep — you don’t want to eat a huge meal right before bedtime. That can affect your blood sugar, digestion and therefore, sleep.

Oh, but you’re always getting food cravings late at night and need to eat something? OK, that’s easy. GO TO BED EARLIER! Eat a good dinner 3-4 hours before your bedtime, cut out the artificial lights, and go to sleep when you start to feel drowsy. Fighting through that feeling and keeping yourself awake with coffee or bright light exposure will tell your body that it was mistaken, it’s not actually nighttime, so it will stop making you feel drowsy and start making you feel…you guessed it, hungry.

If you REALLY want to get better sleep, you need to decide to make the changes in your sleep environment that are necessary to allow your body to do it’s thing in the sleep realm.

Don’t workout out in your car. Don’t eat dinner in the bathtub. And don’t try to sleep in a room that is not set up for an optimal sleep experience.

Hanging out with Mr. Wonderful


We all know him. He’s the guy that likes to brag about himself a lot. He’s cocky. He’s flashy. He’s good-looking.

He struts.

There is no way he would ever do a set at the weight-room NOT in front of a mirror and NOT wearing a sleeveless shirt.

He drives a red convertible and regularly goes to a tanning salon.

He might even have a shirt that he wears that says something like “strongest man alive” or “world arm-wrestling champion.”

He is … Mr. Wonderful.

Is this guy a bad person? Not necessarily.

Is it OK to be friends with a guy like him? Sure, why not.

Would you choose to spend time with him everyday, numerous times a day, for the rest of your life? Probably not.

Is this guy a perfect personification of foods that have health claim labels on them? Oh yeah.

[If you are married to Mr. Wonderful, please send your hate-mail to]

Labels that claim foods are healthy: don’t even get me started. Chocolate cupcakes claiming that they’re a good source of calcium.

Frosted cereals saying they can improve attentiveness and your child’s immune system.

Vitamin donuts!

No trans fat!

Gluten free!


Made with REAL FRUIT!

You’ve seen them all.

How about this new confusing one from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics which has a program and website called and a page specifically for kids called Kids Eat Right.

So here’s what happened: Kraft Singles is endorsing the Kids Eat Right program, not the other way around. But the Kids Eat Right logo is on the package.

So what are unsuspecting parents going to think when they see a “Kids Eat Right” logo on the cheese?

“Well, these must be healthy for kids!” Then they make it an everyday part of their kids’ diet.

Is it OK to give your kids Kraft Cheese Singles every once in a while? Sure. Just like it’s OK to hang out with Mr. Wonderful — every once in a while. [Apologies to Mr. Wonderful’s wife]

This is just another way that food labels can lead you astray which is why I love the Michael Pollan rule: don’t eat anything that can make a health claim. Cheese (and it’s sad that I have to specify “real cheese” here) should have 2-4 ingredients. Kraft Singles has 19.

Sorry Kraft Singles — don’t mean to be singling you out. You were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The strongest guys in the world don’t walk around telling everyone they’re the strongest guys in the world.

Michael Jordan doesn’t introduce himself to people by saying, “Hi. I’m Michael Jordan. I’m the best basketball player who ever lived” (no debate here people — it’s Jordan).

Olympic Gold medalists don’t walk around with their medals around their necks (for the most part — there ARE exceptions here, just like there are some OK foods that make health claims).

Or imagine this one, “Hi I’m Paul McCartney. I’m a REALLY good musician.”

People or things that are the best or do good stuff for us don’t have to tell us. They let their actions speak for themselves. They don’t ask for respect — they demand it.

So back to Mr. Wonderful — you know, the guy who loves to brag about himself.

Being around him 24/7 will eventually lead you to think that walking into on-coming traffic is a good idea, so you have to pace yourself with time spent around him.

Just like you have to limit the times that you are around foods that walk around shouting about how great they are for you.

Don’t believe every health claim you see. Don’t buy into every “suggestion” or “guideline” produced by the government. Don’t eat foods out of boxes or packages on a regular basis.

Do eat real, whole food MOST of the time.

Do avoid foods that have health claims MOST of the time.

And if you find yourself about to be locked in a room with Mr. Wonderful … run away. As fast as you can.

You can read all of Mark’s work over at his blog Simply Human and be sure to listen to his awesome podcast!! 

Barefoot Provisions Whole 30 Emergency Food Kit Giveaway and Discounts for ALL

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Spring has officially sprung and it’s time to start thinking about awesome things like PaleoFX, school being out, signing up for our first ever JASSA Retreat, and VACATIONS!!!! It’s also time to start thinking about being prepared for being on the road, busy spring and summer months, and making sure your pantry is stocked with plenty of goodness to keep you healthy, happy and strong. That’s were Barefoot Provisions comes in. I’m happy to announce that Barefoot Provisions is one of our awesome sponsors for the JASSA Retreat, and it goes without saying that I absolutely love love love this site -it’s seriously the one stop shop for all things yummy, paleo, and downright legit, and right now my friends at Barefoot Provisions are offering up an awesome giveaway to one of you! Why? Because why not?

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Now, here’s to a happy healthy start to spring to all of you and as always, enjoy! 


Announcing the First Ever JASSA Retreat in Chico, CA!!!!


We are so excited to announce our first ever JASSA Retreat taking place in Chico, CA. The dates of the retreat will be September 16th – 20th and will include everything from 12+ hours of lecture with some of the most renowned experts in the field of health and fitness, two half days of movement, lifting, and mobility coaching, cooking demos, hiking, yoga, paddle boarding, delicious food, relaxation and FUN! The retreat will be open to only 50 people so this will be an extremely exclusive and intimate weekend with the opportunity to spend quality time with all the coaches and trainers in order to get the most out of your time spent in beautiful Northern California.

IMG_6662  IMG_6660JGF_7513  JGF_7512

Here is the retreat itinerary:  

(*Itinerary is subject to change.)


The retreat will kick off on Wednesday evening from 6-9pm at Rendevous with a cocktail hour, introduction and a meet and greet.

Thursday (at Rendevous)

8:00-9:00am Yoga with Lisa Weber

9:30-10:00am Introduction and Welcoming

10:15-11:15am Sustainable Fat Loss Jason Seib

11:30-12:30pm Changing your relationship with food Sarah Fragoso

12:30-1:30pm Lunch (at Rendevous)

1:45-2:45pm Mindfullness Tracy Corbett

3:30-5:30pm Massa Natural Farm Tour or Free time

6:30pm Dinner at Rendevous

Friday (at Rendevous)

8:00-9:00am Breathing with Lucy Hendricks

9:15-10:15am Rest and Recovery Jim Laird

10:30-11:30am Aesthetic Goals Jason Seib

11:45-12:45 Regeneration Duane Massa

1:00-2:00pm Lunch (at Rendevous)

2:15-3:15pm Recovering from Adrenal Fatigue Sarah Fragoso

3:30-5:30 Body Weight Movements and Mechanics

6:30 Dinner at Rendevous

Saturday (at JS Strength and Conditioning)

8:00-9:00am Yoga with Lisa Weber

9:15-10:15 Warm up Exercises

10:30-1:30 Big Lifts – dead lift, back squat, standing press, bench press, etc.

1:30-2:30 Lunch

2:45-3:45  Baby Steps Approach to a Healthy lifestyle Jason Seib

4:00-6:00pm Paddle Boarding or Free time

6:30 Private dinner at Sin of Cortez 

Sunday (at JS Strength & Conditioning)

8:00-9:00am Yoga with Lisa Weber

9:15-10:15 Sleep Mark Rogers

10:30-11:30 Meditation Jason Seib

11:45-12:30 Q & A and Book Signing

During the retreat we will try to leave plenty of time for you all to explore beautiful Chico and the surrounding areas and with optional free time built in you will also have plenty of time to simply rest and relax if you feel the need.

Remember, space is extremely limited so sign up today to reserve your spot!

What’s Included:

Over 12 hours of lecture on health and fitness

Over 5 hours of coaching on movement, lifting, breathing and mobility

Lunch and Dinner is included (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Private dinner at Chico’s very own Sin of Cortez

Optional Yoga, Farm tour, paddle boarding, Hike in Upper Bidwell and golf outing

Plenty of free time to explore and enjoy Chico, CA

Coffee, tea and water will be provided each morning

For those who wish to come early there will be an optional outing of golf at Bidwell Golf course and/or Hike into Upper Bidwell Park.   Please email if you would like to participate. Cost of golf is not included.

Click here to reserve your spot!

Early Bird Special Price!!

Book before May 1st for only $499!! After May 1st the price increases to $549.00.

($100 cancellation fee applies)

Now, I would like to introduce you to our esteemed team of presenters and coaches:


Sarah Fragoso – Sarah Fragoso is a national best selling author of 6 books, co-owner of JS Strength and Conditioning, co-owner of JassaFit, and founder of Everyday Paleo. Sarah also is the co-host of the popular Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast and conducts workshops and seminars nationwide on the subjects of nutrition and fitness.

Her message is from the heart and she carries a genuine desire to help other families looking for guidance. These attributes have contributed to her successes and provide the drive to keep the discoveries coming.


Jason Seib – Jason Seib is the author of The Paleo Coach, co-host of the popular Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast, founder and co-owner of CPC Fitness and Fat Loss, a successful small gym in the Portland, Oregon area, as well as founderand co-owner of, an on-line training site and community. He is speaks on the subject of fat loss regularly, delivering his Sustainable Fat Loss Seminar around the US.  Jason’s passion is guiding normal people to extraordinary levels of health and fitness and he has built his career by helping thousands of people change their perspective and find a healthy, sustainable path to their goals.

John PicJohn Fragoso –  John Fragoso is co-owner of JS Strength & Conditioning, owner of Fragoso Chiropractic, a renowned Sports Chiropractic clinic, and the mobility guru for the online fitness site, He has worked with various fitness organizations both locally and internationally and has been in the industry for over 10 years. Dr. John also works with professional and collegiate athletes of all levels including world champion boxers and mixed martial artists, national champion and Olympic level weight lifters, runners, elite cross-fitters and Ironman triathletes. As a sports chiropractor, Dr. John has a passion for rehabilitation and patient education, understanding that it’s only through active participation that clients attain their goals. Through clinical and self-experience Dr. John has developed a sound understanding of what it takes to be healthy and capable. This system includes movements that build a solid foundation and fitness programs that facilitate sustainable training, nutrition that your body understands, and a strong regard for the impact that sleep and stress management has on our bodies.


Jim Laird –  Jim Laird has been working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach helping clients achieve their goals since 1997.  He has 4 years of NCAA Division I coaching experience and over a decade of working with clients in the private sector.  He has worked with everyone from housewives who just want to look good and feel good, to professional athletes in the NFL,CFL, LPGA, and MLB.  Jim has helped dozens of young athletes achieve athletic scholarships to Division I schools and also trains a team of female Powerlifters, The Miss Fits (who are a part of the GYM Laird lifting team).  You can read about their experiences and successes, including state and national records, at their blog,

As an elite-level Powerlifter, Jim pushed his body to the limit for years.  He now understands the difference between working out to be healthy and working out to achieve a high-level performance goal, and he want to help others understand the difference as well.  He has a reputation for two things: getting more results from less work, and getting his clients both strong and healthy.  Jim’s motto of “Training Smarter, Not Harder” has earned him the respect and recommendation of numerous orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists.


Lucy HendricksLucy Hendricks is a graduate of the Lexington Healing Arts Academy Personal Training program and a current Student Massage Therapist. She has her FMS certification and is also a certified Restorative Breathing Coach. She is a bright, young coach who, at the age of 24, has already had the opportunity to study underneath great coaches and physical therapists like Jim Laird, Sarah Martin, Lois Laynee, Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman. 

Lucy’s journey into personal training and her passion for helping clients started with an internship with Jim Laird five years ago, and she hasn’t looked back since. For the last four years, she’s been an integral part of the GYM Laird Strength and Conditioning team, working with hundreds of clients each week, making a huge impact in all of their lives. Lucy is very passionate about helping clients move and feel better through good movement and strength training! This is just the beginning for Lucy, she’s excited to continue expanding her knowledge in the years to come.

profile pic

Mark Rogers – Mark Rogers is a human being being human and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. One of his goals in life is to help people realize that they can get healthy, sleep great, eat how humans are supposed to eat…all while enjoying life and spending time with family and friends. He has been married to the same beautiful, smart woman for 12 years and is the father of two daughters and one son.


lisa weber pic

Lisa Weber – Lisa began practicing yoga 15 years ago while training for marathons with the intention of balancing the endurance training of running with the physical and mental benefits of yoga. During that time, Lisa discovered what yoga truly has to offer. Lisa is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) at the 200-hour level through Northern California Yoga Institute. Lisa’s teaching style is deeply rooted in the Integrative Dynamic Yoga (IDY) method. IDY blends classical yoga and meditation practices with contemporary exercise science and fitness methods to establish optimal health, wellness, fitness and ​spiritual awareness.

IMG_7131Jenny Labaw –  Jenny LaBaw has been an athlete her entire life. As a 3-sport collegiate athlete, she competed in soccer, indoor and outdoor track and field. Post college she found her need for competition fulfilled through endurance running races anywhere from 5K’s to marathons. Her competitive drive led her to CrossFit in 2010 where she started training to compete at the elite level.  She’s a 2-time CrossFit Games competitor, earning 6th in 2012 and winning her Northern California Regionals in 2013.   Although, she enjoys competing, Jenny’s true love is being outdoors mountain biking, hiking, waterskiing, snow skiing, camping and more with her boyfriend, Marcus, and two yellow labs, Ziggy and Pogo. With her love for sport and exercise, Jenny chose a career as a strength and conditioning coach so she could share her passion of health and fitness with others. Attending Cornell College, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Fitness and Wellness. She is a strength and conditioning coach at Norcal Strength and Conditioning. Her 10+ years of coaching experience has allowed her to work directly with a wide variety of people from children trying to discover their coordination to adults wanting to shed a few pounds to professional athletes looking to be the best in the world. No matter what walk of life you are coming to her from, her mission is to make you realize your potential and help get you there. She will prove to you that you can be stronger, more fit, and healthier than you think you can be. With her inspiration, motivation and dedication, she will challenge your body, encourage your mind, and help you to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Profile (1)Traci Corbett – Traci Corbett currently works as a Health Coach and Seminar Facilitator with JumpstartMD, a leading Bay Area Healthy Weight Loss and Wellness clinic.  In addition, she provides individual, family & community education and coaching in Fitness, Nutrition & Healthy Habit Change as the founder of WholeLifeLifted.

She holds a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree as well as a BA in both Developmental Psychology and Exercise Physiology.  Traci has worked professionally in Human Services for over 15 years in corporate, non-profit and government organizations, earning her a clear and reputable identity as a holistic health specialist; She has a seasoned background in working with Children, Youth and Families and in the fields of Education, Fitness and Nutrition.  She holds a variety of certifications including NASM Certified Personal Trainer and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, as well as an AFPA Holistic Nutritionist Certification. Traci is passionate about self-care, fostering healthy relationships, generating and building joyful paradigm shifts in community, and inspiring health and wellness in the world.  Traci lives in Pleasanton, CA and has four amazing children ages 16, 15, 12 and 11.  She is fully embracing living, loving and learning every day!

taqTaq Hernandez – Taq Hernandez’s history with sports and fitness is extensive, in fact, Taq’s mother says he hit the ground running and by age of 5 Taq began competing in sports and continued to be active and competitive throughout high school. When Taq couldn’t compete in organized sports, he could be found outside skateboarding, or playing beach volleyball in Oxnard California where he grew up.

Taq’s active nature took on a new form in 2002 when he stumbled upon Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu.  While training in these two sports, Taq met a coach and soon to be mentor, who taught him the fundamental roles nutrition and fitness play in succeeding in athletics, preventing injury, and in promoting vitality and overall health. This led Taq to his current passion of researching and implementing the right way to exercise and the right way to fuel the human body. Taq took his newfound passion seriously and everything he learned he would share with his friends and family.  Taq’s enthusiasm for helping people train smart, led him to work with both athletes at the competitive level, as well as, individuals who were brand new to the fitness industry.

Taq graduated from Chico State in 2007, and continued to further his knowledge of fitness and health while pursing a career in the health industry. Taq’s journeys eventually led him back to Chico where he discovered that his old friends John and Sarah Fragoso had recently opened JS Strength and Conditioning. Taq completed an internship with John and Sarah and today is a vital part of the JS team. With Taq’s extensive background in fitness and nutrition, Taq continues to serve his clients as a knowledgeable strength and conditioning coach, helping those that he works with to achieve their goals.

sharonSharon Larson – Sharon has been practicing massage in Chico, Ca. since 2008 and is a graduate from California State University Chico with a Bachelor’s of Science in the field of Biology. Sharon uses her training as a massage therapist, along with her formal education, to provide a superior level of service to her clients. With her background in biology, and as a life-long athlete, Sharon has a deep understanding of the human anatomy and functional movement.

Sharon uses this knowledge to help educate her clients on proper posture, movement patterns, and self-care. She is passionate about helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. She has had success in helping many clients free themselves from chronic pain and discomfort using massage as a tool for pain management.

Sharon is also passionate about living an active and balanced lifestyle. When not helping others to improve their lives through massage and movement training, Sharon can be found on the soccer field, in the yoga studio, lifting heavy weights, snowboarding, or playing in nature. She balances her active time with meditation, spending time with family and friends, reading, or going for leisure hikes in Chico’s own Upper Bidwell Park.

IMG_0822Duane Massa
– Duane Massa is a 5th generation California farmer and biologist. Duane was raised on the family farm and cattle ranch in Northern California, where he gained an appreciation for all things biotic and began to nurture his love of natural systems. Duane earned a B.S. in Biological Sciences from CSU, Chico and pursued a 16-year career in fisheries science; conducting biological evaluations of native salmon and steelhead populations for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and later for the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. He has presented his scientific work at numerous symposia and was invited to speak at American Fisheries Society in Boise, ID in 2013.

Duane’s studies have focused on aquatic ecology and how to merge those systems with best current water/land use practices. It is this experience that provided the nexus between ecological systems and farming; he has blended the farming experiences from his youth with his knowledge of ecological systems in new and innovative ways to embark on methods of farming that go beyond the threshold of sustainability and focus on a new frontier in farming, regenerative agriculture.

Duane and his wife, Wendy, operate a multi-species farm just 15-minutes from Chico where they raise cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, and horses naturally on pasture using high intensity, quick duration grazing techniques to mimic natural processes. These methods act to lock atmospheric carbon back into the soil (where it belongs). Through careful management practices and animal selection, the Massa’s are uniquely creating a regenerative farming system that is a healthy alternative to factory farm practices.

Recommended Accommodations: 

Hotel Diamond – we have a block of rooms held for folks attending the retreat. If you call to book, mention The JASSA Retreat to receive a discount! The rooms all include breakfast and the hotel is located in beautiful downtown Chico within easy walking distance to shopping and restaurants. If you book online, enter promo code JASSA at checkout to show the discounted rates. 

Residence Inn by MarriotWe have a limited block of rooms discounted at the Residence Inn with the option of a studio suite or one room suite. All rooms include breakfast and the hotel is just a few minutes drive from downtown Chico. When you call to make a reservation refer to the JASSA retreat block to receive the discounted rate. Individuals must make reservations no later than 8/26/15.