Introducing Jason Seib’s Life Changing New Plan – AltShift!!!!!

Alt Shift

*Note from Sarah: Ok dear readers – this is huge – giant – earth shattering, and I’m so honored and excited to share with you the new book written by my amazing business partner Jason Seib. Jason has created a diet plan that has literally been changing lives, mine included, and he now has made […]

Pullups — the Real Fitness Measure

I recently wrote an article about where to start when putting together a workout plan (i.e. how to program your training). In that article, I mentioned that I believe the most important movement is the squat for a variety of reasons, and that people should start there. So let’s say you’ve mastered the squat and […]

Sleep, Mood, and Willpower


*Note from Sarah: Dr. Parsley is back with his 3rd blog in his series on sleep! Don’t forget, just through the end of August you can receive 10% off ALL orders on Doc’s amazing sleep supplement – just use coupon code “sarah fragoso” at checkout. Also, please ask us any questions you might have about sleep […]

Clutter Free, Stress Free?

got clutter

Life is busy and we come and go racing to the next meeting, class,  school event, or kid’s activity. Over time, this “drop and go lifestyle” can result in clutter in our homes and offices and lead to added stress in our lives. I’ve been experimenting lately with clearing cluttered areas of my home and paying attention to […]

Sleep, Fat Loss and Appetite


*Note from Sarah: Here is the 2nd installment in the sleep series by guest blogger Dr. Kirk Parsley, M.D.! Please share this important info and as always, enjoy! Sleep, Fat Loss and Appetite I often tell my clients about a quote I heard probably 15-20 years ago. The quote was from Depak Chopra, and while […]

Sleep Physiology Meets Real Life


*Note from Sarah: As promised; this is the first installment of a four part blog series on sleep from Doc Parsley! Sleep Physiology Meets Real Life I will do my best to not make this into a scientific diatribe—there are better ways to help people fall asleep.;-) However, we’ll talk enough science to allow most […]