Next Everyday Paleo Workshop and Movement Day is Almost Here!!!!

As some of you may already know, John and I have recently opened our own personal training facility, JS Strength and Conditioning, which is large enough to hold events; like Everyday Paleo Workshops!

So without further ado, we are having our first LOCAL workshops coming up FAST on May 10th and 11th.

May 10th will be our Everyday Paleo Workshop and May 11th is going to be an extremely special event, open only to 30 people, focused solely on Movement and Fitness.

Movement Day WAS sold out but we have opened up 6 more spots so sign up NOW!!

Movement day will be coached by John FragosoJason Seib, our JS Trainers, Taq Hernandez and Ally Sharpe, me (0f course) AND with special guests Jim Laird and Lucy Hendricks!!!

I couldn’t be more honored, overjoyed, and all out PUMPED to have such greatness come to our gym to offer all of you some amazing knowledge bombs.

Click here to sign up for either or both days and you will also find detailed descriptions of what you can expect at the Everyday Paleo Workshop on Saturday May 10th and at Movement Day on Sunday May 11th.

Folks who sign up for both the Everyday Paleo Workshop on Saturday and the Movement Day on Sunday will receive some awesome parting gifts at the end of the day on Sunday!!! 

(Yes, I know, it’s mother’s day weekend. Mom’s out there, tell your families that this is the gift you want (because it is), and families out there, hook a mom up with the gift of health! It doesn’t really get better than that!)

I can’t wait to see  you all there! It’s going to be EPIC!


  1. Tess @ Tips on Healthy Living says

    This workshop looks great! Is this for beginners– or you need to be in a certain level of shape?

    • says

      This workshop is for everyone – it doesn’t matter where you are with fitness or nutrition, it’s great for all levels. Hope to see you there!

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