Our First Paleo Talk Seminar!

I’m extremely late on getting this post up; with all the excitement and work involved with my book release everything else has been left behind in the madness!  Better late than never I suppose so here are a few “teaser” pictures from our first Paleo Talk Seminar that was held on April 17th right here in Chico! Chrissy and I are so thankful to all of you who came out to Norcal S&C for the event and we are so excited for our next stop on May 21st in Clackamas, OR!  To sign up for an upcoming seminar, click here!


  1. Billi Cummings says

    I learned about Tanka Bars on your web site. I think you said you ordered a case of bars from Amazon. I ordered some to try from the Tanka site. I would like to get some more at the best possible price. Any suggestions? By the way I just got your book, Everyday Paleo, I’m looking forward to reading. Thanks for your help.

    • Sarah says

      Hi Billi, Yes I ordered some from Amazon, I think they were a little bit cheaper then straight from the site. Unfortunately they are kind of pricey no matter where you buy them from. I really need to buckle down and get a food dehydrator to make my own jerky!

    • Sarah says

      It’s a surprise!! You’ll have to come to one of our seminars to see what we are cooking… I know, I’m so mean. ; )

  2. Renee says

    Can you give more details about what the day looks like at one of your talks? How many hours and do you serve lunch? What differences are there then just visiting your site and reading your book? Just trying to decide if I want to spend the $ and time to drive to Clackamas. It would be fun to meet you in person!

    • Sarah says

      Hi Renee,
      The seminar is from 9-5 with a lunch break on your own that is usually 1 hour or a little longer. We serve a snack at the end of the day. We cover several topics throughout the day and yes I expand on what is in my book but also we cover new information as well, everything from nutrient comparisons, managing change, a bit of psychology, motivation, paleo families of course – from the kids to relationships, and much much more.

  3. Becky says

    I just wanted to say how wonderful your new book/cookbook is! My spouse and I love every recipe we’ve made from your book so far! We also started Crossfit, I love that as well. Eating Paleo has been a stomach saver, I’ve had stomach problems for as long as I can remember but for the past two weeks I have not had an inkling of a stomach problem! I love how honest and fun your book is. I can’t stop telling everybody to buy your book and to try some Paleo meals. I can’t wait to go to a seminar and I was completely bummed that I missed your book signing. I hope more people try your recipes, especially the egg muffins- they are DE-LISH! Thank you for sharing your story and officially inspiring my spouse and I to try something new that makes us feel great!

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