Our Food 11/04

Monday morning I made Karina’s sweet potato hash.  I grated two sweet potatoes and cooked with crumbled pork sausage and butter until the sausage was brown and crisp and the potatoes were soft and starting to crisp up.  I seasoned it all with cinnamon and ground ginger.  Lunch that day was quick and easy: sliced ham, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, carrots and celery, and steamed broccoli. Breakfast yesterday and today was the leftover sweet potato hash.  Lunch today was coleslaw: shredded green cabbage, sliced turkey lunch meat, chopped apple, sunflower seeds, lemon juice (fresh squeezed by Rowan), a little mayo, olive oil, and ground black pepper.  We also had hard boiled eggs with tomatoes and avocado.  I made dinner in the Crockpot as usual… I used stew meat, a mix from Trader Joe’s of already chopped turnips, yams, and butternut squash, the chopped up carrot, onion, and celery mix from TJ’s, a can of tomato bisque soup, a little chicken broth, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, a pinch of cayenne, and basil.  About 10 minutes to prep, cooked all day on low, yummy goodness for dinner

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  1. Andrew says

    Hey Sarah,
    FINALLY! God I’ve been looking for a blog like this forever. Got linked to you through Nicki Violetti’s blog and you immediately went on my google reader. I’ve been trying to cook paleo forever without just eating steak and broccoli every night. I’m a not-creative bachelor so if you can cook for three kids and be a CF trainer than I have no excuses. I’m so pumped to follow these posts.

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