The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib


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The Paleo Coach
“The Paleo Coach is not just another Paleo book—it’s a priceless tool that is absolutely essential for anyone striving to live the best life possible. The insight, advice, and lessons in this book could come only from someone like Jason, who has spent serious time deep in the trenches of the health-and-fitness industry. With his hands-on experience, understanding, and innumerable success stories, Jason reveals what it takes to look beyond the hype and focus on what really matters: your own personal path to health. Everyone should have a coach, and now everyone can. The Paleo Coach will change your life. Guaranteed.”—Sarah Fragoso, author of the national bestseller Everyday Paleo

“Everyone needs a coach. Yes, everyone! When your car is broken, you take it to a ‘car coach’ (aka mechanic). If your plumbing is backed up, you call a ‘pipe coach’ (some people call them plumbers). Whom do you go to if you want to improve how you look, feel, and perform? A Paleo coach. Like Jason Seib. In the same way that mechanics are experts in what ails cars (and, most important, how to fix those cars), Jason is an expert in all things nutrition and strength-and-conditioning. He has learned his craft through years of research, trial, error, and helping people. Whether your goal is weight loss, being a top-level athlete, or just regaining enough youthful vigor to chase the kids or grandkids, I’d like to introduce you to the man who will help you meet your goals: Meet your new Paleo coach, Jason Seib.”—Robb Wolf, author of the New York Times bestseller The Paleo Solution

“Let Jason Seib be the Paleo coach in your life to help you cut to the chase and get to the meat of the matter about becoming as optimally healthy as you can possibly be! His nuanced understanding of how to live like our hunter-gatherer ancestors in today’s world of iPads, the Internet, and American Idol is sorely needed. Other Paleo books may promise to help you lose X amount of weight in two weeks, but The Paleo Coach offers you much, much more. Jason realizes that it takes a dedicated commitment to implement a lifestyle change and homes in on key principles aimed at delivering big changes in your weight, health, and outlook on life.”—Jimmy Moore, LivinÆ La Vida Low-Carb Blog and Podcast


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    Loved your book Jason! Well done, congratulations.

    I would like to share my experiences with the hope it may help someone else who has suffered similar.

    What I learned from Jason’s book is confirmation of an accumulation of knowledge I have received after 25 years of un-wellness, and seeking help through any and all avenues. My un-wellness was due initially to hyperthyroidism, taking radio-active iodine as advised by Doctors, suffering years of extreme highs and lows of thyroid dysfunction, and eventually being diagnosed with fibromyalgia – I believe as a result of all the trauma from dysfunctional thyroid. I wish I had had the fore-site to take the route as chosen by your podcast guest – Holistic Nutritionist, Beverly Meyer – what was needed was rest and recovery from a very stressful life at that point. Which doctors did not even care to ask about.

    Over the past 25 years, my consultation with dozens of alternative therapists of many genres (and too many thousands of dollars to even contemplate) led to the realization (with much thanks to those who guided me) that only diet, rest, and exercise helped me to feel better. In that order. I gave up on Western Medical doctors and their want of prescriptions a very long time ago. Over the years I have moved to eating mostly organic, whole foods – that has been my aim. I have always exercised (and was a fitness instructor for many years) – but aimed for more and more cardio with the belief I could be more fit. And I have always had trouble sleeping. Despite my efforts my health was very poor and my quality of life – not so great.

    Working with a “health coach” 8 years ago (before that term was even phrased) I was coached to try a diet that was exactly like the Paleo diet (although I didn’t know that then), and ended up in tears in my coach’s office – in tears of happiness and gratitude for the feeling of wellness I was experiencing. For whatever reason I believed at that time that the 30 day diet plan was a “cleanse” and I continued to follow this strict diet only during “cleansing” once or twice a year. I would feel great after the cleanse but then fall down the slippery slope back to misery and continue to seek answers to maintain wellness. The light bulb never went off until I started researching crossfit and stumbled upon Paleo. Right! I should be eating like this all the time – no grains, no dairy, no legumes! Why did I not see that before? I guess because of everything we are taught and advised by western medicine and government. After my Dad suffered his 1st open-heart surgery at the age of 54 he was advised to stop eating eggs, bacon, butter (eat margarine instead – yikes!), salt, – keep everything low/no-fat, etc. Trying to avoid suffering his same fate I followed that diet plan (only too well), along with the Canada Food Guide, for the past 30 years.

    After reading Jason’s book and other research I have done on Paleo, I now understand why I suffered from brain fog (no essential fatty acids!), and low blood pressure and misery each summer (no salts!), a myriad of other poor health – chronic pain and fatigue, depression, and the dreaded “middle-age spread” that no amount of exercise and reduced caloric intake would make go away, along with drastic muscle loss and weakness as I have gotten older. I was starting to believe this was my fate, and luckily got angry enough about it to research crossfit which led me to Paleo. Yay!!

    My continued research into Paleo led me to Sarah and Jason and I am forever grateful to have found you both and to have you as my coaches on this continued journey to wellness! Thank you for your podcasts – which are informative and keep me motivated, for the great recipes Sarah, and for the guidance you both provide at eplifefit and everydaypaleo. I was a member of eplifefit for a few months and found the information there invaluable to help me get started and I have joined a local crossfit gym.

    Keep up the great work! I am spreading your good word and have already purchased 4 copies of the Paleo Coach to distribute to friends and family – begging them to give this a try. And I am very much enjoying your cookbooks and promoting those too Sarah.

    With gratitude,


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    I just picked up your book. I have just starting reading it and things are making since. I want to thank you for being so passionate on health.

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