Paleo f(x) Live Streaming Available!!

I’m headed to Austin, TX in just a few days to speak at Paleo f(x)! Obviously it’s not possible for everyone to attend but the good news is that all presentations on the Paleo Magazine Stage and Victory Belt Stage will be available for Live Streaming for all three days, April 11 – April 13, 2014.  You can either choose to watch the entire event or just a specific day. For example, I’m speaking on Saturday so if you only care about little ol’ me than you can just purchase Saturdays live stream or if you just want to hear Robb Wolf, simply select the day he will be speaking and BAM you are good to go. For more information on how to get hooked up and ready to watch, head on over to Paleo f(x) and for those of you who are attending the event, I look forward to seeing you all soon!



  1. Lynne Creighton says

    Live Stream from Austin, Tx was awesome! Thanks for all of you sharing, caring, and creating! I want to share with you that today is my 1 year anniversary of freedom of gastro, gynecological, bacterial dis-ease that I fought for the entire year of 2013! What a nasty health year it was for me and those around me. It also is the 1 year anniversary of my venture and love of the Paleo livestyle! You have paved an unbelievable road for me and so many others that have been burdened with dis-ease and unhealthy living. I lost my dad 2 years ago, and my husband lost his dad one year later about a week apart from each other. My dad struggled with alcohol and degenerative heart disease, and John’s dad with dementia and lung cancer. I do not want to end up like that and I will continue to live on the healthy side as I age. I am 62 years old and have the body of a 48 year old athlete, golfer, dancer, choreographer, and will continue to share my gift of life and choregraphy with kids and young adults. My body is my instrument and Paleo is helping me to keep the fine tuning on the rise! Thanks again Sarah! You Rock!! p.s. Jaden’s flan turned out amazing! Mwah!

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