Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast, Episode 22

Podcast PicSarah and I are back with Episode 22 of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast!

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Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • Slow cooker recipe resources.  (5:03)
  • Sleep or work out?  (8:05)
  • Soda  (15:33)
  • Transitioning to paleo from from fat loss tricks and gimmicks.  (25:20)
  • Body weight only workouts.  (32:58)

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  1. Matt C says

    Love the podcast but I think you are so off on the bodyweight only workouts. There is absolutely no reason to ever touch a weight unless you like it.. When you can do a one arm pullup, pistol squats, one handed pushup, one handed handstand pushup, etc) then you can say you may be spinning your wheels. With bodyweight there is always a harder progression.

    Just my thoughts

    • Jason says

      All good points, but unfortunately (in my opinion) most people will never have the flexibility, stability, and/or control to safely perform pistols, or one arm push-ups. Hand stand push-ups and pull-ups are very effective, but again, out of reach for many people. I have yet to find a body weight posterior chain exercise (like deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, etc) that is capable of building any real strength, even if it were unsafe. Over all, I think young, healthy people can do great things with body weight movements, but I do not believe they would ever find a level of fitness that is equal to and as well balanced as those lifting free weights. This is just my two cents, though, and I completely respect your input.

  2. Matt C says

    I agree that its difficult but you think putting a heavy bar and some weights in someones hands is safer then body weight? Also getting to all those high level exercises is part of the journey if you get there you have fixed or come close to fixing flexibility, stability, and/or control. Not to mention many coaches don’t know how to teach the movements.

    I am not saying that bodyweight is better or worse I just want to defend that it is an awesome way to get in shape and become really strong. Not to mention free with no cost. I have been doing bodyweight training for about 1.5 years along with paleo to lose almost 80lbs. I don’t know if i will ever get to some of those exercises but working on getting there is part of the fun and there are no wheels spinning here.

    Thanks again for the podcast love the info!!

    • Jason says

      More good points. I would never suggest that anyone try to lift heavy weights (or do advanced body weight movements) without professional help, and it is certainly the plight of the training world that bad trainers abound. I agree wholeheartedly that, with proper education, body weight movements can create exceptional strength.

  3. Kerry Delaney says

    Thank you both so much for answering my question this podcast !! I almost drove off the rode with excitement when I heard my name !! I am putting my scale away, and dialing my paleo 100 % !! I am going to work on self motivation this week and get my TRX down as well swing my kettlebell’s ! I am pre-ordering Jason’s book today ! Much thanks and praise again on all that you do !


  4. says

    Hey Jason and Sarah,
    Thanks so much for this podcast. I have gained so much knowledge in just the few weeks that I’ve been listening.

    I loved the info on HFCS and Aspartame in Episode 22. I was wondering if you had any literature/studies for reference on this subject, in particular, how these substances affect the brain and liver. I am an acupuncturist and am constantly providing information such as this to my patients, and would love some studies to cite.

    Keep up the good work. I hope to meet you both one day.

    Best wishes,

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