Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast, Episode 26

Podcast PicSarah and I are back with Episode 26 of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast!

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Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • Paleo on vacation.  (1:37)
  • Post workout meal and muscle gain.  (7:12)
  • Nuts and snacking.  (18:04)
  • More on snacking.  (25:26)
  • Training and nutrition certs.  (32:11)


  1. Marty says

    I have suffered with intestinal problems for years. Now retired, I am better able to single out problem foods. I find that the Paleo diet almost matches the diet regimen I have created for myself. But day one into your diet, and I am starved. I am noticeably skinny, so weight loss is not an option. I did not have enough energy to go to the gym today. Please help with snack ideas, and foods that will fill me up.

    • Sarah says

      It sounds to me like you need more protein!! Also being that this is day 1, you need to give your body a few days to adjust. Beef jerky, hardboiled eggs, guacamole, meatballs, are all good snack items to have on hand if you need them but just make sure you are eating plenty of protein with every meal!

  2. Amy says

    Just wanted to put in another plug for the Nutritional Therapy certification program that you briefly mentioned during the podcast. I am in the program right now. And while it falls into the Weston A Price camp, most of the people in my class are Paleo. We talk a lot about bio-individuality. I couldn’t be happier with the education I’m receiving. I’ll be done in June and I’m very excited to get out there and start working with clients one on one!

  3. Stacey says

    Ahh! The link to listen isn’t there! I don’t have iTunes so I usually listen on line. There is no link though. Would hate to miss an episode!

    • Sarah says

      It’s there! Just click on the link in the post above that says episode 26 and it will take you to where you can listen without being in itunes! : )

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